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How to Make a Quick Photo Backdrop

I recently celebrated one year in business and I threw a girls night party with a fun photo backdrop.  There were also lots of cupcakes, mini cheesecakes and cookies. Plus, I mixed up a delicious, spring time, strawberry rose sangria.  There was also a non-alcoholic drink that was equally delicious.  A cucumber orange sparkling lemonade, yum!

Here are a few pictures from the party, then we’ll get into all the details for a simple diy photo backdrop.

Cupcakes and cocktails party, with a simple DIY photo backdrop, photo booth how toCupcakes and cocktails party, with a simple DIY photo backdrop, photo booth how toCupcakes and cocktails party, with a simple DIY photo backdrop, photo booth how toCupcakes and cocktails party, with a simple DIY photo backdrop, photo booth how toSo, this may be the simplest photo backdrop ever, but I thought I’d share it with all of you.  It’s basically four easy steps.

First, find a doorway you want to use as your backdrop area.  The area should be well lit so the pictures turn out great.

Second, find the fabric you’d like to use for your backdrop.  I highly recommend getting fabric that is thick and not sheer.  It will work best for your backdrop.  Be sure to measure your doorway so you know how large of a piece of fabric to get.

Here are the supplies that you’ll need for the next step in this simple process.

  • Hole Punch
  • Grommets
  • Grommet Tool
  • Hammer (not pictured)

Then, add grommets to the corners of the fabric at the top.  This is the hardest part of the process, but it’s not actually that bad.  Use a hole punch or even just scissors to cut a small hole in your fabric where you want the grommets.  Then following the instructions on the grommet package add the front and back pieces of the grommets. When you’re done you should have a nice sturdy hole to hang the fabric on.

Lastly, pop a small nail above the doorway you’re using for your backdrop, then just hang your fabric photo backdrop on the nails.  Ta-da!  Super easy!  And the best part is that it’s not going to fall down throughout your event, like if you used tape.

Now, don’t be worried about putting a hole in your wall.  Use a small nail, and you’ll never even notice a hole when you take the backdrop down.  Plus, if you do notice the hole, a tiny amount of nail filler is all that’s needed.

I love having a dedicated space for guests to take fun pictures while they’re at your party.  Be sure to supply fun props like silly masks, necklaces, hats, or sunglasses.  If you don’t have a dedicated photographer to take everyone’s picture all night, use a selfie stick at your photo booth for everyone to take their own.

Now, who is going to use this simple DIY and create a photo booth at your next event?  I’m sure it will be a fun place to get guests involved in the party and definitely some fun photos!  I hope you have a great Friday and weekend!


10 Things to Include in a Pregnancy Care Package

I’m back friends after a week of working another job and everyone in my house being sick.  We needed the time off to get better, and thankfully we may be on the mend now.

I’ve told you before that pretty much everyone I know seems to be pregnant right now.  I recently found out about another pregnant friend.  She lives across the country and I wanted to do something nice for her since it’s her first pregnancy.  What better way than to send a little pregnancy care package?  I’ve put together a little list of some great things to include if you may need to put a care package together too.

What to include in a pregnancy care package, pregnancy must haves

Pampering Pregnancy Care Package Ideas

It’s a fact that pregnancy can be fairly uncomfortable.  Between growing a human, an expanding body, food restrictions, and uncomfortable sleep it’s necessary to do a little pampering during pregnancy.  Here are a bunch of ways to include pampering items in a pregnancy care package.

  • Lip Balm
  • Cocoa Butter Lotion
  • Epsom Salts
  • Nail Polish
  • Massage Gift Cards

Self-Care Pregnancy Care Package Ideas

During pregnancy your body does things you never knew about.  With my first pregnancy I had heartburn towards the end and had never experienced that before.  It’s back with a vengeance this second pregnancy too.  Here are some ideas to gift that will help with pregnancy sickness and pains.

  • Pain Reliever
  • Antacids
  • Chocolate
  • Saltines
  • Ginger Ale
  • Peppermints or Peppermint Tea

Getting Ready for Baby Ideas

If you’re sending a care package to a brand new mom, it’s a good idea to include some things that will help her get ready for baby.  This is totally uncharted territory and she may need a few things to figure out what to do with baby once it’s here.  Pregnancy is a great time to read up and get ready for the baby!

  • Baby Books
  • Pregnancy Books or Magazines
  • Gift cards for Maternity Gear
  • A Cute Hospital Bag
  • A Pregnancy Journal

Now after you’ve assembled all the goodies you want to include in your care package, you’ll have to send the package.  Before you do, make it fun and pretty.  I included things like confetti, tissue paper and a nice card.  You could also try wrapping a few items so there is a sense of surprise.  I also love the idea of making a really fun shipping label for the outside of the box.

You can dress up the shipping label by decorating it with stickers, stamps, or fun paper.  Try and look up some creative ways to write the addresses, maybe using calligraphy or fun fonts.

What to include in a pregnancy care package, pregnancy must havesI hope this has given you some great ideas to help pamper someone you know that’s pregnant.  It’s such a special time, especially the first time, so doing something special for that pregnant friend is so thoughtful.

