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5 Ways to make Serving Water Pretty

Howdy, did you enjoy the fun color combos I talked about earlier this week?  Today’s post however was brought on by something that happened at our Easter brunch.  Keep reading for the full story below.

5 Ways to Make Serving Water Pretty

how to serve water at a party, water serving ideas, party ideas for serving water, how to make water look pretty, infused water ideasAt brunch on Easter we were running a bit behind getting all the food ready and set up, thanks to a late night at church the night before.  I didn’t have time to add any tasty or pretty things to our water dispenser and it just looked so bland.  I quickly cut up a lemon and threw it in because that’s all I had on hand.  Mostly though I couldn’t handle having an empty looking water container.

So today I wanted to share a few ideas on how to dress up serving water at a party.  It’s a basic necessity to have at any party, but making it pretty might encourage guests to stay even more hydrated.

1. Use Dispensers

This is the main way I serve water at any of my own parties.  I have a great glass dispenser and stand that I got several years ago that still works wonderfully.  However, I don’t just fill it with water and call it good.  I like to add things to the dispenser to flavor the water or make it look prettier.

There are a ton of water additions that taste great and look pretty.  Any of these work great:

  • lemon and cucumber
  • strawberries, blackberries, raspberries
  • cucumber and mint
  • orange and lemon
  • lemon and lime
  • mint and lime

It’s also really easy to dress up your water dispenser with fun signs, ribbon, or party decor.  Love the bandana on the dispenser below at a cowgirl party.

2. Pre-mixed Mason Jars

Serving individual glasses of water is great, but pre-mixing them in individual mason jars is even better.  They look so cute with the lids, plus they’re spill proof.  That makes them great for kids parties, especially these plastic mason jars.

3. Pitchers or Carafes

I recently used my collection of carafes to serve water and thought “why hadn’t I done this before?”  I mean I use them for mimosa bars all the time, just not to serve water.  It was such an easy way to keep a reserve of water on the table to refill glasses when needed.

I have open top carafes, but getting some of these would be a great way to serve water at the table.

4. Dressed Up Water Bottles

Water bottles are an easy way to keep party guests hydrated, but they aren’t that pretty to look at.  There are a ton of places to make custom labels for your water bottles, but that seems like a waste of time in my opinion.

I’d rather set up or display the bottles in a prettier way.  Grouping a large amount of like items together is always an impressive way to display something and that’s no different for water bottles.

I love the idea of grouping water bottles together in interesting containers like buckets, crates, suitcases, or troughs.

5. Water Glasses

Serving water in traditional glasses isn’t totally out of style, but there are fun ways to do it.  I love using a collection of party coordinated colored water glasses instead of clear glass.  They can make a big impact and help bring in the color scheme of your party.

Try renting glasses from a party rental company instead of having to buy and store a bunch of glasses you may not use regularly.  But if you want to buy some, I love these, these, and these.

With any of these pretty water alternatives it’s a great idea to dress up the ice too.  You can never go wrong with adding fruit or flowers to ice cubes, or even glitter.  Just be sure to not put ice cubes in drinks with things that aren’t edible.  Love this ice mold I made for the holidays with a bundt pan, fruit and herbs.  It looked beautiful in our punch bowl.

how to make hosting easier in 2018, easy hosting tips, easy party tips, signature drink ice mold, party punch ice mold, bundt cake ice mold

I hope some of these ideas give you inspiration to use at your next party.  Like I said before serving water is necessary, but making it look pretty is almost as important.  Here’s to no more bland water containers!



Party Color Scheme: Ultra Violet

Hi friends!  How was your Easter?  Ours was pretty amazing between guests, becoming Catholic, and an epic brunch we had a great weekend that’s taken awhile to recover from.  So I’m back today to talk colors.  I can’t believe that it’s taken me practically three months to do a party color scheme post with this year’s Pantone color of the year, ultra violet.

If you haven’t heard of Pantone, it’s the world’s leading authority on color and every year they pick a color that they see as culturally significant.  The color this year is ultra violet.  Growing up purple was always my favorite color so I’m loving this year’s color.

Pantone describes ultra violet as complex and contemplative, suggesting the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.

All I know is that it’s a great color to pair up with lots of other colors and build a party around. I’ve put together some great color combinations for you today that would make any party festive.

Ultra Violet Party Color Schemes

party color ultra violet, ultra violet party ideas, ultra violet party decorations, party color scheme ultra violetUltra Violet + Gold

The first color scheme is pairing ultra violet with gold.  I mean gold and copper are having quite the moment right now and I don’t see it fading anytime soon.  Gold just goes with everything!

This is a fun inspiration birthday party.  Love the idea of using the colors to make large paper flowers for party decor.

Ultra Violet + Navy

This is probably my favorite color combo.  I just think it’s such a chic way to use the ultra violet color.  This tablescape totally embodies the “mysteries of the cosmos” that Pantone describes ultra violet as.  Do you notice how the plates are arranged to mimic a moon?  I thought that was pretty clever.

I love how ultra violet is used in the floral arrangement.  Not typical flowers, but by using succulents and cabbage plants.

