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New Home Tour

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, it’s time for our new home tour!  Everyone’s been asking to see pictures of the inside of our new house because I just keep teasing everyone with this picture of the outside.  These are the pictures we took when we were first viewing the house so they are raw, empty rooms, but I think it’s great to see the space totally free of anything then to see how we fill them up.  I’ll be putting my plans for each room down on “paper” here to hopefully set some ideas and goals in place and share with you what I want this house to look like.  Plus it will be fun to come back and see if the rooms turned out the way I thought they would.

As promised yesterday I won’t be as wordy, so just enjoy all the pictures.

The Front of the House

House PictureWe still have to put a yard in, and I’m sure some green grass will make this house pop.  I also need to find carriage lights for either side of the garage, and would love to do a fun front door color if our HOA allows it.

The Front Door/Entry

New Home TourThe Downstairs Office

New Home TourThere are glass french doors leading to what is my husband’s office just to the right once you come in the front door.  We’ve already gotten some bookshelves and storage in place, and we need to refinish a desk before it really looks like an office.  He’s so happy to reclaim some “man” space in this house.

The Half Bath

New Home TourNothing crazy here, just a toilet and sink, but I’m planning on a using some blue and white art and pops of kelly green in here to give it some color.  I really want to DIY this thin ladder too.

The Kitchen

New Home TourOnce I turned the corner of the entry and saw this kitchen I was pretty much sold.  I love the clean white cabinets, the marble-esqe granite, and the blue-ish/green tile backsplash (which I pet frequently). We have since purchased a refrigerator and I plan to get some industrial/rustic bar stools.  I also have a little coffee station set up for my husband.  I don’t want to clutter the counters too much (even though they are in a state of disaster mid-move in), but adding some wooden cutting boards and containers will really warm the space up.

The Dining Room

New Home TourThe lighting in this photo is pretty bad, but you can tell that our paint color is a true greige because it looks grey most of the time, but very beige in this photo.  Other than plopping down our table, not much has happened here.  I would love to change out the lighting fixture for a horizontal chandelier, like this.

The Living Room

New Home TourI love all of the crisp colors and cleanliness of the room.  I especially love the color of the hardwood floors, not too dark, not too light, not oak colored, not red, they’re perfect.  We’ve added our furniture, a new TV, and some accessories and it’s coming together.  I have plans to put some large coastal charts on the walls but still need to get them framed.  I also really want to add a chunky, reclaimed wood mantle.  I think it will warm up the fireplace area #seewhatididthere, and add a little rustic to a somewhat modern fireplace design.

Here’s another view looking back toward the kitchen and dining area.  This house is the definition of open floor plan.

New Home TourThe Pantry

New Home TourI’m so excited to have a dedicated pantry and love that there are solid shelves so nothing falls through.  I’m thinking labeled containers and storing lots of serving ware and vases in here.  Some of that I’ve already done.

The Laundry Room

New Home TourSince we first visited there have been cabinets installed which are great for storing away laundry and cleaning supplies.  We also put our new washer and dryer in here and the gun metal grey color of them look great in here.  It’s going to be so nice to have one central area for cleaning supplies, I’m hoping to organize them on a peg board.

Upstairs Nook

New Home TourThis is the landing at the top of the stairs that will be a great place for fun vignettes and seasonal decor.

Playroom/Upstairs Office

New Home TourThere is a loft space upstairs that we’ve turned into a shared playroom for my daughter and an office/craft space for me.  I can already say that sharing a space with my daughter is fantastic.  I can work while she does puzzles, reads, or makes a “snack” in her play kitchen.  The only problem is figuring out the furniture placement, it’s proving to be a little difficult, or maybe I’m just not decisive enough.  I’d love to have a really girly color scheme in here with pinks, teals, and florals.  You can see what I’m thinking on my Color Scheme Pinterest board, and be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see all of my home inspiration boards.

Master Bedroom

New Home TourOur master bedroom is so much bigger than our last one, it’s almost a little weird to be able to walk around our bed without banging my knees into anything.  We’re not doing anything too different than how our room was set up in our last house.

The Master Bathroom

New Home TourOur master bathroom is also huge!  There is so much space that my husband is also getting a coffee bar in here too!  He loves coffee!  It’s nice that I’ll be able to be a little decorating in here too.

The Master Closet

New Home TourEverything in this house is just bigger than our last.  Thank goodness we’ve got plenty of room for both mine and my husband’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.  I’ve already added some storage for shoes and accessories, now I just need to make the space a little cuter.

