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When Your Blog Baby Turns 1!

Want to enter to win everything you need for a pink and gold party? Click through to enter!Today is the day that The Daily Hostess turns 1! Happy Birthday Blog! It’s a proud moment that’s for sure! It’s crazy to me that I’ve been doing this for a year already. So much has happened in the last year that sometimes it feels like I’ve been doing it for much longer.

I’ve listed a few things that I’ve learned over the last year, but there are an overwhelmingly large number of things that I still need to learn.

  1. I definitely have creative slumps. There are random times where for a few weeks I just don’t feel inspired. Content on the blog usually slows during these times. Thankfully, the creative juices start flowing again and I can resume contributing to the blog.
  2. My dreams are huge, but sometimes I don’t feel like I have the time or knowledge to reach them. Can anyone add a few more hours to each day?  Or come babysit for me for a few hours everyday? That would really help me out.
  3. Technology is an interesting thing. It obviously does great things for us, but sometimes it’s almost too much. There is so much to learn and it’s always changing, so I feel like I’m always chasing the next thing.
  4. It’s funny how priorities shift. You end up making time for the things that you want and need to get done when it’s something you love.  I’ve definitely been better about spending my time wisely so I can get things done for the blog, instead of wasting it watching TV or scrolling through Facebook.
  5. I need to accept compliments, encouragement, and praise better than I do. I always kind of brush them off, when I really just need to own it.
  6. It feels amazing when others tell me that they’ve been inspired by something I’ve written.  I’ve had several friends try out a recipe, or feel more prepared to host guests, or even ask my advice about something party related.  Knowing that I’ve helped someone open their home to others is why I keep doing this!

Most importantly though, any and all successes that this blog has made is solely because of you, the readers. So I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, comments, likes, pins, and shares. You all rock!

Here’s what the future holds for The Daily Hostess. You can definitely expect more content like the past year, but I’m hoping to add more services for you. Things like virtual party planning, live parties, and design services. It’s a lot and a big dream, but I know with your support I can achieve it!

Thanks so much for everything!  Don’t forget to tune into Facebook at 2 p.m MST to see who won the party prize box!



A Pink and Gold Blog Birthday Giveaway

Want to enter to win everything you need for a pink and gold party? Click through to enter!Next Monday is the first birthday of the launch of the blog. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since this started! To celebrate I’m giving you a great prize!  You guys have been so supportive and really helped me launch this thing so now I get to say thank you.  There’s no better way to say thank you than with a party, right?

If I can’t throw you a party in real life, I at least want to virtually throw you a party.  This prize is going to help you celebrate life, a birthday, a girls night, or even just a Tuesday.  You’re getting everything you need to throw an awesome party with this party in a box! Party decorations, food labels, drink ware, pink, gold, glitter, confetti, and maybe even a little bubbly to pop!

Want to enter to win everything you need for a pink and gold party? Click through to enter!You want in on this! Even just seeing all of these awesome party supplies together gets me excited for all of the ways they can be used. I can’t wait to see how you use everything!

Want to enter to win everything you need for a pink and gold party? Click through to enter!Want to enter to win everything you need for a pink and gold party? Click through to enter!

Want to enter to win everything you need for a pink and gold party? Click through to enter!Want to enter to win everything you need for a pink and gold party? Click through to enter!Enter the giveaway below using the Rafflecopter. The more entries, the better your chance at winning the prize box!  You can even enter on instagram, so be sure to check there too!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, for a few boring rules about the giveaway:

  • Must be 21 to enter
  • Prize valued at approximately $50.00
  • Void where prohibited
  • No purchase necessary

I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday during a Facebook live event on The Daily Hostess Facebook page.  Yikes, live is kind of scary, wish me luck!

Be sure to come back on Monday to continue the birthday celebration and find out what I’ve learned in the past year of blogging and what you can expect in the future.  Don’t forget to wish us a Happy Birthday!



TDH Facebook Challenge and a Freebie

Are you up for a challenge today?  It’s really not that difficult and I’m sure you will easily be able to complete it!  The Daily Hostess is trying to grow.  It is spring after all (even if we’re about to get a blizzard in Denver this weekend), so it’s the season of growth!

I need your help to reach a goal.  I want to reach 200 “likes” on facebook by April 30th.  Since today is April 15th, and tax day, today is all about numbers, we only need to get 4 new likes every day until the end of the month to reach our goal.

200FBOOKFOLLOWERSAll you have to do is log into facebook, go to The Daily Hostesses page and tag as many of your friends on this post.  If you know someone that likes to throw parties in their house, enjoys the occasional recipe, home decor, or just likes to celebrate life, tag them.  It’s that easy, hopefully they’ll like what they see and push the like button to help us on our way to 200.

