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Celebrate Easter with a Kid’s Craft

Happy Good Friday!  If you haven’t gotten enough of Easter egg hunts, dyeing Easter eggs, or Easter baskets, then try giving this kids craft a try.  It’s super easy and doesn’t take long at all.

Easter kids craft, painted Easter eggs, simple kids craft, Easter egg banner.All you need to complete this craft is a few supplies:

  • An aluminum foil covered cookie sheet
  • Easter eggs cut out of paper
  • Paint
  • A shower squeegee

Easter kids craft, painted Easter eggs, simple kids craft, Easter egg banner.I know that a shower squeegee may sound weird but I promise it makes this craft fun, not messy, and kind of cool to see.  I first saw this craft on one of those Facebook videos that are always floating around my news feed.

So the first step is to put dots of paint onto your paper eggs.  I didn’t take a picture of that part, but just imagine paint polka dots.  I will say that you will need a hefty amount of paint to be able to spread out across the whole egg.

Then get your kids to help you run the shower squeegee from one side of the egg to the other, spreading out the paint dots.

Easter kids craft, painted Easter eggs, simple kids craft, Easter egg banner.As you run the squeegee across the egg, it spreads the paint out and lets it kind of run together.  It’s a great way to talk about how to mix colors with your kids if you want to turn this into a learning activity.  My daughter learned that mixing red and blue turned into purple.  She was pretty excited.

After all of your paint spreading you get some really fun, almost stained glass looking Easter eggs.

Easter kids craft, painted Easter eggs, simple kids craft, Easter egg banner.Easter kids craft, painted Easter eggs, simple kids craft, Easter egg banner.Once all of our eggs were painted I wanted to actually use them for something so I just punched some holes in them and strung them together to make a banner.  Of course I hung the banner on our mantle because I just love that thing and decorating it is basically my part-time job.

Easter kids craft, painted Easter eggs, simple kids craft, Easter egg banner.Easter kids craft, painted Easter eggs, simple kids craft, Easter egg banner.There are a ton of fun uses for these eggs though.  Use them as a place mat on the kids Easter table.  Or fold them to make an Easter card for someone special.

Wasn’t that a fun, easy craft?  Do you think you’ll give it a try this weekend?  If not, just change the shape of the paper for another holiday and follow the same method.  This may be kind of a regular craft around our house.

I hope you have a great Easter weekend and reflect on the reason for the holiday.  See you all again next week!


Party Rewind: Daniel Tiger Birthday Party with FREE Printables

Today, I’m trying something a little different.  I’m going to take you back to a party I did about nine months ago because I’ve added some things I think you’ll like!

Let’s travel back in time together and look at this Daniel Tiger themed birthday party I hosted for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Click here to see the full party.

In case you’ve forgotten how it was decorated take a peek at some of these highlights.

I loved how the teal blue and red color scheme really screamed Daniel Tiger without being overly cartoon-like.  I’ve since been able to pass along the trolley photo booth and color coordinating paper garlands for another little one to celebrate with.  It felt great knowing that something I spent time crafting was going to get more than one use.  And I’m sure be the hit of another party.

To share the love even more, I designed a few things for your Daniel Tiger themed birthday party.  Try using these cupcake toppers and food label tents at your party to help streamline your decor.  Just click on the picture to download the printable you like.  Print it out on cardstock, cut it out, and top a cupcake with it or label Prince Wednesday’s Pasta Salad.

With these two printables, you’ll be on your way to hosting a super cute Daniel Tiger birthday yourself!  I’d love to see how you use these printables. Be sure to take a picture and hashtag it with #thedailyhostess on Instagram so I can see how creative you are with using these!


3 Simple Ways to Wrap Pretty Gifts

Cheers friends, it’s Friday!!  I hope you have awesome plans for the weekend!  If you have any events this weekend that require you to take a gift, be sure to check this post out.  I’m giving you three easy ways to wrap gifts and make them pretty.

Fringed Bow

First up, is this fringed tissue paper bow.  It’s super easy to make and I’m sure you already have all the supplies you need.  It’s great for any last minute gifts or if you run out of bows and ribbon.