Daughter’s Room

New Home TourShe will be getting an upgrade within the next few months to more of a little girls room than a nursery and it’s going to be a lot more girly.  Think pink, gold, and creams!

The Hall Bathroom

New Home TourThe Guest Room

New Home TourThe Guest Bathroom

New Home TourWe have plenty of space for visitors which is nice since we’re so much closer to our family in Colorado than we were in Southern California.

Well, that’s pretty much every square inch of our house.  I hope you like it as much as I do!  We’ll be working hard over the next few weeks to get things more organized and decorated and as I make progress I’ll be sure to update the Home Tour.





I Just Moved, Here’s What I Learned

I’m baaaaaaacccckkkk and the good news is that we finally have internet!  I never thought it would take so long to get everything delivered, turned on, and hooked up.  Thank you for being so patient.  The bad news is that we’ve decided to cut the cable cord, and I’m really nervous about it.  How am I ever going to know what’s going on with The Housewives?

Since we just moved, I thought my first post in the new house would be to tell you everything I learned during the moving process.  I hope it can help some of you that plan to move in the future, or this can be a place to share your tips if you happen to move around a lot.  There aren’t a whole lot of pretty Pinterest worthy photos in this post because moving is messy, so be kind to the photos.

We were fortunate enough that my husband’s company paid to move us, so most of my tips involve preparing for someone else to pack and move your household goods and how to help yours and the movers sanity.  It may seem nice not to have to pack anything, but there is plenty to do to get ready for someone else to pack all of your things.

Before the movers arrive, you definitely want to make sure you are organized and prepared so it’s an easy process for them and hopefully it will make your life easier once you’re ready to unpack.

  1. Clean out and get rid of things that you don’t want to move.  This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s something that should be done before the movers arrive.  You don’t want to be telling the packers not to put certain things in boxes as they’re trying to pack, that will only slow them down.
  2. Group like items together.  For instance, take all of your pictures off of your walls and put them all in the same area.  Make sure all of your glassware or books are together.  If you want certain items to remain together in a particular room they should be in the room you want so they can be packed up together and labeled appropriately.
    Before movers arrive, all pictures in one location

    All pictures in one location

    Before movers arrive, all books in one location

    All books in one location

  3. Put any liquid items you plan to pack in zip lock bags or some sort of leak proof container so you don’t have a wet mess when you start to unpack.  Some moving companies have pretty strict requirements when it comes to liquids so be sure to ask those questions before the packing begins.
  4. Set aside any valuables that you will be personally taking so the movers don’t pack them up.  Things like special jewelry, medical records, medications, important documents, or high value items make sense to personally carry with you.  Hopefully they’re small enough that they won’t take up too much room in your car or luggage.
  5. Tip #4 brings me to a really useful tip #5.  Whatever you don’t want packed, put it in a separate area and block it off with a door, sign, or some sort of barricade so the movers know not to pack any of it.  Something I’ve done a couple times now is to put whatever isn’t to be packed in a bathroom and close the door with a “Do Not Pack” sign.  It’s the perfect space because you can close it off, there typically isn’t much you have to move out of the bathroom beforehand, and it’s a good size to house everything you don’t want packed.

    Bathroom with all "non-pack" items

    Bathroom with all “non-pack” items

  6. If you have any containers with removable lids, it may help to tape the lids to the container.  Either in an effort to keep the contents of the container inside or even just to keep the lid with the right container.

    Sugar container lid taped to the container. I didn't want to lose any of that precious organic sugar!

    Sugar container lid taped to the container. I didn’t want to lose any of that precious organic sugar!

  7. Make an essentials box to take with you or label it clearly so the movers know where it’s supposed to go.  Include the things you will definitely need the first couple of days you are in your new house.  Things like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, paper plates and plastic utensils, tape, scissors, towels, sheets, and a wine opener (that last one may not be essential, but definitely useful when it’s time to unpack!).

While the movers are there, the best thing to do is try to stay out of their way and it also helps to buy them lunch!  This is what they do professionally so they are usually pretty quick, and bringing lunch to them will help them get the job done faster.  It only took our movers about six hours to pack up our entire house; kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, the garage, and everything else in between.  It would have taken me forever to do that myself!  Plus, I would have broken a lot of stuff along the way.

Once you arrive at your new house, there are several things you can do to make the move in process easier for the movers and yourself.

