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Pinterest Trial: Glitter Ice Cubes

Welcome back from the weekend!  I hope you were able to celebrate something!  My husband had a big birthday and it was a lot of fun setting up his party!  You’ll get to see it soon.  Today though I’m trying out something I saw on Pinterest.  You can tell me if you think it was a success or fail.

I recently saw some super cute glitter ice cubes on Pinterest and wanted to give them a try myself.  See the inspiration photo here. I’ll be showing you how I made mine, tips, tricks, and ways to make it better.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubes

Supplies Needed for Glitter Ice Cubes

  • Distilled water
  • Chunky glitter
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Small cup with a spout (not pictured)

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesYou only need a few things to make these glitter ice cubes which is nice.  The distilled water is supposed to give you clearer ice cubes.  That helps the glitter stand out, but I didn’t notice much of a difference in my ice cubes versus regular water.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesI would recommend getting the chunkiest glitter you can find.  Fine, small glitter won’t show up as well in the ice cubes.  My glitter was on the smaller size, but all I could find in a pinch.

Glitter Ice Cube Instructions

This DIY can’t really get any easier.  Just fill your ice cube trays with glitter.  I enlisted my three year old assistant and surprisingly didn’t have a huge mess to clean up afterwards.

Another tip I have is to make sure you put quite a bit of glitter in each ice cube.  The more you use, the more it will show up, especially if you are using smaller glitter.  Also, use glitter that is fairly pigmented.  Lighter colors won’t show up as well.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesOnce you’ve filled your cubes with glitter, carefully fill with distilled water.  This is where a measuring cup or something similar with a spout comes in very handy.

I’d also recommend stirring your glitter around in the ice cube trays.  Otherwise the glitter just kind of sits in the bottom of the tray.  Or you could try filling with water first, then adding the glitter.

Next, pop them in the freezer until they’re frozen.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesDisregard my messy freezer!  Once they’re frozen pop the cubes out of the trays and using them to decorate an ice bucket.  Be sure not to use them in drinks because it’s not safe to drink distilled water or glitter.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesI used my glitter ice cubes in a clear vase to dress up a bottle of champagne.  There are so many ways to use these though.  I love the pink and blue glitter we used because it would be perfect for a gender reveal party.  Surprise a new mom with a bucket of glitter ice cubes and a celebratory bottle of champagne after the birth of a baby.  I know I’d love some champagne after 9+ months of no drinking, haha!

Mix up the colors of glitter to coordinate with whatever kind of party you’re hosting.  It would be so cool to make a ton of them to fill a cooler or trough where beverages are located.  Your party guests will think it’s so fun!

Glitter Ice Cube Tips

  • The more glitter the better!
  • The bigger glitter the better!
  • Make more ice cubes than you think you’ll need
  • Stir glitter into the water
  • Don’t use them in drinks!

So do you think this was a fail or a success?  Overall I was happy with how they turned out given it was so easy to make them.  Do you see yourself making glitter ice cubes for one of your parties?  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see a ton of party related pins and inspiration.



Party Color Scheme: Copper and Green Themed Desert Party

Congrats!  It’s Friday and you made it to the weekend!  Today is another Party Color Scheme post.  I have been so hot being pregnant in the middle of summer, so thinking about the desert was natural for me.  This copper and green themed desert party color scheme is so great for this time of year.

Party color scheme with copper and green, cactus party, desert party, party colorsI’ve included an inspiration party and some ideas of how to incorporate the colors into whatever kind of party you’re planning to throw.  This color scheme would work for so many things.  A dinner party, a birthday party, a baby shower, an end of summer party, or a business luncheon are all great ideas to incorporate these colors.

Copper and Green Party Inspiration

This desert cactus bridal shower is the image of perfection when incorporating the copper and green color scheme.  Be sure to click the link above and check out the entire party.  It’s pretty amazing.  Those copper chairs are seriously swoonworthy.  I also love the floral arrangements and how even with using cacti they seem soft and pretty.
The key when using metal as the primary color in a color scheme is to mix various shades of the color.  The chairs, glassware, vases, and napkins are all in the copper family, but not exactly the same.

Here’s another great way to incorporate this color scheme.  Do it in cake form!  This cake is so pretty dripping in copper frosting.

Party color scheme with copper and green, cactus party, desert party, party colors

via Brides

Just be sure to remove the cactus before biting into this beauty.

Copper and Green Party Decor and DIYs

If you’re looking to incorporate these colors in a super simple decor DIY, try using this copper vase.  The tutorial is super easy, but it’s so chic.  I’d venture to say you’d want to leave the vase out long after your party.

Make several of these in different sizes and group them together in the center of your table or run them the length of your table.   It will look awesome.  To bring in the green all you really need is some leafy branches, a great way to forgo getting flowers for your party.
This is the perfect idea to incorporate copper and green into your party favors.  Terra cotta pots work so well as the copper, add in some green ribbon or even a small cactus, and you’re set.

