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3 Simple Ways to Wrap Pretty Gifts

Cheers friends, it’s Friday!!  I hope you have awesome plans for the weekend!  If you have any events this weekend that require you to take a gift, be sure to check this post out.  I’m giving you three easy ways to wrap gifts and make them pretty.

Fringed Bow

First up, is this fringed tissue paper bow.  It’s super easy to make and I’m sure you already have all the supplies you need.  It’s great for any last minute gifts or if you run out of bows and ribbon.

Three easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorThree easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorTo make this fringed bow, all you need are tissue paper, scissors, and tape.  First, cut your tissue paper into long strips.  Then, cut fringe into the long strip about 2/3 of the way across the strip.  Next, lay the fringed strip out flat and start rolling it from one end to the other.  It will make a rolled up “wand” type of shape.

The shape isn’t too important, so just play around with rolling it to get the desired shape you want.  I taped about four fringed “wands” to the corner of the gift and called it good.

You could also put them on the gift in a different pattern to cover up your taped areas, or hot glue them to the gift in a fun pattern.  Think pinwheels, stars, or a leaf pattern.

Pom Pom Package

The next super easy gift wrapping idea is to use pom poms for a fun addition to your gifts.

Three easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorThree easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorUsing simple brown kraft paper, I wrapped my gift then simply hot glued some colorful pom poms to the top of the gift.  I love the fun and unexpected addition of the pom poms, and how they stand out against the brown paper.

Add them to your gifts in a pattern or pile them up to make a big bow.  This method is great if you have to pack or travel with a gift because you don’t have to worry about bows or ribbon getting smashed.  The pom poms are really forgiving so they’ll bounce back after traveling.

Satin Ribbon

You can literally never go wrong wrapping gifts with some pretty paper and adding a big satin ribbon bow.

Three easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorThree easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorI love this hot pink satin ribbon.  The color is so vibrant.  I loved it so much I didn’t want to trim the ends of the ribbon because I didn’t want to lose any of the ribbon.

It would look amazing to wrap a bunch of packages in coordinating colors of your party and stack them up as party decor or use them to denote where the gift table is located.

Here are some great resources for satin ribbon.  Paper Mart has an amazing selection of colors and different satin fabrics.  Plus 25 yards per roll is a great quantity. Joann’s is another great craft store to purchase satin ribbon and there are probably one or two near you.  You can never fail with a quick search on Amazon either.  Get this highly reviewed ribbon collection in two days with Amazon Prime for a really reasonable price.

Which is your favorite wrapping technique?  Shout it out in the comments by clicking on that talking bubble at the bottom of this post.  I hope you have a great weekend and get to celebrate something fun!


March Party Round Up

Happy Hump Day, Ash Wednesday, and the day after Mardi Gras!  So much to celebrate today!  Because it’s the first of the month, I’m doing a quick round up off all the potential celebrations coming up this month.  It’s a big month, so let’s get to it.

First, the whole month is dedicated to women’s history, and International Women’s Day is on March 8th.  You know I couldn’t really find a party that celebrates this day or month, so I may just have to throw one myself.

How fun would it be to host a girls day with a historical flair celebrating strong women in history who’ve done great things?  I’m thinking a ladies lunch where each place setting is named after a women in history with some interesting facts about her.  Or you could have a spa day with all of your girlfriends.  Or have a sleepover with your girl friends and watch some historical movies about women.

Next up is of course St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th.  It’s such an interesting holiday for all ages, right?  Adults get to drink a lot of green beer and kids wear green to school and almost have permission to pinch anyone who isn’t in green.  Weird!

This St. Patrick’s Day party speaks to both the adults and the kids with just the right amount of green.  I love the ideas on dressing up the cupcakes and desserts with gold coins and shamrocks.

Shortly after St. Patrick’s Day is the first day of Spring on March 20th.  Who isn’t ready for spring and warmer temperatures?  I know I am, unfortunately, we had snow yesterday.  Oh Colorado!

I found two really fun Spring Fling parties that would be a great reason to celebrate spring.  They both have a ton of bright colors and fun ideas.

This party has a lot of little spring details that are great, and I’m loving that spring fling banner.  How about that faux grass to really dress up this food station?  It totally screams spring!

This brightly colored party is perfect for spring.  That Spring backdrop is entirely made of jelly beans!  How cool, and cost effective, right? I also love that this party incorporates flowers by planting some in those little terracotta pots.  That would be the perfect favor for your guests at your spring fling party.

Lastly, this party isn’t technically in March since the finals are scheduled for April 1-2, but March Madness is a great thing to celebrate this month.  I love that this party is geared towards girls with plenty of orange colors, basketball themed snacks, and the most adorable EOS lip balm party favor.  Be sure to click the link to get the download and make your own favors.  How great is that chalkboard bracket too?

I thought I’d throw in a monthly recipe for March too.  Green onions and leeks are really in season now, and leeks are something I’ve only cooked with one time.  They were really good when I did, so I’m excited to try this recipe too.  Click on the photo caption to get the full recipe, but I love that it’s a one pan meal that only takes about 30 minutes.

What do you plan on celebrating this month?  I’d love to hear so post in the comments or let me know on Instagram with the hashtag, #thedailyhostess, on leave a comment on my Facebook page.



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