  1. Label each room in the house so when you tell the movers to put a box in the Master Bedroom, they don’t have to guess which of your three bedrooms is the master.  This is also helpful to limit the amount of times you have to tell the movers where to take things because the boxes should be labeled with what room they’ve come from.  If you followed tip #2 before the movers arrived, then all of your like items are already together and labeled for the room they are going to.Moving Door Signs
  2. Know where all of the heavy, large, too difficult to move yourself furniture is going to go.  The worst thing is having the movers put something where you didn’t want it only to realize it after they’ve left and having to move it yourself.  Plus you’ll feel more “moved in” right away if your furniture is where you want it, then all you’ll have to do is unpack boxes and decorate (which is so much to do actually).
  3. Speaking of unpacking boxes, there are obviously numerous ways to do this, but I have to give my husband a high five for his style of unpacking boxes.  He recommends emptying one box, then put all the packing paper in it from the box you’re currently unpacking to minimize the mess.
    Moving Tips

    Unpacking the box on the left, then putting all the packing paper into the box on the right.

    Or you can do it my way and throw that paper all over the floor to let your toddler play in it then make them learn to clean up by putting it back in the box.  An added bonus of using your toddler to help is your very own weight to smash down all that packing paper into the box.

    The best paper smasher around

    The best paper smasher around

  4. Have a staging area for all of your empty boxes, either the basement or garage so you can get them out of your way.  It also helps to break them down so they don’t take up as much room.  Some moving companies offer to come back and pick up all of the empty boxes and packing paper, so be sure to ask if that service is offered when talking to moving companies.  Or check out one of my random tips below for a lucrative way to get rid of all those boxes.

Other random moving tips:

  1. Take a picture of your DVR so you know what you are currently recording so it’s a breeze to set it up again at your new house. (Womp, womp, I can’t do this because we don’t have cable, but think of all the money we’re saving!)
  2. Set up utilities before you arrive so you have lights and heat the day of move in (and internet a lot faster than I did).
  3. Try to sell all of your empty boxes on Craigslist or local Facebook sales groups.  People are always looking for boxes and more than likely yours will still be in great condition.  It’s a great way to make a few extra dollars, get rid of your boxes, and help the environment by reusing them.

I hope the things I’ve learned in this recent move are helpful to anyone that may be moving in the future.  What do you think is the best tip I’ve learned?  Do you have any genius tips for moving when using a moving company, post them in the comments to let us in on them.  Have you cut the cable cord?  Are you surviving?

It feels so good to be back after such a long break, stick around this week for a house tour of our new house.  I promise it will be mostly pictures and not nearly as many words as this post.




We’re Moving!

Well the day has come, whether we’re ready or not. It’s moving day!  Time to put the last five years of our life into boxes and say good bye.  It’s bittersweet, but now that the movers are here and we’re living out of suit cases, I’m ready to get this show on the road and get our life started in Colorado!

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the next few weeks while we pack up, say good bye, and start our trek cross country. We plan on making it a fun trip by doing some sight seeing and visiting friends.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see all of our adventures along the way.  Plus, who wants to be in a car with a toddler for longer than 6 hours at a time, so we’ve got to break up our trip somehow.

San Diego to DenverI’ll be sure to post a full tour of the new house shortly after we arrive, so be sure to come back to see the inside of this beauty!

House PictureI just ask for your thoughts and prayers during our drive and throughout this transition, and thanks for all of the well wishes we’ve already received.  I’m very excited about this new chapter of our lives and think only good things are to come!

See you back here in a few weeks, but be sure to check out Instagram and my Facebook page for periodic updates!



Bachelorette Series: Brunch recipe

Here’s the last post in the Bachelorette Series before I head out to attend a bachelorette weekend for my best friend this weekend!  It’s going to be a really fun weekend, and weekends are synonymous with brunch, right?   Brunching is one of my favorite activities.  Here’s a great recipe for any brunch that you plan on hosting.

Funnily enough, my husband found this recipe, and loves it.  There are a ton of variations and additions you can add to make it your own, but the base of it is pretty easy.

Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast CasseroleIngredients

Meat: sausage, bacon, or both

4 scallions

10 eggs

1/2 cup milk

2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

1 16 oz. refrigerated biscuits

Breakfast CasseroleDirections

  1. Mix eggs and milk in a bowl, I like to add a little salt and pepper as well.
  2. Cut up biscuits into fours using kitchen scissors.

