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A $5 New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Are you ready to say good bye to 2015 and welcome in 2016 with open arms?  I typically don’t put a lot of effort into celebrating New Year’s ( I actually think it’s kind of a sad holiday), but this year I’m kind of excited about it.  I think the excitement is due to a lot of big changes happening in 2016 (more on that later), but also because I’m really excited to use my $5 photo booth!  #itsthelittlethings

I picked up this pack of photo booth props at Target for $5.00 the other day, and can’t wait to ring in the New Year with some fun, new, selfies in the photo booth!

$5 pack of photo booth props

$5 pack of photo booth props


Photo Booth props

It comes with 12 props and the backdrop, talk about value!  The props are pretty high quality also with shiny gold accents and long sturdy sticks.  To set up the photo booth I just taped the backdrop to the back of my front door and added some gold fringe garland to dress it up a bit.

New Year's Eve Photo Booth

New Year's Eve Photo Booth

I added the props to a little stool by the door and corralled them in a large glass, you could also use a vase for this.  Now they are easy to access during all of the mini photo sessions.

Photo Booth Props

New Years Eve Fringe Garland

If you can’t run out and find this awesome photo booth kit at your local Target, it’s super easy to make one yourself.  I had actually planned on doing just that until I stumbled upon this kit at Target.  Just use a plain colored sheet or blanket for the backdrop, and hang it in an area that’s lighted well and out of any high traffic areas.  Then use some skewer sticks and hot glue to make your props.  Use scrapbook paper or card stock to DIY some props.  It would be really easy to make the lips prop, celebration hat, or the bow tie.  The “2016” glasses might be a little difficult to whip up quickly unless you’re really talented.

NYE Photo Booth

A little preview of what some of the photos are going to look like as we celebrate tonight!  I can’t wait to be joined by friends and family for some fun in the photo booth!

What are your plans for NYE?  Do you typically celebrate or stay home on the couch in PJ’s?  I hope everyone has a safe and fun night celebrating!  Good luck in 2016, I’m really excited to see where this blog is going to go in the next year and want to say thanks for all of the support in 2015!




New Year’s Eve with Kids

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and spent too much time in your pajamas, ate too much, and celebrated with friends and family.  Now it’s on to biggest celebration of the year!  New Year’s!

You can definitely still celebrate New Year’s Eve after having kids, but your evening is probably going to look a little different that it did before kids.  You may not be going out and partying until the wee hours of the night, but you can party with your wee ones.  There are a lot of great ideas to include the kids in your festivities below.  Do one of them or any combination of them.

5 Fun Ideas For New Year’s Eve with Kids

1. Noon Day Party- Host a party for all of your play date friends and have a countdown at noon!  Have a balloon countdown by filling each balloon with confetti and marking each hour on the outside of the balloon with a marker or sharpie. Then pop the balloons  with a pin or needle every hour leading up to your countdown.  If you don’t feel like cleaning up confetti afterwards, try making a balloon drop.  There’s a great DIY on “Been There, Pinned That” showing you how to afix the balloons to your ceiling in order to pull a string at noon and watch the balloons drop.


Balloon Drop


Balloon Countdown

Balloon Countdown

2. Ring in the new year with fireworks!  Some areas offer places to go watch professional fireworks, but if there aren’t any in your area make your own with sparklers.  I’d recommend doing this for the older kids as it might be a little dangerous with young ones.  You can buy sparklers online here, even though they are typically used for weddings.  Be sure to not use them in dry areas in case of catching anything on fire and/or have a bucket of water to put the sparklers out in once they’ve stopped sparkling.  You can also use this plastic cup method to protect little hands from any hot sparks.

Sparkler Hand Protector

Sparkler Hand Protector


3. Have a bubble machine dance party, much like those night club foam parties for adults, the kids will love the bubbles.  Be sure to use the machine where the floor won’t get too slippery and crank the music for a little dance party.  Find a bubble machine here plus it has pretty decent reviews and over 1,500 reviews.

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

4. Host a family/friend sleep over.  Maybe even make it a PJ party?  Ensure you have adult and kid friendly food and drinks, play a few games including the kids, and have a countdown before bed.  Set up air mattresses, pack n plays, or sleeping bags to accommodate everyone.  Once the kiddos are all tucked in, then you can enjoy adult only time with your friends and family until midnight.  This is a great option if you can’t find a baby sitter, or don’t want to chop off your arm or a leg to pay for one.

5. Another option is to look into church or community center family parties. Some include food, games, movies, dance parties, and of course a countdown.

What are your plans for New Year’s?  If you have kids how do you plan to incorporate them into your celebration?  More than likely, we’ll all be asleep by 9:00 p.m. in The Daily Hostess house!



Merry Christmas from The Daily Hostess

Merry Christmas everyone!  This week I am going to be in full blown holiday spirit with cookie making, light seeing, Christmas movie watching, and relaxing.  Posting will resume after Christmas, so everyone can enjoy time with family and friends.

I just want to take the time to say thank you for following along, liking, sharing, and commenting here, it means so much.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas and remembers to celebrate the reason for the season.  May God bless you and yours.