Are you asking yourself what’s in it for me?  Sure, I’d love to give you something back for helping me out.  Once we reach 200 “likes” on facebook, I’m going to be uploading a free party pack that you can print out to host your own party.  It will be simple details to make any celebration a little extra special.  It will include things like a banner, drink tags, and food or dessert labels.

I really appreciate your help in reaching my goal.  Now head over to facebook and tag away.  Enjoy your weekend too!  I’ll be working on lots of things for the One Room Challenge, and putting together your free party pack!




Giveaway Winner

Giveaway CongratsCongratulations to Mandy P., the winner of the $25 gift card to Marshall’s, HomeGoods, and TJMaxx.  I hope this helps you get some awesome home or hosting items.  I emailed you to let you know you won and that I’ll be mailing out your prize soon!  Be sure to let me know what you get with the gift card and how you plan on using it!

Thank you so much to everyone that entered, there were 89 entries, I’m pretty happy with that for my first giveaway!  If you didn’t win, be sure to keep coming back because I’ll periodically be doing some of these giveaways.  I’m pretty sure I’ll take my husband’s advice and make the upcoming giveaway to Bevmo, so you can stock up on everything you need to drink for your next party.

Where would you want a gift card to for your next party?





Hosting a Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you see the surprise that I posted on Friday?  I’m still so excited about our new house!  Today is also pretty exciting because I’m hosting my very first giveaway!

All you have to do to win is enter below by visiting my facebook page, subscribing to the blog or visiting me on Pinterest or Instagram.  Be sure to tell all your friends too, because you could win $25 to a trio of stores with great celebratory party and home gear; Marshall’s, HomeGoods, and TJMaxx.

I love these stores because you can usually find quirky little items, name brand products for less, and a plethora of goodies for any party.  I went to my nearby Marshall’s and snapped some pictures of fun things I found.  And yes, I got a few weird looks while I was taking pictures of everything in the store and rearranging shelves to get a decent picture.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayWrapping paper is one of my favorite things to buy at any of these stores.  I always find really cute patterns and on trend color options.  Right now there were a ton of seasonal wrapping paper for Valentine’s Day and even a green glitter polka dot pattern that would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayThere were also a lot of seasonal cocktail napkins, along with some Easter decor.  These napkins are so versatile you could definitely load up on these and use them for a girls night in, an anniversary dinner party, or heart themed birthday party.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayAgain, there is a lot of great seasonal and general gift bags and tissue paper.  Obviously you can use these for gifts, but there are so many other things you can do with them too.  You can make a tassel garland or tissue poms with the tissue paper and if you really like the design of a gift bag you can cut it out and frame it for inexpensive decor.  It would look really cool to frame a bunch of gift bags that go with your party them.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway If you need to stock up on basic serving ware, you can easily put this gift card to use.  If you need suggestions on what kind of basic serving pieces I recommend, check out this post.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayThis trio of stores is also a great place to stock up on champagne and wine glasses.  You can typically find packs of four or six glasses fairly cheaply.  I love having a stockpile of plain wine and champagne glasses for parties, it’s just so much nicer to drink out of a glass that’s designed for a specific beverage rather than a regular cup.  There’s no better way to celebrate than with a nice glass of champagne!

Marshall's Giveaway I also found these super fun stemless wine glasses with inspiring gold sayings. They say, “creativity takes courage,” “be yourself,” “create your own happiness,” and “get your happy on.”

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway If you need to stock up on note cards, thank you cards, or note pads, you will definitely find some cute ones at any of these stores.  I love grabbing a pack of thank you cards pretty much any time I’m here.  I love that note pad to do list because it’s detachable, how clever.  And those “S” note cards are tags that come with twine, perfect for hanging on a gift.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway I literally fell in love with these patterned file folders.  The colors and patterns are just so cute, I mean look at those flamingos!  I’m surprised I passed them up because I know it would be a celebration every time you’d open your drawer with these!

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayThere are also a lot of great home decor items at my local Marshall’s and HomeGoods does home decor so well you practically want everything in the store.  I spotted a really nice variety of rugs with current patterns and colors, plus that white fluffy rug felt like a cloud, so soft.  This Kate Spade comforter was fairly priced and I love that Kate even makes sure her packaging is on brand.  The clear bag was trimmed in gold, of course.  I also thought this little bamboo side table could be really fun between two armchairs with some cocktail accessories displayed on it for a little Asian/beachy flair.

Marshall's Giveaway

And literally on my way out the door I spotted this awesome bench.  I love the linen fabric, nail head trim, and those lucite legs!  So pretty!

Ok, now’s your chance to enter the giveaway and hopefully find some great items your self at Marshall’s, HomeGoods, or TJMaxx!  Be sure to enter using the drop down menu on the Rafflecopter below, the giveaway will run for a week so be sure to come back and keep entering each day.  If you win what do you hope to find and use your gift card on?

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Celebrating everyday!