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DIY Moss Covered Balls

Good Morning and happy Monday, if that’s such a thing.  In hopes that today’s post will bring back spring like weather and melt the ridiculous amount of snow we got in Denver over the weekend, I’m sharing a DIY spring craft with you.  I’ve always wanted some moss covered balls, but at almost $10 a piece I just never felt right paying for them.  So, I finally DIYed some for myself.  I’ll show you how below and I’ll apologize ahead of time for using the word balls so many times.

DIY MossHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Moss (I used this kind from Hobby Lobby)
  • Foam balls, or anything round that you don’t mind covering.  I put our mountain of packing paper to work and just balled that up into a round shape.

DIY Moss BallsFirst, you’ll want to heat up your glue gun, and then begin covering your form with glue.

DIY Moss BallsThen, grab a small amount of moss and stick it right on top of the glue.

DIY Moss BallsContinue doing that until the entire form is covered with moss.  Then, look for bald spots that need to be covered up and repeat the glue and stick method.  I found that using the smaller pieces of moss that fell off worked best when covering the bald spots because they really filled in the gaps.

DIY Moss BallsLastly, you’ll want to trim off any excess moss that’s sticking out if you don’t like that kind of look.  I was going more for a flat moss look so I trimmed the excess off of mine.  No one wants #hairyballs.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, forgive me.

I was able to make three moss balls in a couple hours, but I took a ton of breaks because I have a needy toddler.  I only used about half the bag of moss I bought, so I’m sure you could easily make 5-7 of these with one bag of moss depending on how big your balls are.  I’m not even going to touch that last ball joke.

Here’s the finished product!  I think it adds a little spring flair to my dining table.  These would also be great for any woodland themed parties or showers.  I plan to use them again next year around Easter with Easter eggs tucked in around them.  Or you could use the moss to make a table runner by gluing and sticking it to a long piece of kraft paper.  You could also stack them to make a moss ball topiary, which would look great on a mantle to add some height.

DIY Moss Balls

DIY Moss BallsI am pretty happy with how they turned out and even happier that I was able to make three moss covered balls for less than $3 instead of paying $7 for just one.  And it didn’t take me very long at all.  What do you think?  Is this something you would have a use for?  I’m pretty sure anyone could make these as long as you can glue and stick, which you can.

I’ll be back Wednesday with Week 3 of the One Room Challenge, oh geez we’re already halfway through, yikes!




TDH Facebook Challenge and a Freebie

Are you up for a challenge today?  It’s really not that difficult and I’m sure you will easily be able to complete it!  The Daily Hostess is trying to grow.  It is spring after all (even if we’re about to get a blizzard in Denver this weekend), so it’s the season of growth!

I need your help to reach a goal.  I want to reach 200 “likes” on facebook by April 30th.  Since today is April 15th, and tax day, today is all about numbers, we only need to get 4 new likes every day until the end of the month to reach our goal.

200FBOOKFOLLOWERSAll you have to do is log into facebook, go to The Daily Hostesses page and tag as many of your friends on this post.  If you know someone that likes to throw parties in their house, enjoys the occasional recipe, home decor, or just likes to celebrate life, tag them.  It’s that easy, hopefully they’ll like what they see and push the like button to help us on our way to 200.

Are you asking yourself what’s in it for me?  Sure, I’d love to give you something back for helping me out.  Once we reach 200 “likes” on facebook, I’m going to be uploading a free party pack that you can print out to host your own party.  It will be simple details to make any celebration a little extra special.  It will include things like a banner, drink tags, and food or dessert labels.

I really appreciate your help in reaching my goal.  Now head over to facebook and tag away.  Enjoy your weekend too!  I’ll be working on lots of things for the One Room Challenge, and putting together your free party pack!




ORC-Week 2: Progress and Inspiration

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I feel like I’m still in the making plans stage.  I’m hoping to make a lot of headway over the weekend so hopefully next week’s update will be full of updates and progress.  Today I’ll be showing you some more of my inspiration and a few things I’ve picked up or sourced so far.

orccollage2The design is definitely leaning towards pink, teal, navy, with pops of gold.  It’s pretty feminine, so it’s a good thing I’m sharing this room with my daughter and my husband has his own office that’s much more masculine.  That flamingo print is just too cute, and the ABC print is the perfect color for the room.  You can find it on Etsy here.  I’m loving this gold desk lamp from Target.  The room doesn’t have any overhead lighting so a task lamp will definitely be needed on my work table.

ORC-Inspiration boardI picked up most of the things in this photo from Hobby Lobby and everything was on sale so that’s a plus.  The gold polka dot fabric at the top is going to be covering a bulletin board where I can pin up lots of other inspiring things.  The coral box was a hostess gift I received and it will be perfect for storage that’s also cute to display.  The gold polka dot paper is going to be the matte for the flamingo and ABC prints in the collage above, and they will be hung around the TV we plan to mount.  I think I’m mostly excited about the pillow cover I found.  It closely resembles my inspiration pillow, which you can see in Week 1 of the One Room Challenge, but I got it for less than $5 so I think I love it even more.

As far as the rest of the room goes, I think I have finally settled on the furniture placement, thanks to a smaller armoire I found on Craigslist.  If we are able to get that, then we will have all of the large pieces for the room and then can really start putting everything together.  There are a lot of things that need to be hung up, so my husband may be a little busy this weekend.  I also plan to diy a couple of things, like the bulletin board, and some craft storage, so I need to start completing those projects.

