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Instagram Follow Friday

Happy Friday!  It’s almost the weekend!  Too bad I have to work this weekend 🙁 If you need a little entertainment and inspiration for your weekend I’ve got a bunch of great Instagram accounts for you to check out.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Instagram.  I love the pictures, but I kind of hate how impersonal it can be.  Either way, there is a ton of inspiration, good ideas, and pretty pictures.

See some of my current favorites, and be sure to follow my Instagram account, The Daily Hostess here.

I recently discovered The Party Porch and love all of the party inspiration.  Her color schemes are awesome and the attention to detail at the parties she hosts.  I also love that she posts how her front porch is decorated for various seasons and ocassions.

Click here to see some great Instagram accounts perfect for celebrating life!

The Shirley Life

I am absolutely blown away by the snacks Shirley makes for her three adorable little girls.  And her girls couldn’t be any cuter helping her with various cooking projects.  If you want to celebrate life with your kids a little more, take some inspiration and ideas from this account.  It’s amazing!

If you want to look at amazingly over the top weddings and events, this is the account for you.  I can not get over the floral arrangements, wedding dresses, and opulent wedding venues.  These events probably can’t be recreated at home, but it sure is fun to look at and dream!

Definitely not a small account, Oh Happy Day has the best ideas of how to use party supplies. You can even buy their party supplies on their website.  I love their quirky quotes and large wall installations.  Most of their wall installations are totally do-able in your own home.  How amazing did they make crepe paper streamers look by streaming them across the ceiling?  So cool!

This last account is the home decor mash up of my dreams, coastal and farmhouse.  The account is all about documenting building the home of their dreams, and dreamy it is.  If you need some coastal farmhouse inspiration, look no further.  I love all of the progress shots of the building process.  This account is not just all pretty pictures with completely done rooms.  Unfortunately, they haven’t posted in awhile, but what’s there is really good!

Have a great weekend friends, and if you get bored at any point take a peek at any of these accounts for some entertainment.  While you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to follow me too!  See you next week where we’ll be celebrating decluttered closets, yippee!


What Caught My Eye Vol. IV

Good morning, I hope your week is flying by as the weekend is only a couple days away, hooray!  Today’s What Caught My Eye post is probably one of the most random.  It’s a mix of party related and non-party related things that I’ve found interesting lately.

Appetizer SpponsFirst, are these adorable little appetizer or dessert spoons.  I saw them on the shelf at Target in the clearance section, so they probably aren’t at every Target, but I thought they were so cute.  They are wooden with a blue and pink diamond design on them.  They were only about three inches long, so they are pretty small.  I do like that you can just recycle them when you’re done.

Chalkboard PosterboardThe second thing that caught my eye was found when I was planning my daughter’s Daniel Tiger birthday party.  I like to do a chalkboard sign every now and then, and this posterboard makes it so easy.  This poster board is made of a chalkboard like material so whatever designs you use can be cleaned right off and used over and over again.  I really like my fake chalkboard method, but this makes it even easier.

Almond Butter Toast
Next, is a little recipe I’ve been throwing together lately.  I was trying to find ways to incorporate more protein into my daughter’s diet and started using almond butter.  I’ve been buying a giant sized one at Costco so it will last a little longer.  This recipe is super easy.  Just spread some almond butter on a piece of toast, drizzle with a little honey, and sprinkle with some cinnamon.  It’s a little sweet, a little salty, and the cinnamon gives it a little something extra.  It’s great if you’re looking for an alternative topping to toast.  I even put this on a tortilla rolled up and cut into slices for a snack.  Delicious, and a perfect idea for all of those upcoming school lunches.

Check in CookiesWe were given cookies upon arrival at our hotel in Keystone recently when we visited for a wedding.  I absolutely love hotels that give you check in cookies.  Who doesn’t like cookies?  It’s nice to have a little sweet treat when you’re staying somewhere other than home.  I really liked the resort we stayed at.  You can check River Run in Keystone out here.

Cocktail NapkinsThe last thing I wanted to share was just the idea of fun cocktail napkins.  I saw these at a local store, but there are so many places to get them. Find some at places like Marshall’s and Homegoods where they are marked down quite a bit.  Why not start using these on an everyday basis to make your after work drink a little more fun?

So there are a few very random things that I’ve found interesting lately.  Have you found any great party items you want to share?  Write it in the comments section so I can check them out.  Have a great end of your week and weekend!




What Caught My Eye Vol. III

Good morning, I hope you had a great weekend!  Here’s another round of What Caught My Eye, it’s a random mix of party related and non party items that I’ve found really interesting lately.

First, is this adorable little bottle of tonic water.  It came next to my glass of gin at one of our new favorite local restaurants so I could mix my own gin and tonic at the table.  I thought it was so clever because you can adjust how strong your drink is based on how much tonic water to put in.  These would be so cute at the beverage station at your next party.  People can mix up their own gin and tonics, vodka/tonics, or just have the tonic water with a squeeze of lime.  The great thing is that your tonic water won’t lose it’s fizziness as fast as a large bottle because of the individual size of these.