Linked up at The Life of Faith blog.  Check it out to read all about motherhood.



Cinco de Mayo Inspired Bar Cart

Well tomorrow is a fun day.  The combination of Cinco de Mayo and Friday in the same day just calls for a celebration doesn’t it?  So let’s celebrate at home with a little bar cart drink.  Let’s face it, going to any Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo will be crazy.

To celebrate I threw together a colorful bar cart ready for a drink.

Colorful Cinco de Mayo bar cart inspiration, citrus lemonadeColorful Cinco de Mayo bar cart inspiration, citrus lemonadeI found this tutorial on how to make DIY crepe paper picado streamers.  How simple, yet how cute!  I probably should have paid a little more attention to the directions before making mine, but I think they  still turned out pretty fun.

I also love that this kind of party decor is a great way to use all of that extra crepe paper that you probably have lying around after a party.  Plus, the more variety of colors the better!

Colorful Cinco de Mayo bar cart inspiration, citrus lemonadeFor a Cinco de Mayo drink I made a quick citrus lemonade.  It’s pretty simple by just muddling some cucumbers and oranges in a pitcher, then I added some lemonade.  Afterwards I dumped in a bunch of club soda for a little fizz and to cut down on the sweetness of the lemonade.

Colorful Cinco de Mayo bar cart inspiration, citrus lemonadeYou could always add in something alcoholic if you’d like, but thanks to this baby, I’ll be avoiding it.

Colorful Cinco de Mayo bar cart inspiration, citrus lemonadeHaving the option for your guests is great.  I also highly recommend this Sangria.  We buy it at Costco and it’s the perfect combination of wine, sweetness, and fruit.  Adding a little extra fruit like apples, oranges, or berries makes it even more delicious.

Colorful Cinco de Mayo bar cart inspiration, citrus lemonadeI hope this little celebration inspires you to whip up one of your own and have quite the party on Cinco de Mayo.  Or even just a little party at home.  It’s just another way to celebrate life’s moments!  Have a great weekend friends!


May Party Round Up

It’s already the beginning of another month.  Can you believe it?  We’re almost half way through the year, time is just flying!  Today is another party round up, this time featuring all the parties to celebrate the month of May.  It’s such a fun time of the year moving into summer, graduations, and the end of the school year.  Let’s party!

First up, is the 5th of May or Cinco de Mayo.  A day that’s often mistaken for Mexico’s Independence Day, but is really a celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French during the Battle of Pueblo.  In the US, it’s really just a celebration of Mexican and American culture.

I’ve recently started following a few people on Instagram that have been posting so much Cinco de Mayo inspiration it’s hard to overlook, so I had to check out their full blog post and I love what they’ve come up with for this special day.

This first party is kind of typical in it’s color scheme for Cinco de Mayo, but I love the addition of the cactus.  I mean those margarita glasses with cactus are too cute!  I also love that this party is totally doable with just some simple colored tablecloths and tassels.

On to another cactus theme, this pink and green cactus themed Cinco de Mayo party is so pretty.  I love the unexpected color scheme and the little cactus party favors.

If you’re not tired of margaritas, chips, and dip, then get ready to party again the very next day.  May 6th is the Kentucky Derby.  What a great reason to throw a party?  It’s a chance to get dressed up, wear a fun hat, and drink too many mint juleps.  I attended a Derby party last year, and get to do it again this year.  I’m really looking forward to it and the cupcakes.

I love Celebrations At Home take on doing a Derby party and the fact that her blog post gives you step by step ways to host your own party.  Plus, there are recipes, decor ideas, drink ideas, and favors for your guests to take home.

Who doesn’t love a party filled with red roses?

May 14th is an important day for pretty much everyone.  It’s Mother’s Day!  I love the idea of hosting your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, aunts, and anyone else that has been a mother to you, for an in home spa party.  Let’s be real, spas are great, but man they are expensive!  By whipping up a few homemade spa treatments or asking everyone to bring their favorite you’ll save a ton of money but still have a great time.


Pretty Mayhem does a great job of setting up a Spa Bar with treatments and typical spa snacks.  Plus the decor is simple and calming, just like a spa should be.  Spending quality time with the best women in your life pampering each other sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day.

After all of that fun, it’s the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day on May 29th.  Memorial Day just isn’t complete without a backyard bar-b-que and lots of red, white, and blue.

A bar-b-que with fun lawn games like bocce ball, giant Jenga, or Cornhole, is just the thing to celebrate Memorial Day.

Lastly, May’s birthstone is emerald, so I did a quick search on emerald themed parties, and literally fell in love with the one that I found.  This birthday party is over the top amazing!

There are so many things I love about this party.  The giant emerald balloons with tassel strings, an overabundance of lush green foliage as centerpieces, emerald glassware, and did you see the food buffets?  They were absolutely amazing!  This would be a great theme for anyone celebrating a birthday in May.  I also love the idea of using it for a 40th over the hill birthday because of all the black in the color scheme.  You have to click on the link above and check out all of the party pics.

That’s the end of our party round up this month.  What are you looking forward to celebrating?



Celebrating everyday!