Breakfast Casserole3. Add the cut up biscuits to the egg and milk mixture.  Add scallions here too, but I didn’t have any on hand.  They do add a little color to the casserole though.

4. Brown up bacon or sausage.

Breakfast Casserole5. Once meat is brown and drained, add egg/biscuit mixture to an 11X13 pan sprayed with cooking spray.

6. Sprinkle meat on top of egg/biscuit mixture.

Breakfast Casserole7. Add cheddar cheese on top.

Breakfast Casserole8. Bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes.  Make sure the middle isn’t runny when you take it out.

Breakfast CasseroleThis casserole is super easy and equally delicious.  It’s also easy to add a ton of other things to it, onions, vegetables, more meat.  The options are endless.  It’s also nice because you can make this the day before your event so you have less to stress about on the day of your brunch.  Make a couple of these to feed a crowd for a bridal shower, baby shower, bachelorette brunch, or a random Sunday brunch, just be sure to add mimosas!

Enjoy your weekend and let me know if you plan on whipping up one of these breakfast casseroles.  Be sure to follow me on instagram to get behind the scenes pictures of the bachelorette weekend I’m going to this weekend!




Going Away Party: A Hodge Podge Theme

As you all know, we’re moving, really soon, like next week soon!  Agghhhh!  Cue the freaking out!  Before we leave, we wanted to celebrate one last time with all the friends we’ve made over the past five years.  Moving is also a great excuse to clean out your refrigerator, liquor cabinet, and party supplies while partying with your friends.  Because we were trying to get rid of a lot of stuff, there wasn’t a particular theme to this party other than hodge podge, with a little Dr. Seuss thrown in, you’ll see what I mean shortly.

To plan for this party, I could have used this little tool, or this one, but it was pretty easy to know what we wanted to do.  After talking to my husband we decided to cater most of our food so we didn’t have to worry about cooking anything and could use the time to enjoy with our friends.

Going Away PartyIf you’re ever in San Diego, you must go to basically any Chinese restaurant and get salt and pepper wings, their also known as “crack wings” because you literally can’t stop eating them.  They aren’t healthy at all, but they are so delicious!  Our buffet was a mix of Asian food, fried rice and lumpia, and also toddler friendly food like chicken nuggets and animal crackers.  My how parties change after having kids.

Going Away Party
I did make an Asian Slaw using this recipe that turned out really good, and it added some much needed color to our table.  You can see that we were cleaning out party supplies because there is a slew of random napkins and plates being used.  Baseball, Christmas, and a multitude of other colors.

TDH Tips Graphic
When you’re using a large buffet table be sure to places napkins and plates at both ends of the table so people can get to everything and there isn’t a back up of people waiting to get a plate.

Candy Cookie CupsThese candy cookie cups were a huge hit!  There weren’t any left at the end of the party.  I used this recipe to make them, but didn’t add the frosting because I just didn’t feel like putting that much effort into them, but they were still really tasty.  Two rolls of cookie dough made a ton of them, around 60.  They are also the perfect size, about two bites, which was a great little treat after all of the salty wings we were eating.

Going Away Party BarWe are lucky enough to have a moving company do all of our packing for us, but they won’t pack opened liquids, which makes sense because who wants soy sauce spilled on everything and leaking through a box?  Anyway, in order to get rid of a bunch of opened liquids we cleaned out our bar and asked our friends to make as many drinks as possible.  We were able to clean out quite a few things that way! I also made a pitcher of margaritas to use up some tequila we had.

TDH Tips Graphic
It helps to have a couple easy cocktail recipes memorized or even displayed so your guests aren’t intimidated to mix up their own cocktail. I had this French Kiss cocktail at the ready, and was able to clean out a couple bottles of champagne with it!

Oh the Places You'll GoRemember how I said there was a little Dr. Seuss thrown in?  Well, I made this little backdrop for us to take pictures with all of our friends.  I thought it was an appropriate saying for a going away party.  It could also work for a retirement party, graduation, or even a baby shower.  I whipped it up using some white butcher paper, a few colored tissue paper poms, and free handed the letters.  It’s not fancy, but it allowed us to get people together in one spot and get some good photos.  Who knows when we’ll see our friends again, so I’m glad we have so many pictures with them.

partycollage2Thanks to all of our friends that came to say goodbye and send us off in style!  We are going to miss them dearly, and can’t wait for them to come visit us in Colorado!





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