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Turquoise and Red Party Color Scheme

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We had snow finally yesterday, now if it would only stick around a bit and bless us with a white Christmas!  The colors of the season are everywhere too!

You see red and green everywhere, but did you know that turquoise is December’s birthstone?  I thought I’d put a little Christmas spin on using turquoise and red instead of the traditional holiday colors.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of resources for you to throw your own turquoise and red party.  These colors work great for a modern Christmas party.  They also work for so many other get togethers: December birthdays, kid’s parties (I used a similar palette here), baby showers, or even an office party.

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1//aqua glass: These aqua glasses are actually margarita glasses.  They would work great for that, but I love the idea of using them differently.  Either as a candle holder, dessert cup, or to place dips or nuts in around your party.

2//red pom pom garland: I’m am loving felt ball anything lately and I love this garland just as much.  It’s a great addition to decorate any party.  Hang it up or layer it on a table for a centerpiece.  Plus, a solid color like this one works throughout the entire year.  Hello Valentine’s Day, summer picnics, and a fall apple party!

3//turquoise tray: I’ll have one in every color please!  This shiny lacquered tray is perfection.  So many uses!

4//red berries: The below picture was the inspiration for this party color scheme, so I had to find some red berries to incorporate into this party plan.  They are perfect for a turquoise and red Christmas party, because they are the flower, er, plant? of the season.  Poinsettas would also be great florals for this party.

5//red cake stand: A party isn’t complete without cake in my opinion, so I had to include a cake stand.  This red, wavy one is super cute!

6//turquoise paper straws: Another party staple is paper straws.  They are just so easy to incorporate your color scheme.  These turquoise paper straws are super inexpensive too.

7// red favor bags: What better way to send your guests home happy than with a little treat.  Pop a Christmas cookie into these favor bags and party favors are done.

8// turquoise festooning: These garlands are great party decor.  It’s even better that you can buy them and not have to make them.  They come in red and turquoise so you can get both or stick with a more monochrome color palette.

Do you like this modern twist on Christmas colors, or are you more of a traditional red and green fan? What kind of party would you use this turquoise and red color scheme for? I hope you found some of these resources useful to stock up on future party gear!


Party Color Scheme: Copper and Green Themed Desert Party

Congrats!  It’s Friday and you made it to the weekend!  Today is another Party Color Scheme post.  I have been so hot being pregnant in the middle of summer, so thinking about the desert was natural for me.  This copper and green themed desert party color scheme is so great for this time of year.

Party color scheme with copper and green, cactus party, desert party, party colorsI’ve included an inspiration party and some ideas of how to incorporate the colors into whatever kind of party you’re planning to throw.  This color scheme would work for so many things.  A dinner party, a birthday party, a baby shower, an end of summer party, or a business luncheon are all great ideas to incorporate these colors.

Copper and Green Party Inspiration

This desert cactus bridal shower is the image of perfection when incorporating the copper and green color scheme.  Be sure to click the link above and check out the entire party.  It’s pretty amazing.  Those copper chairs are seriously swoonworthy.  I also love the floral arrangements and how even with using cacti they seem soft and pretty.
The key when using metal as the primary color in a color scheme is to mix various shades of the color.  The chairs, glassware, vases, and napkins are all in the copper family, but not exactly the same.

Here’s another great way to incorporate this color scheme.  Do it in cake form!  This cake is so pretty dripping in copper frosting.

Party color scheme with copper and green, cactus party, desert party, party colors

via Brides

Just be sure to remove the cactus before biting into this beauty.

Copper and Green Party Decor and DIYs

If you’re looking to incorporate these colors in a super simple decor DIY, try using this copper vase.  The tutorial is super easy, but it’s so chic.  I’d venture to say you’d want to leave the vase out long after your party.

Make several of these in different sizes and group them together in the center of your table or run them the length of your table.   It will look awesome.  To bring in the green all you really need is some leafy branches, a great way to forgo getting flowers for your party.
This is the perfect idea to incorporate copper and green into your party favors.  Terra cotta pots work so well as the copper, add in some green ribbon or even a small cactus, and you’re set.

You could even use terra cotta pots as your centerpiece and decor.
Now here are some resources to round out your party color scheme.  Simple ways to bring in the copper and green without being too over the top.  Try using these utensils, these straws, or these napkins.

If you want to recreate the look of copper chairs, but don’t want to splurge on renting actual copper chairs, try a diy.  Use this ribbon and tie it to the back of your chairs.  Use the below picture for some inspiration.

Is this a color scheme you can see planning your next party around?  If so be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook with #thedailyhostess

I hope you have a great weekend and do something to beat the heat.  I’ll be pulling together my husband’s birthday party with a fun guy’s only theme that you’ll get to see next week so stay tuned for that.



Party Color Scheme-Summertime Lemonade Stand

It’s another round of Party Color Schemes on this Friday.  Today it’s more of a fun summertime tradition for kids than a party.  However, using some party accessories you can take this lemonade stand to a whole new level.

Did you ever set up a lemonade stand in the summer time when you were growing up?  I remember doing it when I was in second grade during my mom’s yard sale.  I made $46.00 from that lemonade stand and thought I was so rich!

Coming across this color scheme instantly screamed lemonade stand to me.  It may have helped that there were actual lemons in the picture, but I just love the combination of colors to jazz up a basic lemonade stand.

I also love the addition of the green color in this color scheme.  It gives you a great option to offer a limeade drink at your lemonade stand.

Now that you have a great color scheme to center your whole lemonade stand around, try one of these custom lemonade stand DIY’s.  They are super cute and not that difficult to make.  Plus, they are customizable to whatever your lemonade stand needs are.  You could also use this idea as a place for pretend play, costume parties or puppet shows with the kids.  I’d recommend busting it back out again in the winter and setting up a hot chocolate stand.


I love that these stands just use a few simple things like paint, crates, and few pieces of wood.

Here’s how I’d accessorize the lemonade stand.  Doing so will really take it over the top and tie in all of these great colors.  Who knows putting in a little party decorating effort might get you more sales and increase your income.

  • Add some garlands in the blue signature color like this, this, or this
  • It never hurts to accessorize with real lemons and limes to bring in the yellow and green colors
  • Add some fun cocktail napkins for your patrons, bonus if they have lemons on them
  • In addition to lemonade offer a sweet treat like lemon cookies, candies, or cupcakes
  • Serve lemon or limeade in these awesome lidded clear cups.  There’s even a size perfect for kids.
  • Use green straws to tie in the green from the color scheme.  These from Shop Sweet Lulu are on sale right now!

Now you have the color scheme to get started, inspiration for making your own lemonade stand, and sources for all the decor you need.  Your over the top lemonade stand is going to make you some big bucks.  And look cute while doing so.  We have a community garage sale this weekend, and I’d love to set one of these guys up in front of our house.  Will you?



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