Three easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorThree easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorTo make this fringed bow, all you need are tissue paper, scissors, and tape.  First, cut your tissue paper into long strips.  Then, cut fringe into the long strip about 2/3 of the way across the strip.  Next, lay the fringed strip out flat and start rolling it from one end to the other.  It will make a rolled up “wand” type of shape.

The shape isn’t too important, so just play around with rolling it to get the desired shape you want.  I taped about four fringed “wands” to the corner of the gift and called it good.

You could also put them on the gift in a different pattern to cover up your taped areas, or hot glue them to the gift in a fun pattern.  Think pinwheels, stars, or a leaf pattern.

Pom Pom Package

The next super easy gift wrapping idea is to use pom poms for a fun addition to your gifts.

Three easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorThree easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorUsing simple brown kraft paper, I wrapped my gift then simply hot glued some colorful pom poms to the top of the gift.  I love the fun and unexpected addition of the pom poms, and how they stand out against the brown paper.

Add them to your gifts in a pattern or pile them up to make a big bow.  This method is great if you have to pack or travel with a gift because you don’t have to worry about bows or ribbon getting smashed.  The pom poms are really forgiving so they’ll bounce back after traveling.

Satin Ribbon

You can literally never go wrong wrapping gifts with some pretty paper and adding a big satin ribbon bow.

Three easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorThree easy ways to wrap pretty gifts. wrap presents, make presents pretty, pretty gifts, fun gift decorI love this hot pink satin ribbon.  The color is so vibrant.  I loved it so much I didn’t want to trim the ends of the ribbon because I didn’t want to lose any of the ribbon.

It would look amazing to wrap a bunch of packages in coordinating colors of your party and stack them up as party decor or use them to denote where the gift table is located.

Here are some great resources for satin ribbon.  Paper Mart has an amazing selection of colors and different satin fabrics.  Plus 25 yards per roll is a great quantity. Joann’s is another great craft store to purchase satin ribbon and there are probably one or two near you.  You can never fail with a quick search on Amazon either.  Get this highly reviewed ribbon collection in two days with Amazon Prime for a really reasonable price.

Which is your favorite wrapping technique?  Shout it out in the comments by clicking on that talking bubble at the bottom of this post.  I hope you have a great weekend and get to celebrate something fun!


Party Color Scheme Inspiration: Flamingo Party

“Let’s Flamingle!” It’s Friday!  I’m starting a new series today where I’ll be planning a hypothetical party around a color scheme.  Hopefully you’ll get some great ideas of how to incorporate food, decor, and activities, using a color scheme to tie them all together.

Here’s the fun and flirty color scheme that I think screams flamingos.

Flamingo Birthday Party Inspiration with a pink, purple, and blue color scheme.I love the mix of pink and purple with teal blues.  My daughter is obsessed with flamingos right now, so that’s the first thing I thought of when I first saw this color scheme.  Why not use it to plan a fun flamingo birthday party?  These are the perfect colors for a little girl or even a grown lady who has a love for those pink birds!

Flamingo Birthday Party Inspiration

Here are a few inspiration pictures to get your creative juices flowing.

I love this fun birthday dessert table and how the balloon arch perfectly incorporates the colors from the color scheme.  The balloon arch has so much more dimension because they aren’t all the same size.  The use of the palm leaves also gives quite the tropical flair.

This fun little girls party has a base of the blue from our color scheme with touches of pink throughout.  I love the quirky names of all the food at this party, so click through to read them.  They’re pretty funny!

Menu Ideas

To carry the flamingo theme throughout, I’d recommend offering at least one shrimp dish.  I mean that’s what gives flamingos their pink color, right?!  How about a grilled shrimp kabob, or a shrimp po’boy sandwich?  Both would be delicious.

I think this kind of party is perfect for the summertime so keeping the menu on the lighter side is a great idea.  Things like pasta salad, fruit salad, grilled corn, or grilled summer vegetables.

For dessert, a cute pink cake with a plastic flamingo cake topper would be perfect.  To round out a dessert table, I’d add pink and purple or blue cotton candy, or “flamingo fluff”.  You could also include candies in the coordinating colors, or custom flamingo cookies.  If you want to diy your dessert, make a quick batch of cupcakes from a box and top with pink frosting.  Or use some of these ideas to top store bought cupcakes.

