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Party Plan: New (ish) Year Detox Party

Hi there, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  I don’t really have an excuse either, other than lack of motivation.

So I’m back today with a post that I’ve wanted to do, but the timing is off a bit now.  This works great for all those New Year’s resolutions, but now that we’re a month into the year I guess it’s more of a reminder to stick to your resolutions.

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How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?

If you do need  a little kick in the pants to keep up with it, try hosting a party.  It’s one of the best ways to get things done.  Want to clean your house? Host a party.  Want to eat better and workout more?  Host a detox party.

A detox party is a great way to set the reset button, get you on a healthier path, and a jumpstart to getting rid of all the stuff that’s not good for you.

Gather all of your friends and work together to get healthier by sharing healthy recipes, motivating workouts, and ways to cleanse your body.  Check out my party plan below for lots of things to incorporate into this detox themed party.

Detox Party Decor and Atmosphere

Set the mood for your party by keeping it simple, fresh, and clean.  No need for a lot of decor.  Get people in the mood to workout by setting up a couple yoga mats and light weights.  Be extra thoughtful and provide a few towels to wipe any sweat.  Turn on a yoga channel on youtube and you’ll have a permanent instructor throughout your party.

detox party, how to host a detox party, detox party ideas, detox water, detox water recipes

Get everyone in the mood for an easy workout by diffusing some essential oils.  It not only will smell nice, but if you diffuse lemongrass it will help with thermogenic activity in the body.  Be sure to remind everyone to wear easy workout wear.  Check below for the most loved workout pants!

If you want a more laid back, spa like detox party provide your guests with simple robes and slippers while diffusing some lavender.  It will help everyone relax.  Remind everyone to wear something casual and comfortable.  Provide a few tools to help everyone give themselves massages.

The foot massager listed below is an easy way to relieve any foot tension.  You could also ask guests to give each other hand massages. Or if you really want to get fancy, pay to have a masseuse come to your house to provide chair massages.

Detox Party Refreshments

To help everyone reset and stick to their resolutions provide some healthy snack options.  Anything with lots of fruit and vegetables is a great idea.  Here are a couple recipes that look delicious:

For drinks, I highly recommend providing some fruit infused water for everyone to sip. A really simple recipe is lemons, cucumbers, and mint.  Cut them up and let them steep in the water for a few hours before serving.

detox party, how to host a detox party, detox party ideas, detox water, detox water recipes

detox party, how to host a detox party, detox party ideas, detox water, detox water recipes

A cut cucumber makes the prettiest garnish!

detox party, how to host a detox party, detox party ideas, detox water, detox water recipes

Another really great idea is to set up a juice or smoothie bar with a powerful blender like a Vitamix.  Let your guests mix up their own juices and smoothies by providing a variety of fruit and mixers.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with something that will continue to help them detox after the party.  Bath bombs are a great way to get even more toxins out of your body while relaxing in a hot bath.  Try setting up a station at the party for everyone to mix up their own bath bombs to take home with them.

Feel free to shop any of these recommended products to help you throw a detox party.  Affiliate links are used, but all opinions are my own.

I think this is such a fun, unique party idea.  It’s only more perfect depending on when you host the party.  The beginning of the year is a great time to detox and get resolutions off to a great start.  But you could also host this after a bachelor/bachelorette party, after a night of celebrating a milestone birthday, or for Mother’s Day.
I hope this detox party plan helps motivate you to stick to your resolution and if not, then throw this party and I’m sure you’ll be motivated again!


My Favorite Easter Brunch Recipes

There are a few time throughout the year where brunch is basically a necessity.  Mother’s Day, my birthday, bridal showers, and Easter.  These occasions are just synonomous with brunch in my opinion.  Today I want to give you a few of my favorite recipes that almost always show up on my brunch menu.

For the star of the show, I usually have a ham for Easter.  Ideally I like to purchase a Honey Baked Ham, but some years I drop the ball and don’t order it in time, or want to save a little money.  I’ve made this recipe from The Pioneer Woman a couple of times, and it turns out to be almost as good as a honey baked ham.

As a seasonal side dish, I love to have carrots at my Easter brunch.  It also doesn’t hurt that the Easter Bunny loves carrots!  This recipe from Anne Burrell on the Food Network has served me well.  The carrots are buttery and the thyme gives them a nice herby flavor that’s a little unexpected.  I also love to use the mini carrots and leave the tops on like in the picture.  They are just so cute on your table that way.

I haven’t made this salad before, but it looks absolutely amazing.  It’s full of seasonal favorites for Spring like asparagus and peas.  Plus if you put goat cheese on anything, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it.  I’m definitely looking forward to making this salad all throughout the season.

