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Five 5 Minute Halloween Costumes

Happy Friday!  Who is gearing up for alllllllll the Halloween parties this weekend?  We have several to go to, but it should be really fun for the kids, so I’m looking forward to that.  Now to finish (aka start) my son’s Olaf costume.  His big sister is Elsa, so by default he gets to be Olaf.

If you wait until the last minute like I do for costumes, then you will love how fast all of these costumes are today.  Earlier this week I had you covered with a fast and easy appetizer and fast shipped party decorations.

Between all of these quick Halloween ideas, you’ll be ready for the big day before you know it!

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Five Minute Halloween Costumes

I have five different costumes for you today that are so simple there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to dress up this way.  Especially if you’re not that into Halloween.

The best part of all of them is that I had all of these things already in my house.  And I’m sure you do too.

Striped Shirt + Black Pants + Hat = Robber

last minute Halloween costumes, quick Halloween costumes, costumes using items you already own

This one is super easy and is just putting clothes on.  Find some black or dark pants, add a striped shirt, and a stocking cap.

Bonus points if you can also use a bag stuffed with “money.”  Just grab any bag from around your house and put random things in it.

Khaki Cargo Shorts + Khaki Shirt + Hat + Binoculars = Safari Guide

I even convinced my husband to get in on the quick costume train.

last minute Halloween costumes, quick Halloween costumes, costumes using items you already ownlast minute Halloween costumes, quick Halloween costumes, costumes using items you already own

Again we just raided the closet for this safari guide look.  Find all khaki, tan, brown, or even olive green and dress head to toe in it.

Add boots and a safari hat.  Or any hat with a brim.

Bonus points if you have binoculars.  And if you don’t just add a name tag with Steve Irwin and call it good.

Red Dress + Green Hat = Strawberry

I love this option because of how colorful it is.

last minute Halloween costumes, quick Halloween costumes, costumes using items you already own

Super easy to just color block any kind of costume.

Wear all yellow and be a banana.

Wear all purple and be a grape or eggplant.

There are so many food options, haha!

Robe + Head Scarf + House Shoes = Old Person

This wins the award for most comfortable.

last minute Halloween costumes, quick Halloween costumes, costumes using items you already own

Throw a robe over whatever you have on, add some house shoes or slippers.

If you’re a woman, adding a head scarf over our hair or curlers in your hair takes this to the next level.

Bonus points if you have a cane or glasses on a chain.

last minute Halloween costumes, quick Halloween costumes, costumes using items you already own

Radiant Defense + Tan Shirt + Antlers = Bambi

This may be one of the most fun costumes!  Who doesn’t love Bambi?

last minute Halloween costumes, quick Halloween costumes, costumes using items you already own

I used my company’s newest product, Radiant Defense, to create a full face Bambi look.

I used multiple shades to create darker spots, and those cute light colored Bambi spots.  A little eye liner in particular areas created enhanced eyes and nose.

I added a tan shirt and if you have khaki pants, you’re all set.

The concept of using make-up or products you already have to create a fun look is easy and focuses just on one area, your face.

What I love about Radiant Defense, besides that there are six shades to achieve multiple looks and they are super blendable, is that it’s good for your skin.

It doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts, but actually improves skin.  Protecting your skin’s moisture barrier from environmental aggressors, and has an SPF 30.

This is especially important to me when I put so much of it on my face to create this Bambi look.

You can get your own Radiant Defense here and figure out what shade is right for you here.

Although it may have taken just a bit longer than five minutes to do, it took less than five minutes to take it all off with these.

Five Minute Costume Key Points

Quick costumes when you’re not feeling like dressing up or just aren’t into Halloween boil down to two things.

Color blocking and focus.

You can create a ton of different costume ideas just by color-blocking.  Figure out what you want to be then pick the main colors of that idea.

Focusing on one area, like your face, or hair, or just your shirt will reduce the amount of time and thought that goes into a costume.

I hope some of these ideas are super helpful or inspirational for you to put a costume together quickly this weekend and next week.

Be sure to let me know what you’re planning to dress up as this Halloween!

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Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Can I be honest?  Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  I’m just not that into it.  I’m not sure why because I love a theme party and celebrating.

Because I’m not that into Halloween, I always feel rushed when it comes to costumes and decorations.  #procrastinatorsunite

I don’t own a ton of Halloween decorations and costumes always feel like a lot of work.  So if you aren’t into Halloween or wait until that last minute like I do, today’s post is perfect for you.

last minute Halloween party decorations, decorate for Halloween with Amazon Prime, quick Halloween decorations

I’ve rounded up everything you need to decorate for Halloween.  It’s all from one place, and you’ll have it in two days.  That’s right, all of this is from Amazon and can be at your house two days from now.   Just in time for Halloween parties this weekend and the big trick or treating night next week.

As far as costumes go, I’ll have you covered with last minute costumes on Friday, so be sure to check back then.

Last Minute Halloween Decorations for the Outdoors

I’m never one to decorate my house for Halloween very much.  I mostly just decorate for fall.  But I can see how it would be fun to welcome your guests with something spooky before a Halloween party.