I don’t think there is a more perfect drink to go with this flamingo birthday than pink lemonade.  I’m planning on making this recipe this weekend and will let you know how it turns out.  Any sort of pineapple based cocktail is also a great idea.  And flamingo drink stirrers are a must.

Flamingo Party Decor Ideas

Obviously, decor for this flamingo birthday party is going to be done using the colors from our color scheme inspiration.  Things like balloons and streamers are easy to find in these colors.

Other areas to include our color scheme would be on the dessert table, like in our first inspiration photo.  Make sure whatever vessel you use to hold cupcakes, candies, or cookies are pink, purple, or teal.

Don’t overlook making a great tablescape either.  How fun would a teal colored tablecloth or table runner be with some plastic pink yard flamingos as the centerpiece be?  Super fun, easy, and probably pretty cheap to do.  You also can’t go wrong with a great floral centerpiece.  I’d recommend using pink flowers in a teal blue ball mason jar and then for fun add in some purple or teal colored feathers.

Kara’s Party Ideas

Flamingo Birthday Activities

Coming up with ideas of how to entertain kids and adults at parties can be quite daunting.  I generally follow the rule that people will spend most of their time conversing with each other, so games or activities aren’t necessary.

However, there are some great themed activities that would go perfectly with this flamingo birthday party.  I love the idea of using a pink yard flamingo as a game of ring toss.  Just try to get the ring around the flamingo’s neck.  Or another option would be to hold a “minute to win it” challenge of balancing on one leg, like a flamingo.

What do you think of this new series?  It’s really fun for me to plan a hypothetical party, and I love the color inspiration because it leaves so many options!  Do you want to have a flamingo birthday party now?  I’m pretty sure I do!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to come back next week to see all about the fun party I’m hosting this weekend!





Real Life Party: Daniel Tiger Themed Birthday

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We were busy celebrating the birthday girl!  The best part is I’ve got all the party details for you today.

Pinterest Graphic-Daniel Tiger BirthdayI never thought I’d be the mom throwing a cartoon themed birthday party, but our girl loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood pretty much more than anything.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a show on PBS that’s has a modern take on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, but in cartoon form.   She won the battle, and I actually had fun coming up with ways to make the party decor not so cartoonish.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdayThis is what guests saw on their way into the party.  Love doing this fake chalkboard method.

Daniel Tiger Kids Birthday

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdayOnce inside, we had some red, blue, and yellow themed decor.  The trolley photo booth was a big hit.  It was pretty easy to make using a red tri-fold cardboard poster.  I just added some yellow construction paper “seats” and black wheels, after cutting out the “windows.”  I made the paper chain decor from a few pieces of scrapbook paper, then stapled them together to form the chain.

Daniel Tiger Kids Birthday

Daniel Tiger Kids Birthday

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdayThe kiddos attending the party got some yummy goodies and fun things in personalized bags.

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdayMy favorite part of the party was our dessert station.  The dessert station was a major focal point, the color scheme turned out great.  I may never hang anything on this wall in the dining room so I can keep using it as a backdrop at parties.  I used wrapping paper as a runner.  Blue pinwheels and red polka dot cups were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdaySo. many. desserts!  We had to give so much away because I didn’t want that much in my house for me to eat the leftovers.  I made the cake and chocolate covered “Tiger Tail” pretzels, and purchased the cupcakes from our local grocery store.  Another cute idea was drawing tiger faces on little oranges.   Surprisingly, finding little oranges was rather difficult because apparently they aren’t in season right now.

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdayThe cake banner is a straw with red and white twine tied to it and washi tape banners.  Just fold the washi tape over the string then cut out the little notches.

Daniel Tiger Kids Birthday

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdayI had a couple Daniel Tiger faces left over from invitations so I put them to use as cupcake toppers.

Daniel Tiger Kids Birthday I was pleasantly surprised at how good the cake turned out since I’m not a huge baker.  I just used a boxed cake mix, but I tried to make the inside look like tiger stripes.  It didn’t work out that well because the chocolate part of the cake ran into the orange part of the cake.  Either way it still tasted good.

Daniel Tiger Kids BirthdayThat’s a wrap on our Daniel Tiger themed birthday.  Thanks for stopping by neighbor (I just had to throw in some Daniel Tiger language!).  I wish you all could have been here to celebrate with us and eat some of that dessert!





Celebrating everyday!