For the past several Easters, and most growing up, I remember having coconut cake as dessert.  Maybe it’s because the coconut looks like a fluffy bunny?  My mom always used to make this cake with Jiffy white icing, but this recipe takes the cake and icing to a whole other level.

I love that the recipe uses a box cake mix, because let’s be real, that just makes life a little easier, right?  The additions to the box cake mix increase the coconut flavor and make it super moist.

Those are a few of my favorites that have been seen at my Easter brunches in the past and I plan on a few of them popping up this year too.  Here are a few other options that would make great brunch additions as well.

Brunch Menu Items

  • Breakfast Casserole I’ve made this casserole a few times lately and it’s super easy and delicious.
  • Deviled Eggs, I swore I’d never make them again after Easter a few years ago.  They are just too finnicky, especially if you can’t get your eggs to peel.
  • Waffles with whipped cream and this berry compote
  • Yogurt Parfait station, with fruit and granola.  It’s super easy, and kids love it!
  • Fruit Salad
  • Assorted pastries.  I always make a delicious Cream Cheese Bread recipe for Easter.  It’s one of my husband’s families recipes and it’s quite the process (I’m talking a few days), but so worth it.  Check my Instagram on Easter to get a sneak peak!

I hope some of these recipes make it onto your brunch table!  I’m getting excited for all the yumminess!  What days do you feel absolutely require a brunch?  It’s probably one of my favorite meals!


Real Life Party: Alternative Bridal Shower

If you’re not a “ladies who brunch” kind of girl, I hope this post inspires you to think outside of the box when it comes to different kinds of bridal showers.

I recently did a post all about switching up the typical bridal shower, but today you get to see it in action.  One of my good friend’s recently hosted a bridal shower for her sister-in-law, and it was anything but typical.

bridalshowerballoonsIt was an alternative evening bridal shower cocktail party.  A great way to take advantage of guests who may have jobs or engagements throughout the day is to host a party in the evening.

Adding pictures of the bride or engaged couple is a great way to embellish balloons.  If you’re using helium balloons, adorning the strings with pictures or some other decoration, like festooning, will help to give them some weight and hold them in place.

bridalshowerflowersLove these simple but perfect centerpieces.  You really can never go wrong with hydrangeas.  They are a big impact for the money.  You get a really large bloom, so you’ll need less flowers.

Coordinating the ribbon around the vase to the cocktail napkins ties the whole them together beautifully.


Again, the balloons make a great back drop to the cake area.  Adding the letters to the balloons reminds us what marriage is all about, love.

How great is this cake?  I am in love with the color scheme.  The black and white stripes and gold is such a classic combination.  I also love a good cake banner.

bridalshowerfavorsSuch a great way to display favors.  And the sign, with it’s cute saying, let’s everyone know that they get a little gift on their way out.

bridalshowerguestbookEven the “guest book” at this bridal shower was anything but typical.  Instead of a traditional book, the guests signed a large platter.  I’m sure the couple will use it for years to come during family holidays.

Such great ideas for an alternative bridal shower.  I love that my friends and family contribute such great content for this blog.  Keep it up!  I love it!

If you have a great party you want me to share, click the contact tab and let me know.  I’m always willing to take submissions!





Bridal Shower Roundup

This week is all about weddings!  I will be traveling to be the maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding next week, so I’ve got weddings on the brain.  Today’s post is a quick round up of some awesome bridal shower themes.  If you’re looking for something a little different, look no further than these five great ideas from fellow bloggers.

There are some classic bridal shower themes like a bridal shower brunch, that never really go out of style.  Then there are some very on trend ideas that are all the rage right now, I’m talking about you Kate Spade themed bridal shower.  But sometimes, doing something a little different is refreshing and might be a better fit for the bride’s personality and interests.  Here are five great options!

TDH-Number 1
A Stock The Kitchen Bridal Shower


I love the bright and happy vibe that this stock the kitchen themed bridal shower has.  The colors are great and used throughout the entire party.  Placing flower arrangements in kitchen appliances is pure genius!  I also loved having the guests provide the bride with a recipe to start her collection.  This is a great theme for the bride that loves to cook or even maybe just needs some help in the kitchen.

TDH-Number 2
Mermaid Themed Bridal Shower


This theme is definitely for the more whimsical bride.  Who doesn’t love the idea of some seaside inspiration and mythical sea creatures to celebrate your nuptials?  I love the color scheme, dessert table, and the way that the host worked in the mermaid theme without being too over the top.  Using ocean themed vases, platters, and cookies is a great way to bring the sea and it’s mermaids inside.

TDH-Number 3
Parisian Bridal Shower


This bridal shower is just so pretty.  Complete with a tower of macaroons, champagne, and candelabras it screams french.  This is a great option if your bride loves all things french or if the couple plan to honeymoon in Paris.  I especially love the balloon photo backdrop.  What a great, inexpensive way to make a big impact and have a place to take awesome pictures!