Merry Christmas card

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Hosting Guests for the Holidays

My husband and I always joke that we’re operating a Bed & Breakfast because we typically have lots of friends and family staying the night.  Living in Southern California, a lot of our family and friends tend to swing through on vacation, or our military friends come to the area for work frequently.  It’s been great to get to see so many of our friends and family since we don’t live near the rest of our family.  Because we tend to host guests a lot, we’ve learned a few things to make our guests’ stay a good one, and a few things to help out those that are hosting.  I’ll be passing on my tips to you today so you can put them to use when Grandma and Grandpa, uncles or aunts, or the in-laws come to visit for Christmas next week!

Hosting Guests
First, you want to generally clean the area your guests will be staying.  I don’t go crazy with this, just wiping some things down and making sure the sheets are fresh.  You don’t want any dried toothpaste in the sink, right?

Next, I like to make sure my guests are taken care of in case I’m not able to cater to them directly, so I like to leave some snacks and water next to their bed for either late night munchies or early morning breakfasts.  Usually some sort of granola bar or trail mix.  This time Costco had a deal on Ghiradelli chocolates, so our guests got some extra fancy snacks.

Hosting Guests-snacks

Then to make our guests ability to get connected quickly, we have a little sign next to the bed with all of our wifi information.  All they have to do is type it in and they can save all of their data for when they’re out of the house.  I’ve blurred out our information in the pictures below.

Hosting Guests

It doesn’t hurt to make sure the room smells nice, by either using flowers, a Febreeze plug in, or some sort of air freshener.

Hosting Guests

I try to ensure that there is some space in the closet for their luggage, or to hang any articles of clothing, and provide some empty hangers to do that.

hosting guests-toiletries

In our guest’s bathroom, I leave a little basket of toiletries in case they may have forgotten something or didn’t want to hassle with the TSA restrictions on fluids.  Typically there are the basics, shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, and wash clothes.  Luckily a few years ago my husband was traveling for work a lot and brought home literally every toiletry possible from every hotel he stayed at.  Think Ross on Friends.  Because of that we have a wide variety of travel size toiletries that we use in the guest bathroom, including floss, toothbrushes, mouthwash, even travel size Q-tips.

Another bathroom tip when preparing for guests is to make sure there are plenty of towels easily available.  You’d hate for your guest to hop out of the shower and not know where to dry off.

Hosting Guests-Toiletries

Also, if your guest’s are traveling, especially flying, offer them a little something to eat when they show up.  Nothing throws off your meal schedule like flying through different time zones and only getting a small bag of peanuts or pretzels on the plane.

We recently stayed with some friends in Colorado, and they had the cutest welcome sign for us.  I thought it was such a special little touch!

Hosting Guests-Sign
Do you think these few tips will help you and all of your Christmas guests next week?  How many people are you hosting?  Have a great weekend before Christmas, and if you need to get those gifts wrapped, check out a recent post on wrapping paper resources here.



Wrapping Paper Resources

Recently my sister-in-law and I were discussing how we can’t leave Marshall’s, Homegoods, or TJMaxx without picking up a roll or two of wrapping paper.  Shockingly though, I left TJMaxx last week without grabbing any.  I think hell may have frozen over, but I’m pretty sure it’s because most of my Christmas wrapping is already done.  Have you started yours yet?  If not, I’ve got a great post today sharing some wrapping paper resources.

If you need ideas on where to buy wrapping paper or inspiration on how to wrap just keep reading below!

Christmas wrapping

This set of packages is wrapped with Target Dollar Spot wrapping paper and yard sale ribbon.  Target Dollar Spot has great seasonal options for wrapping paper and they are usually only a dollar or two.  Plus, they are a great size for wrapping smaller items, so you don’t feel like you’re wasting a ton of wrapping paper.

I have to thank my husband for most of my ribbon stash.  He channels his inner old man on Saturday mornings and we usually go yard sale-ing, but we find great deals on ribbon.  I typically find brand new rolls for only a few cents.  Once yard sale season rolls around again, I highly suggest looking for Christmas wrapping goodies.

Christmas Wrapping

This package is again adorned with yard sale ribbon, and the paper was found at Hobby Lobby on super sale at the end of the Christmas season last year.  Even if you can’t find any wrapping paper on sale at Hobby Lobby, you can usually Google a 40-50% off coupon.  The bonus about getting wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby is that the paper is very thick and typically has a million yards on each roll.

Christmas wrapping

This third package is wrapped in some music note wrapping paper I’ve had for awhile (and can’t remember where I purchased it) and baker’s twine.  Baker’s twine is a great alternative to ribbon because you can get a huge roll of it fairly inexpensively.  Plus, you can use it as it’s intended when you’re baking as well.

Here are all of our packages wrapped up in ribbons and bows under the tree ready to be torn open on Christmas morning!

Christmas wrapping

Christmas wrapping

Where do you buy your wrapping paper?  Have you even started wrapping everything yet?  Do you still have shopping to do?



Celebrating everyday!