Thank goodness for a six week timeline to help get you in gear, I’m hoping to get this all done before then.  Next week, I’d love to show you some more photos of the room with some major progress, wish us luck to get some things done this weekend!  I’ve also linked up to the Thoughts on Home on Thursday link party hosted by Laura at Decor to Adore, you’ll find a ton of inspiration for your home there.

Be sure to check the blog tomorrow, I’m going to be putting you all up to a challenge, and I hope you can help.




Tablescape Tuesday: A Console Table

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Tablescape Tuesday.  After the holidays I really enjoy just cleaning off every surface and letting my furniture breath.  Plus we were gearing up to move so my tables have been pretty bare.  In the Tablescape Tuesday series, I show you options to dress up your tables. It could be your dining room table, coffee table, gift table, or buffet table. I think putting a little extra effort into how a table looks and is designed can make your guests’, and your experience so much better.  Today is all about a nautical themed console table.

In our new house there was kind of a weird wall next to our couch that needed a little something on it and since our couch is now up against a wall, the console table we previously had behind it didn’t work anymore.  Low and behold, the console table was the perfect size for the wall next to the couch!  Now we have a great little spot to put a drink, the remotes, and another place to decorate.

Console Table with Nautical ChartA few days after we moved into the new house we spent a good portion of the day just moving small side tables around the house to see where the best place was for them, and this spot turned out so cute.  I like for our house to have a bit of a nautical/coastal vibe (I blame it on the Navy) and we have these nautical charts of the home ports where we’ve been stationed, which fit that vibe perfectly.   This one is of Pearl Harbor and I still need to get it framed, but since it’s so big I’m dreading how much that’s going to cost.

Console Table with Nautical ChartAgain with the coastal vibe, there is a decorative vase with rudders.  I was also able to keep my orchid alive through our move so she is proudly displayed on the table as well.  I think it’s so funny that I kill succulents (apparently an easy plant to keep alive), but orchids tend to thrive under my care.  I’ve had this one since Easter 2014!

I have a couple of great decorating books on the table as well.  Click the link above to purchase them on Amazon if you’re interested (affiliate link used).  I especially love The Nesting Place because it’s all about loving the home you’re in and that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.  As a recovering perfectionist, it’s perfect (get it?) for me.

Here is a great blog post on formulas to style a console table.  My general thoughts are that you need little vignettes, usually an odd number of pieces; something with height, like a lamp or plant; and I’m a stickler for symmetry, so I like things to be fairly symmetrical.  A console table like this gives you an opportunity to add some art above it as well.  Use one big piece, like my chart, or do a gallery wall of smaller frames.  If using a gallery wall, I’d tend to keep the items on the table a little more streamlined or the whole area might look a little too busy.

Console Table with Nautical ChartHow was today’s take on Tablescape Tuesday?  Do you have a spot in your home that you’ve found the perfect piece for?  I love when that happens, and it’s usually because of trial and error, just moving things around until you find the best spot.  I’ve also linked this post to a great round up of home decor inspiration hosted by Laura at Decor to Adore, be sure to check out a ton of other home related posts every Thursday for Thoughts on Home on Thursday.

I hope your week is off to a great start, be sure to come back on Thursday to see the updates and progress that’s been made in my One Room Challenge shared office and playroom.  I’ve found some great items to incorporate into the room!





One Room Challenge- A Shared Office and Playroom

Today is the first week of the One Room Challenge, a six week series hosted by Linda at Calling It Home, where she selects 20 talented designers and bloggers and challenges them to transform a room in just six weeks.  It’s crazy to see what happens over the course of six weeks, and the before and afters are nothing short of amazing.  I will be participating for the first time (I’m not one of the selected designers, I’m just playing along) and featuring my shared office/craft room and playroom.  I’m hoping the six week deadline will help me accomplish some of my goals for the room.

Here are some pretty rough before pictures.  At this point we’ve put furniture and toys in the space and that’s about it.  This room has to pull double and sometimes triple duty so there are a lot of things that have to be squeezed into the room.  Keep reading below to see some of my inspiration for the space and what I’m hoping to get completed in six weeks.

One Room Challenge-Office/PlayroomHere is a view where you can see the playroom side of the room and my desk creeping into that side.  My daughter’s toy storage is pretty much the way I want it to be but I want to add some fun things to her side of the room.


  • Mount the TV over her storage book shelf, for Elmo and Mickey watching of course
  • Add an art display area
  • Add some learning, educational, and inspirational art around the TV


  • Maybe add a craft table if space allows

One Room Challenge-Office/PlayroomOne this wall, we have her kitchen set and my desk.  I still need to play around with the furniture a little bit.  Although, I like my desk to face the area that she is playing, I think I may move it to make room for a craft storage armoire.


  • Hang art and art display above kitchen set
  • Move desk
  • Find a craft storage piece, I’d love to do something like the piece below

One Room Challenge-Office/PlayroomIn this corner, I’m thinking of moving my desk to the back wall and putting my work table next to the door. Space is tricky in this room because of the double door entry and corner windows, so there has already been a lot of trial and error with furniture placement.


  • Move desk and work table
  • Create pegboard storage and display above work table, inspiration below from Pretty Providence.

  • Add shelves, art, and storage above my desk

Overall, I want the room to function for both my daughter and I, have little feminine touches and a big dose of color.  I’m fairly neutral color wise in my decorating, but I think this room would be a great area to incorporate some deep saturated colors.  My color inspiration comes from the pillow below.  I just love the pinks and teals with gold.

Be sure to follow along with all of the selected designers and bloggers throughout the One Room Challenge and don’t forget to come back here each Thursday for the next six weeks to see how this shared space progresses.  Oh, and wish me luck that I can get all of this done over the next six weeks!



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