We have a large area above our garage that we usually decorate with a giant wreath at Christmas, but maybe we can use this giant spider up there for Halloween.

I think this giant spiderweb would be super spooky for trick-or-treaters to have to walk under to get to your front door for candy.  Maybe try to figure out a way to place it over your sidewalk or front steps so they have to walk or stand under it and the giant spider with glowing eyes.

Last Minute Halloween Decorations for Inside

For the inside of your house, you don’t need much to show your Halloween spirit.  Let your guests’ costumes be the decor!

Thankfully, Amazon has the perfect bundle of Halloween decorations.

These would be perfect for your food buffet, mantle, or a dessert backdrop.  My biggest suggestion would be to keep them grouped together to make a bigger, spookier, impact.

Even make your food on theme with these Halloween food toothpicks.

This mantle scarf would be great on your mantle or even as a tablecloth on your food buffet.

You know what the best part of all of these decorations?

You could get all of this together, to your house in two days, thanks to Amazon Prime for around $50.00!

That’s a great deal for last minute Halloween decorations you can use to decorate an entire party inside and outside.

Feel free to shop my affiliate links below or under the pictures above.

Are you more inspired to decorate for Halloween now?  Are you in the spooky spirit?  I know that knowing I could get a party completely decorated for around $50.00 makes me want to throw a party!!

If you’re not inspired to throw a Halloween party, maybe doing a fun trick on others is more your style.  Check out my boo basket printables here.  All my other Halloween posts are here, and here.

Be sure to come back Friday for fun last minute Halloween costumes too!


Crowd Pleasing Savory Pumpkin Cheese Ball Recipe

Welcome back from the weekend!  Did you do any fun fall stuff this weekend?  We went to a pumpkin patch and made this fun pumpkin themed cheese ball.

We had beautiful weather this weekend so it was nice to get out and enjoy it a little bit.  It’s so fun watching my almost 15 month old experience things like hay and corn bins for the first time.

He had an interesting time trying to walk on hay covered ground around the pumpkins.  He started sort of scooting his feet, I think because he wasn’t sure about crunching down on the hay when he stepped.

I was also super proud of our daughter for trying the mini zip line at the pumpkin patch.  It wasn’t more than about 10 feet off the ground, but there weren’t any harnesses, just a platform to sit on.  Kind of like on a rope swing.  So she had to hold on tight as she zipped down.

Thankfully, Daddy ran along next to her just in case.  She’s become much more adventurous in the past few months.  That’s exciting to watch!

Seasoned Moms: I need your advice!

Our weekend was also filled with kids’ birthday parties.  I thought a few times this weekend, “is this what our life is going to become?”  Constantly attending kids’ birthday parties?

Don’t get me wrong, I like to celebrate, but I have a feeling our social calendar is going to fill up with 3, 4, and 5 year old birthday parties.

Can any of you seasoned moms tell me how you navigate this?  Do you attend all of them?  Get a gift even if you can’t go?  Limit how many you attend?

It feels like there has to be a cutoff somewhere.  Where is that cutoff?

Either way, one of the birthday’s this weekend was Halloween themed and the birthday girl wanted to dress up as a ghost princess and she was adorable!

Because of the Halloween theme, I couldn’t think of a better appetizer to bring than this pumpkin shaped cheese ball.  Nope, it doesn’t have pumpkin in it, it’s just shaped that way.

Halloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseball

It’s full of savory goodness that’s spreadable on a cracker or easily dipped into with a chip.  It’s a crowd pleaser.  I highly recommend taking it to any of the upcoming Halloween parties you may be attending.

Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Ball Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need.


  • 16 oz. cream cheese
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 3 tablespoons salsa
  • 3 tablespoons chopped onion
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 top of a green pepper
  • 1 cup crushed nacho cheese chips

Halloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseball

Here’s what to do.  If you can mix a spoon you can do this.  It’s super easy!


  1. Put first 5 ingredients in a bowl and mix together until blended.
  2. Form into a ball on a piece of plastic wrap
  3. Wrap plastic wrap around cheese ball and form into a ball, place in the refrigerator
  4. Once chilled, unwrap plastic wrap and sprinkle crushed nacho cheese chips all over cheese ball until covered and ball is orange like a pumpkin.
  5. Push top of green pepper into the top of the cheese ball to make the pumpkin stem.

Halloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseballHalloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseballHalloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseball

The finished product is so yummy and a perfect make ahead appetizer for any Halloween or fall themed party.

This is such a great time saver too.  Make this a day or two before the party so you can use those crucial last minutes leading up to the party to focus on things other than food.

Halloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseballHalloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseballHalloween appetizer recipe, cheeseball recipe, pumpkin cheeseball

Add black corn tortilla chips for an even more on theme party dish!

Get ready for more Halloween inspired posts this week!

I’ll have all of you Halloween procrastinators covered with a big Amazon Halloween haul and last minute costume ideas.  With Prime you’ll be ready for Halloween even if you wait until the last minute.


Halloween Boo Basket Ideas and a FREE Printable

Welcome back for the weekend.  I know it’s already Tuesday, but I worked this past weekend, so Monday was definitely a day for me to catch up. Hopefully you had a fall-filled, fun weekend.