Ultra Violet + Turquoise + Green

When I was thinking of other color combinations that already had ultra violet in them, I thought of a peacock’s feathers.  So these colors together would make a great peacock themed party.

party color ultra violet, ultra violet party ideas, ultra violet party decorations, party color scheme ultra violet

via Etsy

This ribbon banner is a very approachable way to add some party decor in these great colors to your party.  A peacock theme would be great for a birthday or baby shower.  Think “A Pea and a Pod” themed baby shower.  Super cute right?

Tie this ribbon garland on the backs of chairs or behind a dessert table for a backdrop.

There are a ton of ways to incorporate this year’s Pantone color of the year.  Sometimes all you need is a color scheme for a jumping off point to throw a party.

Do you see yourself incorporating this year’s ultra violet color into a party?




10 Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas

Thanks for all the love on my Easter tablescape earlier this week, friends.  I’m continuing the Easter theme today and giving you lots of different ways to make an Easter basket.

I’ve always wanted to get my kids these kinds of Easter baskets from Pottery Barn, but man are they expensive.  Maybe one day? Don’t you just love how they can be personalized?  I also love that they have the quality to last for several more years of Easter egg hunts.

Maybe I should hop on them now (pun intended) so that my kids can get several uses out of them before they don’t want to participate in Easter egg hunts anymore.  At what point do kids stop wanting to hunt for eggs anyway?

Well anyway, if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on an Easter basket, try putting one of these ideas to use.

Easter basket ideas, Easter baskets for toddler, Easter baskets for teens, Unconventional Easter baskets

Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas

My thought process is that because you already have to buy things to fill the Easter basket, try incorporating the basket into what you already have to buy anyway.

Here are a few ideas I found from the list below and linked up for you in case you want to give any of these a try.

Easter basket ideas, Easter baskets for toddler, Easter baskets for teens, Unconventional Easter baskets

1 / 2/ 3/ 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

1. Bike Basket

If you’re already buying a bike for an Easter gift, then just fill the bike basket with candy and other Easter treats. My neighbor is actually doing this and I thought it was genius!

2. Umbrella

What better way to get ready for Spring than with an umbrella?  Instead of stuffing the umbrella into a basket just open it up, turn it upside down, and fill with all the Easter goodies.

3. Shopping Cart

Does your toddler love to play store like mine?  I’m not sure if it indicates that we go to the store too much, but she loves to play it.

Instead of an Easter basket, just use a toddler play shopping cart.  It makes perfect sense to fill it up with play food, a cash register, and other store related toys.

4. Stroller

My little girl also loves to play babies, which always involves a stroller.  So if you don’t already have a stroller, or you do, fill it up with baby toys for Easter.

5. Truck Bed

Now if you have a little boy, this may be more appropriate because I don’t know any little boys that don’t like trucks.  Get a larger toy truck for Easter and fill the bed of the truck with candy and other small toys.

6. Kiddie Pool

If you really want to use Easter as a chance to get ready for the summer, then get your kids a small kiddie pool and fill it up with everything you’d normally put in an Easter basket.  They’ll get so much use out of the pool in the summer.

7. Back Pack

If your kids are a little older and in school, maybe it’s time for a new back pack?  You have to buy the back pack anyway, so just use it to put your Easter stuff in.  Two gifts in one!

8. Hats

If you have a teenage boy, use a hat as his Easter basket.  He probably doesn’t want a traditional Easter basket anyway.  So get him a hat with his favorite team logo and add a chocolate bunny inside.  You’re never too old for a chocolate bunny!

9. Gardening Bucket

Spring is the time when people are getting outside more and getting the yard and garden ready for summer.  Involve your kids by getting them a gardening bucket with kid appropriate gardening tools for Easter.  You can always add plenty of candy to the bucket too.

10. Purse

I know as a teenage girl, I always wanted more purses and bags.  Now I’m relegated to diaper bags, womp womp.  But if you have a teenage girl using a purse to hold her Easter treats is a great basket alternative.

I hope something on this list gives you an idea for an unconventional Easter basket this year.  I’m sure your kids would love anything to get anything on this list!


Tablescape Tuesday: Pink and White Easter Tablescape

It’s time for one of my favorite series on the blog, Tablescape Tuesday.  I love putting a fun, themed, colorful table together for all kids of parties.  And I love sharing them with you!

I hope today’s tablescape gets you ready for Easter!  It’s right around the corner.  What have you been doing to celebrate the season?  You can see what I did for Lent here.  I am looking forward to more fun too, with egg dying and some crafts with my kiddos.

Easter tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settings

Easter Tablescape

So for Easter, I wanted to use this bright and colorful tablecloth I’ve had for several years.  Unfortunately, it’s starting to fade a little from washing it.  A themed tablecloth is a great foundation for any holiday table.

Easter tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settings

I actually read in an article about how the French entertain that unless your table is exceptionally beautiful you should always use a table cloth.  I thought that was interesting, even though I don’t always follow the rule.