TDH-Number 4
A Fashion and Accessories Swap Bridal Shower

fashion-swap-party-1What a great idea for the bride that loves fashion and shopping.  Set up your own little boutique bridal shower.  Ask guests to bring clothing and accessories they no longer have a need for and then provide bags so everyone can shop and swap!  How fun?!  Be sure to display all the items so the guests can easily pick up and try things on.  You’ll also want to set up several mirrors and maybe a changing station.

TDH-Number 5
Donuts and Diamonds Bridal Shower

I think this could be such a fun early morning bridal shower idea.  I couldn’t find any real parties that used this theme, but there are a ton of ways to make it happen.  Obviously, you’ll need a lot of donuts, and I love the idea of using these cupcake toppers in the donuts to tie into the theme.  So many donut shops are now doing really off the wall flavor combinations which would be fun to incorporate into the donut menu.  You could also provide other types of donuts like churros, malasadas, and cronuts.  To round out the menu, you don’t just want to eat donuts, or maybe you do, try having some lighter options as well like fruit, a yogurt parfait station, and quiche.  Mimosas make the perfect beverage for this bridal shower.

To get your guests involved with the theme purchase large fake diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to have the guests adorn themselves with when they arrive.  Carry the theme throughout the party with glittery gold and silver decor with pops of bight colors, like donut sprinkles.  It could be such a fun idea, and now I want to throw this party!  Or do I just want donuts?

There are so many fun ways to really tailor a bridal shower to the brides tastes and even more fun ways to incorporate the theme.  Which of these five bridal showers is your favorite?  Do you want to eat a lot of donuts now?  I do!  Stay tuned this week for more wedding related posts!





Bachelorette Series: Welcome Bag and Survival Kit

Good morning, and I hope your week is starting off on the right foot.  If not, be sure to whip one of these up for happy hour tonight, or for your next bachelorette party, bridal shower, or girls night!  Which brings me to today’s post, we’re continuing in our mini-series about hosting bachelorette parties, for this post we are talking about welcome bags and survival kits.

Anytime you walk into a party, attend a wedding, or go to a conference doesn’t free swag just make the whole thing a lot better?  So why not apply the same principle to bachelorette parties?  Getting a welcome bag with necessities that are going to get you through the weekend or the morning after is just plain helpful!  Below is an example of a welcome bag I put together with a lot of great ideas for other things you can include.

Bachelorette Welcome BagEverything is always better with champagne in my opinion, so including a mini bottle in your welcome bag is a great way to get the party started!  And to stay hydrated a bottle of water is absolutely necessary.  Other things that are helpful for a bachelorette weekend with a bunch of girls is definitely hair ties.  You can never have too many of them, right?  Bonus points to the hostess if they are color coordinated with the wedding!

Bachelorette Welcome BagChapstick, hand sanitizer, shower gel, shampoo, and lotion are all great additions to a welcome bag for guests at a bachelorette weekend away.  Plus if guests are flying, it helps to cut down on the things they have to bring with them.

Bachelorette Welcome BagTo make the hair tie holder coordinate with the theme of the weekend I added a little saying, “To Have and To Hold Your Hair Back” onto some card stock and then slid the hair ties onto the paper.  Such a cute way to add a special touch to something that’s so ordinary.

Of course you need a great bag to hold all of your goodies for your welcome bag, for the upcoming bachelorette weekend I’m hosting I chose a tote bag that will help us remember the fun city we visited long after we leave.


There are a ton of options that would be great to corral the swag in your welcome bag.  A fun gift bag with some tissue paper is perfect or a beach bucket if you’ll be by the shore for your weekend.  Keeping it consistent with where the party is or the theme of the weekend or even the wedding really shows that extra touch of thoughtfulness.

So many things would be great in a welcome bag for a bachelorette party or weekend away:

  • Snacks (granola bars, trail mix, crackers)
  • Gum or mints
  • A coozie to keep your drinks cool
  • A beer bottle opener if your bride is into craft beers
  • A wine bottle opener, especially if you attend a wine tasting or host the party in wine country
  • If you want to help avoid anyone having issues from partying a little too hard, be sure to include water and some headache or pain relieving medicine in your bags as well.
  • Stain removing pens
  • Band-Aids, or a mini first aid kit
  • A T-shirt from the area you’re visiting
  • A luggage tag, perfect for a weekend away where guests are flying, or for a bride that loves to travel
  • A map of the city, or schedule of events for the weekend

Welcome bags and survival kits are a great way to give something back to all the ladies that are coming to honor the bride, and there are so many ways to make them personal and useful.  Plus, again everyone likes swag!  What would you include in a bachelorette weekend welcome bag?  What’s your favorite free swag to get?





Celebrating everyday!