I feel like I just keep gushing over how fun our neighborhood is, but it’s the best.  We have great neighbors and do fun things all year long.  One thing we experienced for the first time last year was the idea of a “Boo Basket.”  I had vaguely heard about them previously, but was so excited to actually get one last year.

Do you know what a Boo Basket is?  Does your neighborhood do them? It’s such a great way to celebrate Halloween in your neighborhood!

The basic idea is to spread some ghostly cheer around Halloween.  The rules are pretty simple, put together two Boo Baskets filled with candy, Halloween themed items and treats.  Then place it by your neighbor’s front door and sneak off without them knowing.

Once you get “boo’ed” it’s your turn to “boo” someone else in your neighborhood.  It’s so fun to walk through your neighborhood and see how one little act can spread throughout the whole neighborhood!

You’re in luck today.  If you want to start this fun tradition in your neighborhood, I’ve included everything you need, just add treats!  Click on the printables below to download and print off all of your Boo Basket information.

Halloween Boo Basket Ideas, How to Make a Boo Basket, Boo Basket Printables

Halloween Boo Basket Ideas, How to Make a Boo Basket, Boo Basket Printables


Boo Basket Ideas

I used a variety of Halloween treats in my boo baskets.  I basically just went to Target and raided the Dollar Spot.

Halloween Boo Basket Ideas, How to Make a Boo Basket, Boo Basket PrintablesHere’s a list of a bunch of great things you could include in your own Boo Basket:

  • Candy
  • Glow sticks
  • Halloween decor
  • Halloween napkins
  • Fake spiderwebs
  • Orange and black straws
  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin carving set
  • Googly eyes (they literally work for everything!)

Feel free to use the ideas above to inspire your own Boo Baskets. Put everything in a basket, include the printables above and add some “You’ve Been Boo’ed” tags then sneak them onto your neighbors front porch or by their front door.

Halloween Boo Basket Ideas, How to Make a Boo Basket, Boo Basket Printables

Happy Boo-ing!  I hope you get just as excited as me when you start seeing the “We’ve Been Boo’ed” signs popping up all over your neighborhood.  Boo Baskets are such a fun way to spread some Halloween cheer throughout your neighborhood!



October Party Round Up

Typically at the start of each month I like to do a round up post of ideas for parties all month long.  I’ve gotten out of the habit, you know, because I had a baby and all!  Well I’m back to it this month with lots of ideas to celebrate all month long.

October celebration round up, opal themed party, October party ideas, opal party ideas, blush and ice blue party ideasI think October is thought of for two reasons, Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So to start lets kick it off with one of those events.

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To raise awareness for breast cancer while also celebrating, try hosting a fundraising party.  Host a party, bonus if it’s a pink theme, and donate what’s raised to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

So how do you host a fundraising party?  There are so many ways!

  • Put gift baskets together and have people buy them as their party favor, donate the proceeds to your charity
  • Pass around a basket and take a collection, just be sure to include that you’ll be doing so on the party invitation
  • Do any of your friends have a talent?  Painting? Singing? Ask them to perform and charge for tickets
  • Sell memorabilia at the party and donate the proceeds to your charity

October: Opal Themed Party

October’s birthstone is Opal.  Opal is a fun gemstone full of sparkling ice blue and blush pink colors.  If you have a birthday in October it’s a great idea to throw a party with an ice blue and blush pink color scheme to celebrate your birthstone.

These are great inspiration boards for your color scheme.

Get your invitations here to carry the color scheme through from start to finish.

October 11th: International Day of the Girl

There are so many ideas to celebrate this day.  Be super girly and host an in home spa day.

Have a girls sleepover where you watch girl themed movies like Wonder Woman.  Complete the evening with a popcorn bar.

If you want to have an adult celebration of International Day of the Girl, host a “Glitter and Glam” party.  Ask all of your guests to wear something sparkly, have sparkly decor, and even add sparkles to your drinks and food.  Try this method to make your ice glitter!

October 16th: Bosses Day

You may not have a boss that you love to work for, but if you’re so lucky to enjoy your boss, why not celebrate them? Here are several ideas to give them a little treat with a fun twist on them.

Free printable donut labels are the perfect way to jazz up bringing donuts to the office and for your boss.

Or if you’d rather give your boss a little thirst quencher, try this lemonade printable.

Oct 31st: Halloween

There are so many ways to celebrate Halloween besides just dressing up in costume on the day.  Make it a party all month long!

Turn your bar cart into a spooky drink station this Halloween with a few of these tips. Click through to see!Set up a Halloween bar cart for happy hour throughout the month.  You can get all the details on the one I set up last year here.

You can also spread the celebration to your neighbors by giving “boo baskets.”  If you’re unfamiliar with what that is or how to do it, stay tuned because I’m going to be sharing all the information you’ll need in an upcoming blog post.  Plus, I’ll be offering a free printable to label your boo basket.

What else are you planning on celebrating in October?  Did any of these ideas inspire you to throw a party or spread some celebration?  Tell me in the comments below!

I can’t wait for you to see all we have planned this month here at The Daily Hostess!


Celebrating everyday!