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Tablescape Tuesday: The Easiest Place Setting Ever

In this new series called Tablescape Tuesday, I will show you some options to dress up your tables. It could be your dining room table, coffee table, gift table, or buffet table. I think putting a little extra effort into how a table looks and is designed can make your guests’ experience so much better. Hopefully every Tuesday you’ll be inspired by simple ways to make your tables beautiful.

To kick off the series this Tuesday, I’m showing you the easiest place setting ever! I recently had some friends over for a casual dinner. Because the evening was pretty laid back I didn’t put too much effort into an elaborate table, but I wanted to do something a little extra special to let everyone know where they were going to sit.DSC_0473

About 5 minutes before our guests arrived I ran to my ribbon stash and found some navy blue grosgrain ribbon and some scrapbooking stickers. The steps below for making the place setting couldn’t be any easier.

  1. Measure the distance from under your bowls to the edge of the plate. There were no precise measuring tools used, I just held the ribbon under the bowl and cut it at the edge of the plate.
  1. Then put a capital letter sticker of your guest’s first name at the end of the ribbon. Or any kind of sticker, or any combination of name, number, or symbol.
  1. Repeat for each place setting you have then step back and admire your work! So easy!


Putting the extra 5 minutes into making a place setting made the table look a little nicer, especially since I was just using our every day casual plates. Another reason to take the extra time to add a place setting is because it cuts down on that awkward moment of people wondering where to sit and trying to take the host’s lead.


I hope you were inspired to make an easy place setting!



Saturday Simple Celebrations: Cheese Tray

Saturday Simple Celebrations is a series where I share quick, easy, entertaining ideas to make everyday celebrations a little extra special. In today’s post I’m talking cheese trays, yum!

Give me any reason to throw some yummy cheese and meats on a tray and I will!  I’m indifferent towards crackers, they get in the way of of all that creamy dairy and salty meat goodness in my opinion.

Recently we had a friend stop by to go for a dip in our pool mid afternoon. I threw this cheese tray together because who doesn’t love a little snack before, during, and after lounging in the pool?


I had half a wheel of brie and half a wedge of smoked gouda in the fridge so I cut it up into bite size chunks; paired it with what was left in the lunch meat drawer (salami and prosciutto) and put it next to some crackers. Super easy.

I also had some feta dip left over that I had made previously and put that in a dish along side some pita chips.  I’ll post the recipe soon because it’s really easy and made with everything I usually have in the refrigerator.


It really doesn’t take much more work to get out a nice platter to display your snacks and it looks better than leaving them in the original packaging.  I made sure to put the crackers next to the meats and cheeses and the pita chips next to the feta dip so our guest would know which vessel the snacks were supposed to go with.  Although if you mix it up that’s fine too.  You do you, I’m not judging your snacking game!


Super simple! What’s your favorite cheese? Do you share my cracker sentiment? Happy Saturday!



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