Tonic Water

Next is also something I discovered in our new hometown.  We have a SuperTarget here, have you heard of them?  I hadn’t, and I definitely hadn’t been to one before.  Oh man, if you love Target, you will LOVE SuperTarget.  It’s like Target on steroids.  It has a full grocery side which is to be expected, but I wasn’t prepared for how robust every department would be.  The home decor, clothing, shoes, health and beauty departments just have so much more stuff in them.  That could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.  Overall though, I was super impressed (get it, super?) with the selection throughout the entire store.  I saw these wedges and loved them, plus these heels are so fun!


Lastly, I wanted to share an awesome wedding invitation we received recently.

Gift Registry CardThis was the gift registry card inside the invitation.  I especially love the wording in the second paragraph, “should you wish to help the happy couple celebrate with a gift, we hope this registry will make it convenient for you to select something you know they will love.”  I just found it so thoughtfully written, yet informative.  Asking for gifts is always a tricky subject, but with weddings it’s pretty customary and this is a great way to do it.  I’ve removed the couple’s names, hence those blank spots in the picture.

That’s it for this round of What Caught My Eye, what’s caught your eye lately?  Share it with me in the comments below!




What Caught My Eye Vol. II

What Caught My EyeWelcome back after the long Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend.  It has taken me a little bit to get back into the swing of things, but today I’m back with Vol. II of What Caught My Eye.  It’s a series where I share cool and interesting things I’ve seen lately.  Today involves a lot from Hobby Lobby because it’s one of my favorite stores where I could literally spend an entire day and buy everything if money were no issue.

Gift BasketFirst, is this really thoughtful welcome basket from our realtor after we closed on our house.  And bonus, you get a close up of our fun back splash and pretty counters in our new house!  Baskets like this are so versatile, they can be used to store clothes in your closet, kids toys in the living room, or extra kitchen gadgets above your cabinets in the kitchen.

Gift BasketInside there were so many great things, delicious bread and jam, a couple home decor items, and I’m most excited to uncork that bottle of wine!  It’s put together so well, with pretty tissue paper and really quality fabric ribbons.

Hobby Lobby Pink Gingham paper

Hobby Lobby Confetti paperNext, is some really on trend scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.  The first picture of the hot pink gingham reminds me so much of these button down shirts from JCrew.  The metallic confetti dot paper reminds me of champagne bubbles rising, but that’s probably because I love champagne.  Scrapbook paper has so many uses other than for scrapbooking.  Try using it as a matte for a picture frame, cut it up to make a banner, make Valentine’s, or print inspirational quotes on it and hang it around your house.

watercolor fabricAnother thing that caught my eye at Hobby Lobby was this fantastic watercolor fabric.  I could totally see this as a throw pillow in my future office or on a teenage girls bed.

Football DecorRecently for the Super Bowl, we went to a friend’s house to watch the big game and the decor was so cute.  My friend made a faux football field on the table, and made it all from the dollar store!

Football-3The faux football field was made from dollar store green door mats and some masking tape lines.  So smart and so inexpensive to dress up your table for a theme.

Football DecorEven the utensil holders were dressed up too using some recycled aluminum cans wrapped in brown construction paper with white football laces. You could use chalk, a white marker, or even white out for the laces if you’re in a pinch.

That’s it for this round of What Caught My Eye, like I said Hobby Lobby was a main focus.  I’m glad to be getting back into the normal routine after a little break for the weekend, just in time to start winding this week down for the upcoming weekend!



What Caught My Eye Vol. I

What Caught My Eye

There have been several things lately that I’ve seen and thought, “Well, that’s really cool/interesting/smart, etc.” and I thought I’d share them with you today.  A new series I’m calling What Caught My Eye.  There are several party centric things today and a couple others that I just really liked.

First, is something I posted on Instagram a while ago from Ikea.  Did you know they have an entire party decor section in their stores?  I didn’t, but I was certainly glad I found it and of course picked a couple things up while I was there.  They had some really great ribbon packs and garlands, but I was most impressed with their honeycomb hanging decorations.

Ikea pic

Next, is a first birthday party that I attended recently.  It was Sesame Street themed and my friend put so much thought into the food and decorations.  It was all super cute.  I loved the signage on the door, it really let you know what the theme was and was personalized for her adorable son.

Sesame Street

And then she went above and beyond and made all of the food platters look like characters from Sesame Street.  How clever!  I never would have thought to use ranch and fruit dip as eyes for Elmo and Oscar the Grouch.

Sesame Street Food

During Christmas and New Year’s another friend of mine wore several pins which I loved and hadn’t really seen anyone wear something like that in a long time.  I asked her to share some of them with me and how cute is that turtle?  I love that you could have so many seasonal pins.  They would really dress up your everyday wardrobe.  This picture takes me back to a drawer in my mom’s dresser where she used to keep all of her pins in a little box.

pin pic

One final thing I stumbled upon the other day thanks to Pinterest is a site called Save on Crafts.  There are a ton of categories if you’re looking for party decorations, wedding reception table centerpieces, gift wrap, or home decor.  The prices are pretty reasonable too which is great.  Has anyone ordered anything from here?  I may be getting some of the following things for the future.

Save on Crafts Collage

So those are just some random things I’ve come across recently and thought I’d share with you.  Do you find any of them interesting?  I could totally eat some of those Elmo strawberries and raspberries right now!  I hope this Monday is a great start to your week!



Celebrating everyday!