So I decided to use my pink lily table cloth and really play up the pink with some Easter lilies and pink Easter eggs.  In order to not make it pink overload (although my 3 year old daughter would love that) I mixed in some textured chargers, greenery, and mossy Easter bunnies.

Easter tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settingsEaster tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settings

Easter Tablescape Place Settings

I love these place settings and the addition of some yellow daffodils.  How fun would it be to have your guests all add them to a vase of water in the middle of your table before you start eating.  Maybe go around the table and have everyone say something they are grateful for.  Or a funny story about the host.  Or their favorite Easter candy.

Easter tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settingsEaster tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settingsThese leaf place cards are so cool.  I love the greenish yellow color they bring to the table and the different ways you can use them.  Be sure to check my Instagram stories to see the different ways I plan on using them for Easter.

I’m pretty excited to sit around the table on Easter Sunday and enjoy a delicious brunch with family and friends.  What are your Easter traditions?  Do you decorate for the holiday?

I’ll be touring my spring home in the next week so be sure to come back to check that out.  I may just do a live walk through on my Facebook page too.  Lots of things to check out for spring.

And you know what’s funny?  I put this bright and cheery Easter tablescape together when we had about eight inches of snow on the ground outside!  Spring in Colorado is….interesting.  We always seem to have a late spring snow.  I’m sure we’ll probably have another before summer officially rolls around.

Easter tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settingsEaster tablescape, Easter table decor, Easter decorations, Easter ideas, Easter table settings



Lent Almsgivng Ideas for The Home Entertainer

Happy Friday!!  It’s also the 27th day of Lent.  Today I wanted to be open and honest and share some things with you, I hope you read along.


This past fall I started the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) process at our Catholic parish.  So at the conclusion of Lent, on Holy Saturday, I will officially be Catholic!  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile to help unify our family.

My husband grew up Catholic, and we’re raising our kids Catholic, but I was always the missing piece.  The whole thing really came to a head one Sunday at Mass when my daughter decided to go with my husband to receive Eucharist. She started crying walking down the aisle because Mommy couldn’t go with her.  Obviously, I could have walked to the front and just not received it, but I stayed in the pew and waited for them to come back while my heart was breaking.

That’s when I knew it was time to start the process.  I’ll be honest and say that it hasn’t been easy, but it’s also been really great at the same time.  There have been logistical issues with kids, other priorities and reasons I’ve had to miss classes.  It’s been a steep learning curve and a challenge of faith.  But every week I leave my classes feeling more complete, more loved, and with more assurance that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

Lent Almsgiving Ideas for the Home Entertainer

All of that back story to tell you what I’m doing for Lent this year.  I’ve participated in the whole “giving things up for Lent” since high school, and most of the time my sacrifices have been fairly superficial.  Some times I’ve given up chocolate or dessert, and there was one year I gave up reality TV.  That one was actually kind of hard.

The past few years however, I’ve decided to start doing something instead of giving something up.  So this year, I decided I wanted to host a different family for dinner every week.  Here’s the really honest part, we’re four weeks into Lent and I’ve only hosted two families.  Yikes! Either way, I’m still glad to keep trying to coordinate with people and feed them!

I referred back to the parable of the talents (Matthew 25: 14-30) and realized that my talent is opening up my house and sharing time with others.  Something I try to encourage you all to do.

But, I’m not just opening my house and having a meal with others, I’m putting my party planning and decorating spin (aka talent) on things.  Shocker!

The first time we hosted was a Friday, which meant no meat for the day.  So I planned a fun fish taco night with signature drinks and themed tablescape. I’ll definitely break down all the details in another post soon, but wanted to share a couple photos from our meal.

Taco party, cinco de mayo party ideas, fish taco dinner party, mexican dinner partyTaco party, cinco de mayo party ideas, fish taco dinner party, mexican dinner partyThe next dinner party we hosted was more of a spring themed dinner party.  I made a delicious beef ragu and absolutely loved the spring tablescape.

blue and white spring tablescape, ginger jar centerpiece, spring table ideas, gold flatware, spring dinner partyblue and white spring tablescape, ginger jar centerpiece, spring table ideas, gold flatware, spring dinner party

I have plans for at least a couple more dinner parties, but really need to squeeze them in before April 1st!

Although it’s been fun for me to menu plan, set up a pretty tablescape and cook a delicious meal, it’s actually been the fellowship that I’ve loved the most.  It’s been great talking with other families about life, kids, dreams, challenges, and faith.  It’s the whole reason I decided to do this for Lent.

One of my RCIA teachers explained the idea of fasting, praying, and almsgiving of Lent as a way to love ourselves, love God, and love others. I thought that was a great way to explain the golden rule.  He described it as to love our selves we must fast and deny ourselves things that aren’t good for us.  To love God we need to pray.  And to love others we need to give.  I love being able to give others a good meal and a nice place to eat it.

I hope this Lenten season has been good for you, and if you are just now getting into the swing of things, there is plenty of time to fast, pray, and do almsgiving.

Thank you for letting me be open and honest about my faith journey.  I hope you all have a great weekend and are encouraged to fast, pray, and give.  Or even just invite someone over for dinner!




Celebrating everyday!