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New Home Tour: One Month Update

Happy Friday!  Get ready for the weekend! It’s been one month since I posted the tour of our new home with just empty room pictures, so today I thought I’d give you a look at how the rooms are currently.  We’ve been in the house for about six weeks now and we’ve made some progress getting settled in, but we definitely have quite a way to go to get to any sort of finished.  Take a look and let me know what you think!

Downstairs Office

New Home Tour-OfficeMy husband is so glad to have his own office and reclaim some man space.  The office is at the front of the house and one of the first things you see when you walk in, as it’s just to the right of the front door.  We found the desk on Craigslist and purchased the cabinets and bookshelves from IKEA.  We still need to get a lot of things up on the walls and get him a desk chair.

New Home Tour-Office

New Home Tour-OfficeOne of my husband’s prized possessions, a Stan Musial signed baseball gifted to him by an amazing friend.

Front Entry/Half Bath

New Home Tour-EntryThis is part of the front entry and the hall into the half bath.  Other than putting a rug down in the bathroom, we haven’t done much of anything else in there.

Living Room

New Home Tour-Living RoomOur living room is pretty spacious and full of light, but difficult to photograph because of the window placement.  There are two huge walls in here that are going to be getting some awesome framed nautical charts, but they are at the framers right now.  I’ve also ordered rugs and are waiting for them to arrive.  It will be nice to have something a little cushy under our feet eventually.

New Home Tour-Living RoomYou’ve already seen this little area of the living room in this post.  I’m still loving the location of that console table.

New Home Tour-Living RoomWe plan to get a really chunky, reclaimed wood mantle to put above the fireplace, think Fixer Upper style.  It is going to bring some warmth and rustic-ness that this room really needs.

New Home Tour-Living RoomDining Room

New Home Tour-Dining RoomNot much has been done here except putting our furniture in place and making those mossy balls.  Our bar is pretty much set up the exact same way it was in San Diego, it’s like we picked it up and put it right here. I still plan to get a rug and some curtains for our sliding doors eventually, but I want to take a little time to figure out the right color scheme.


New Home Tour-KitchenOne little part of our kitchen, that houses a small baking station and my husband’s coffee bar.  It’s so nice to have so much cabinet space.  I don’t have to cram and stack everything to get it to fit.  There is still a whole drawer that’s empty and one upper cabinet that barely has anything in it.  There is however, a lot of organization that still needs to be done in all the cabinets and drawers.

New Home Tour-KitchenI also purchased a runner for the floor between the stove and our island.  I’m excited for it to get here and give this area a dose of color!


New Home Tour-PantryIt’s difficult to photograph the pantry because there isn’t much natural light flowing in.  I’m able to store all of our dry food, shopping bags, some dining room decor, and most of my serving ware in here which is great.  I do want to relabel the containers and add some organizational methods.


New Home Tour-MudroomOur mudroom isn’t huge, but it’s nice to have an area to transition from the garage to the house, especially now that we have to deal with snow boots, rain boots, and all other kinds of boots.  I’d love to eventually add some built in cubbies, but our storage bench works great for keeping all of our scarves, hats, and gloves out of the way.  We also have a little table with storage for keys, wallets, and a charging station for phones.


New Home Tour-VignetteThe landing at the top of the stairs is a great place for this table and little vignettes.  Eventually I’d love to find some abstract art to put above the table.

Hall Bathroom

New Home Tour-BathroomThis is the bathroom used by my daughter for baths and potty training (ugh!).  Other than a rug, shower curtain, and a little decor, we haven’t done much.  I do plan to find some cute bathroom art to hang in here.  You know something like “Wash, Brush, Floss.”

New Home Tour-BathroomLoving the extra does of pattern the shower curtain adds.

Master Bedroom

New Home Tour-Master BedroomAgain, we’ve basically just put our furniture down and still need to hang things, find an over head light/fan, and figure out decor.  My favorite part though is being able to walk around our bed without banging my knees on the corners because there is plenty of walking room.

