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Printable Valentine’s Day Daily Love Notes

Hey friends, did you see the Valentine’s Day Date Night packages I posted yesterday?  I’m getting tons of feedback about how great they are, so you should definitely check them out.

Today I’ve got even more Valentine’s Day goodies for you in the form of love notes.  I’m just all about sharing the love this week!

Valentine's day love notes, love notecards for kids, valentine's day cards

For a few years now I’ve been writing little love notes every day from February 1st through Valentine’s Day for my daughter.

I usually just use some paper hearts I pick up from the store. Or make my own using scrap paper at home.  But this year I decided to make my own and share them with you.

Valentine's day love notes, love notecards for kids, valentine's day cards

Every day I write a new message, encouraging note, or praise for something my daughter has done well and post it on her door.  She loves waking up and finding new notes every morning.

This year I may focus on incorporating more of her sight words.  She’s been very excited anytime she sees some of them so hopefully she’ll be as excited to see them on her door every morning.

The love notes I made this year, and am sharing with you, have a few prompts to make coming up with something to say even easier.

Valentine's day love notes, love notecards for kids, valentine's day cards

I specifically put four cards on one sheet so each day I can print one sheet and write notes for everyone in my family.  I’ll use one for my daughter, one for my son, and one for my husband.

Who knows? I may even write myself an encouraging note each day with the fourth one.  But I may be secretly hoping someone else in my family will write me a note too.

Why Moms Need to Write Love Notes to Their Kids

What I love about doing this is that it forces me to really think of the good things throughout the day.

A lot of times, especially as stay at home moms, we are in the trenches and are just trying to survive the day.  It’s nice to pause and reflect on the good things that happened instead of all the things that went wrong, didn’t get done, or ways that we had to discipline our kids.

I hope these easy, print at home cards make it easy for you to show those in your family how much you love them.

I know they’ll appreciate it and it will be good for you too.

It also spreads out the celebrating throughout the month.  Which just shows that you don’t need to rely on one day to show someone how much you care.

Valentine’s Day Love Note Challenge

Now here’s my challenge to you.  Print out a bunch of these cards. Every few days post a picture on social media of the love notes on your kids’ doors with #tdhlovenotes

I’ll be checking the hashtag and will give you a shout out when I see your cards displayed proudly.

Just click the picture below to sign up for our resource library where you can download your own love notes.

Valentine's day love notes, love notecards for kids, valentine's day cards

Once you put your email in, you’ll have access to these love notes. And all of our other printables in our resource library.

Now get to printing and writing!  And don’t forget to share your love notes on social with #tdhlovenotes

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Valentine’s Day At Home Date Night Packages

Launching today!!!  Valentine’s Day at home date night packages!Valentine's day centerpiece, Valentine's day at home date night, Valentine's Day tablescape, beatifully set tablescapes

Do you typically go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Or do you usually stay in?

I’m firmly in the stay at home camp.  I’m not all about fighting the crowds trying to get a reservation, trying to find a baby sitter and dealing with prix fix menus.

So if you’re like me I’ve got a great alternative for you today.

I was thinking about all of the table decor I have just sitting around.  You know, tablecloths, napkins, chargers, flatware, vases, etc.  And thought why don’t I put it to use?

I have just the right amount to make four beautiful Valentine’s Day tablescapes.

Valentine's day centerpiece, Valentine's day at home date night, Valentine's Day tablescape, beatifully set tablescapes

But they aren’t for me!  They are for you!

If you’re a local reader, then you have the chance to have a beautifully styled Valentine’s Day dinner right at home.  I’ll bring everything you need right to your door.

Where to get all the details

You can get all the details on these at home date night packages (pricing, what’s included, etc.) by going to my Services page on my website.  Just click here to check it all out.

Valentine's Day tablescape, dinner party at home, date night tablescape

I think this is such a great way to show your spouse or partner that you put a little extra thought into celebrating your love.

I mean you already have to have dinner on Valentine’s Day anyway.  Why not spend just a little extra time to make the experience just that, more of an experience?

pink and white tablescape, valentine's day table ideas, at home date night, pink centerpiece

It’s all about putting in a little effort for something you already have to do anyway.

Who are these packages perfect for?

I’m especially thinking this would be a great gift idea for guys who have no clue what to get the woman in their life.  So ladies if you want your man to wine and dine you, send him my way.

Wouldn’t it work best if you ask your wife to put the kids to bed a little early. They’ll probably need it after the Valentine’s Day sugar crash from all the school parties.  Then set up your beautiful, special date night table while she’s dealing with the kids.  Once their asleep enjoy a quiet, celebratory dinner just the two of you. She’ll be so surprised!

The value is really incredible too.  Most of the time a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day averages around $40-$50 for a dozen roses.  Crazy!

So for not much more you’re getting the bouquet, chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and everything you need to set a beautiful table.

red Valentine's day centerpiece, red Valentine's day at home date night, red and gold tablescape, red and gold party decor

Plus it’s all delivered to your door with a no fail diagram of how to set everything up.  You get to keep the flowers and just pack everything back up for pick up within a couple of days.

I think it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Want to get your own date night package?  There are only four to choose from and when they’re gone, there aren’t any others so act quickly.

Kate Spade Inspired tabelscape, Kate Spade tabel decor, Kate Spade party, black, gold, and pink party colorsGold tablescape, dinner party at home, date night tablescape, gold and white tablescape

Go here to get more specifics and email or call me to customize your package today!

Other Date Night Inspiration

If you’re not local and able to take advantage of these date night packages, I hope you at least get some inspiration from these designed tablescapes.

Try making a special dinner at home with a more formally set table and your Valentine’s Day will be so much more memorable.

You can also take some inspiration from this at home date night post. Just click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  There is going to be more easy Valentine’s Day fun this week so be sure to check back for other simple ways to make this holiday a little more special for everyone in your life!




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