New Home Tour-Master BedroomMaster Bathroom

New Home Tour-BathroomI was able to find a matching rug for in front of our vanity.  We had one from Crate and Barrel that I purchased several years ago and got lucky that they still carried it.

New Home Tour-BathroomThat towel bar outside our shower is in such an awkward place.  Eventually I think I’ll change it out for hooks so we can center the table on that wall.

Master Closet

New Home Tour - ClosetI absolutely love the size of our closet, and that we each have our own little areas.  I hate that uniforms take up so much room and aren’t the prettiest.  Eventually, I want to make this space even cooler by glamming up my side and adding some fun sports and man themed decor and organization to my husband’s side.

New Home Tour - ClosetI was able to add some IKEA billy bookcases to the closet for shoe, jewelry, and bag storage.  Again, this area is definitely going to get glammed up!

Well, that’s a look at where we stand right now.  In a couple weeks you’ll get the full reveal of my shared office and playroom that I’m working on in the One Room Challenge, and as time progresses and we make updates, I’ll be sure to feature the rooms as they’re completed.  Have a great weekend, we’re getting more snow 🙁


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ORC- Week 4: Craft Storage

Today’s post is getting out a little late due to the incoming rain and snow storm taking away all of the good light for photos.  So I’ll apologize now for the dimly lit photos.  This week’s One Room Challenge (click here to see Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3) is all about what I expect to be the workhorse of my shared office and playroom, my craft storage armoire.

Craft Storage ArmoireI’ve been stalking and searching Craigslist for weeks trying to find the right size piece to fit in this room yet still provide enough storage for everything I need to cram in here.  There were a few pieces I found previously that slipped through my fingers because I dragged my feet on contacting the sellers, but I think it worked out for the best.  The piece that I finally settled on had the perfect amount of storage and it even includes a work table.

Craft Storage Armoire

Craft Storage ArmoireBecause of the size of the armoire and the layout of the room I unfortunately had to lose the work table that my husband built me in college.  That table has been through a lot; writing college papers, studying for finals, working with my then boyfriend (now husband) to stain it, using it for crafts, and it even served as our kitchen island in our last house.  I’m pretty sad that I’m not going to be able to have it in this new office/playroom space.

Luckily though, I’ve got plenty of work space within my new armoire.  I love all of the little areas to store things.  This piece was originally used as a computer armoire, so the space for the computer tower and printer are perfect to store things like storage boxes and my sewing machine.  I also love the color of the stain and think it adds a nice warmth to the room.

Craft Storage ArmoireI do have a lot of organizational elements I need to incorporate into it still to keep all of my craft items tidy and easily accessible to accomplish whatever I’m working on at the time.  I need to get new magazine holders because the moving company crushed mine in our latest move, I need to organize the endless rolls of ribbon I have, provide a dedicated space for my sewing machine (Which I still need to learn how to use.  It would probably help if I took it out of the box.), and create a space to store and display tools so I can easily reach them.  At the rate this One Room Challenge is going, the organizing part of this armoire may come at a later date.

Craft Storage Armoire

Craft Storage ArmoireI’ve also finally gotten some art framed and ready to go up on the wall surrounding the TV.  I decided to go with white frames after initially thinking I’d paint them gold.  I thought the art was already fairly busy and the gold frames might be a little too much.  When all else fails use white spray paint.  I did have one little set back, there are supposed to be four prints, but when I was trying to attach the mounting hardware to the back of the frame the pressure from the hammer cracked the frame into pieces.  I had to go back to the store for another frame and repaint it.  Basically, I should have just waited for my handy husband to help me attach the mounting hardware instead of trying to rush and get it done, lesson learned!

Flamingo/123 ArtSo far I’ve met several of my goals:

  • Mount the TV over her storage book shelf, for Elmo and Mickey watching of course
  • Add an art display area
  • Add some learning, educational, and inspirational art around the TV (Just have to hang it up)
  • Maybe add a craft table if space allows (I don’t think this is going to fit, bummer.  Maybe down the road as my daughter grows we can figure something out)
  • Hang art and art display above kitchen set
  • Find a craft storage piece
  • Move desk and work table
  • Create pegboard storage and display above work table
  • Add shelves, art, and storage above my desk
  • Add in pops of color with pillow fabric (Just need to put the insert into the pillow)
  • Add a fun lighting fixture for the room (this one may have to wait until we have more funds, plus we’re mostly in this room during the day and we typically get plenty of sun light)
  • Add task lighting with lamps

Now that I’m looking at the list, there is still a lot to be done, yikes!  I have several things that need to be hung up and shelves to be styled, so we may be in luck that it’s supposed to be rainy this weekend so we can stay inside and have a hanging up party!

What do you think of that armoire, pretty great right?!  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I call pull this together over the next couple of weeks!


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April Showers….

It’s almost the end of April already, and our forecast is looking like quite a lot of rain in the future.  If it’s raining outside, why not make where it rains inside a little more festive?  I’m talking about your showers!  Here’s a quick and easy way to make your daily shower more of a spa like experience.

April Shower HerbsTake a few herbs or flowers that are fragrant, tie them up, and hang them in your shower.  The steam and heat from the water will make your shower smell amazing!

All you have to do is wrap a little twine, string, or heck even some ribbon tightly around the stems, add a loop (make sure it’s big enough to fit over your shower head), hang it in your shower and turn the water on.  Talk about an easy way to feel like you’re at the spa.

April Shower HerbsI used a combination of sage, rosemary, and mint because those were the herbs I had on hand at the time.  But lots of things would be great additions, try a branch of lilac or lavender, or add in thyme, dill, or basil.  This would be a great addition to the shower when you have guests visiting too.  Or husbands, do this for your wives. Light her favorite candle and let her take a long uninterrupted shower for Mother’s Day, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

April Shower HerbsThis blog is all about inspiring you to celebrate every day, and showering is something you’re probably doing every day (no judgement if you skip a day), so why not make it a little more special?  Add this herb bundle to your shower experience or light a candle, but doing something that elevates your normal every day routine will make your day seem different and memorable.  Plus, it only takes a few minutes to do it.  I bundled up these herbs in about three minutes, but enjoyed them the entire time I was in the shower!

April Shower HerbsAll it takes is a couple minutes, a few fragrant herbs, and your shower experience will go from required and necessary, to fun, fragrant, and enjoyable.  Let me know what your favorite smelling herbs are in the comments below.  There may also be a follow up to this post in May, it might have something to do with flowers, you won’t want to miss it.

Also, be sure to come back later this week to see Week 4 of the One Room Challenge and the progress I’ve made.  I feel like Week 4 is where things are starting to take quite the turn toward completion!



What Caught My Eye Vol. III

Good morning, I hope you had a great weekend!  Here’s another round of What Caught My Eye, it’s a random mix of party related and non party items that I’ve found really interesting lately.

First, is this adorable little bottle of tonic water.  It came next to my glass of gin at one of our new favorite local restaurants so I could mix my own gin and tonic at the table.  I thought it was so clever because you can adjust how strong your drink is based on how much tonic water to put in.  These would be so cute at the beverage station at your next party.  People can mix up their own gin and tonics, vodka/tonics, or just have the tonic water with a squeeze of lime.  The great thing is that your tonic water won’t lose it’s fizziness as fast as a large bottle because of the individual size of these.

Tonic Water

Next is also something I discovered in our new hometown.  We have a SuperTarget here, have you heard of them?  I hadn’t, and I definitely hadn’t been to one before.  Oh man, if you love Target, you will LOVE SuperTarget.  It’s like Target on steroids.  It has a full grocery side which is to be expected, but I wasn’t prepared for how robust every department would be.  The home decor, clothing, shoes, health and beauty departments just have so much more stuff in them.  That could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.  Overall though, I was super impressed (get it, super?) with the selection throughout the entire store.  I saw these wedges and loved them, plus these heels are so fun!


Lastly, I wanted to share an awesome wedding invitation we received recently.

Gift Registry CardThis was the gift registry card inside the invitation.  I especially love the wording in the second paragraph, “should you wish to help the happy couple celebrate with a gift, we hope this registry will make it convenient for you to select something you know they will love.”  I just found it so thoughtfully written, yet informative.  Asking for gifts is always a tricky subject, but with weddings it’s pretty customary and this is a great way to do it.  I’ve removed the couple’s names, hence those blank spots in the picture.

That’s it for this round of What Caught My Eye, what’s caught your eye lately?  Share it with me in the comments below!




ORC-Week 3: DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board


One Room Challenge Week 3, already, geez!  I guess I’m confident enough to say that we made a little progress this week in my shared office and playroom, but I’m feeling like things really need to get into over drive in order to be done on time.  I do love that Linda at Calling It Home posted in the guest participant rules that even if you end up with a room that’s not done but at least started then you’ve succeeded.  There’s no pressure except my own to get this all completed.

Thanks to my husband we were able to get the TV mounted.  I’m so grateful that our new house already has outlets on the walls where TVs are to be mounted.  No more trying to hide cords hanging down from the TV, and thankfully all the places they put outlets make sense for where a TV should go.  I’ve also gotten a couple diy projects done or almost done.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin BoardHere’s my completed fabric covered bulletin board.  I used this tutorial from The Happy Housie to figure out how to cover it without taking it out of the frame.  It’s not perfect, but I can deal with a few errant strings and extra hot glue in places, so don’t judge on the close up pictures.

First, I used some metallic craft paint to cover the generic pine frame.  I used a small foam brush and put on about two coats.  I’m pleased with how metallic it actually looks when the light hits it just right.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin BoardI didn’t care about getting paint on the cork part because I was just covering it up with fabric anyway.  #packingpaperforthewinagain!

Next, I cut my fabric to the exact size of the cork board.  Then I used Elmer’s spray adhesive on the cork part and on my fabric to adhere them together.  Be sure to place your fabric right up against the bulletin board frame.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin BoardThen I got out my trusty hot glue gun and went to down hot gluing some hot pink ribbon around the edges of the frame, ensuring to cover any gaps between the fabric and the frame.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin BoardAnd here it is all finished.  Remember, don’t judge my extra hot glue.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin BoardI was also able to get some of the art printed out and framed, however, I think I’m going to be spray painting the frames before all is said and done.  Now that I’ve used gold on the bulletin board frame, I may not use the same color on the art frames.  Decisions, decisions.

Pink and Gold ArtI used some gold glitter polka dot scrapbook paper as a matte and purchased the ABC, along with a 123 print from Etsy here.  I was very impressed of the quality for the price.  Again, I’m probably going to be spraying the frames. Since these will be going around the TV I think the black frames might be too much black next to the black TV.

I still have a ton of things to do to get this room done, and plan on accomplishing more this weekend. I finally decided on a craft storage piece.  I just kept trolling Craigslist to find one that I think will fit the space.  I found a great piece, but waited too long and it was sold before I contacted the seller.  Now, I’ve found one that may work even better.  The dimensions are a little bigger, but it has a fold out table that will be great when crafting, wrapping gifts, or if I just need to spread out a bit.

I’m planning on getting the storage piece this weekend, then I need to turn my attention to the pegboard, see it in my plans during Week 1, and I desperately need some extra lighting in the space.  Now that we’re halfway done, I need to get my behind in gear and start crossing things off of my to do list!  Be sure to follow along with all of the featured designers of the One Room Challenge, and all of the guest participants as well.

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