You could even use terra cotta pots as your centerpiece and decor.
Now here are some resources to round out your party color scheme.  Simple ways to bring in the copper and green without being too over the top.  Try using these utensils, these straws, or these napkins.

If you want to recreate the look of copper chairs, but don’t want to splurge on renting actual copper chairs, try a diy.  Use this ribbon and tie it to the back of your chairs.  Use the below picture for some inspiration.

Is this a color scheme you can see planning your next party around?  If so be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook with #thedailyhostess

I hope you have a great weekend and do something to beat the heat.  I’ll be pulling together my husband’s birthday party with a fun guy’s only theme that you’ll get to see next week so stay tuned for that.



Balloon Week: DIY Balloon Arch Without Helium

Whew, we made it to the end of the week and through all of the balloon related posts this week.  In the final post, I’m showing you how to make a balloon arch without using helium.  It’s all thanks to one little party decor gadget that has made all of these balloon posts possible.

I recently hosted a #girlpower themed baby shower and wanted to make a fun statement piece, so I thought an arch would be perfect.  But have you priced a helium balloon arch?  They are expensive!  So this is a great alternative to shelling out so much money.

DIY Balloon Arch without Helium, Pink, Black, and White Balloon arch, Balloon installation, entrance statement with balloonsFirst I blew up balloons in various sizes, in various colors matching the party theme.

DIY Balloon Arch without Helium, Pink, Black, and White Balloon arch, Balloon installation, entrance statement with balloonsHere are all the supplies you need.

DIY Balloon Centerpiece and table runner, pink and purple balloon centerpieceNext I used the balloon decorating strip and popped the tied end of the balloon through the holes. I promise, this balloon decorating strip is a game changer when it comes to doing anything with balloons.  This next picture isn’t great, but you can see how the tied end of the balloon goes through the holes in the strip.

Just start popping them into the strip and fill in as necessary.  Then find a doorway to hang the balloons up.  I just taped the strip to the wall and ceiling.  You may have to adjust a few balloons once it’s hanging to get the fullness you desire.  If spots look a little bare, just blow up another balloon and pop it through the hole.

DIY Balloon Arch without Helium, Pink, Black, and White Balloon arch, Balloon installation, entrance statement with balloonsIt makes a great entrance or backdrop to any party.  And all you have to spend out of pocket is about $8 between balloons and the decorating strip.  Although if you don’t have strong lungs you may want to purchase a pump to blow up the balloons.  It only took me about an hour to make this whole arch.  So for not a lot of money and not a lot of time you can have a great statement piece at your party.

DIY Balloon Arch without Helium, Pink, Black, and White Balloon arch, Balloon installation, entrance statement with balloonsI was pretty surprised at how well the balloon arch held up too.  I finished the arch and hung it up about a week before the party and it was still holding up great the day of the party.

There are so many ways to use this method when decorating for a party.  Make an arch like I did, attach the balloon garland to stair handrails, hang a bunch from the ceiling to make a balloon filled background, or attach them to the front of a buffet table.  It would also look great if you tucked other things in between the balloons.  Flowers, streamers, leaves, or garland would look great and fill in any bare spots.

You can bet that I’ll be having a lot more balloon arches and garlands at my upcoming parties, that’s for sure.  Happy 4th of July weekend, be safe and eat a lot of bar-b-que.  If you need some last minute decor inspiration, don’t forget to check out my patriotic front porch.


Balloon Week: Making an Entrance Statement

Day three of Balloon Week is here!  Are you liking these shorter, quick tip, balloon themed posts?  It was fun creating them because I already needed the balloons for different events and now I get to show you all of them.  Today is all about your party entrance.  I’m showing you how to dress it up using balloons.

A couple months ago I had a business anniversary party.  I wanted to do something fun as my guests came in and thought what better way than to dress up the party entrance?

I used my super easy, free balloon weight idea to hold these helium balloons in place along the walkway through my house.

As guests walked in they got to walk through a runway of balloons!  So fun!  It’s a good thing I planned to have them inside because we got a late spring snow storm and were dumped with about 12 inches of snow the night of the party!

This balloon idea is just as versatile as the others I’ve posted this week.  You can change out the colors of balloons to match your party.  But I also love that you can use this idea to make an entrance statement in so many different areas.  Try lining the walkway to your front door, the driveway, or a path to your backyard party.

How about lining the stairs of an event that’s taking place on a second floor?  If you wanted to avoid using helium, you can use this balloon decorating strip to make a balloon garland and attach it to the handrail of the stairs leading to your event.

Grouping the balloons together at your party entrance would be a great statement too.  Grouping balloons together and placing with any signage you have at your event draws attention to what the signs are instructing your guests to do, where to go, or what’s available.

I also love the idea of covering the ceiling with balloons at the entrance to your party.  This would work great especially if there is a foyer area that would contain all of the balloons.  Then your guests could walk through the balloon strings that are dangling down.

What is your favorite way to make a statement at your party entrance?  A sign, balloons, or something else really fun?



How to Make DIY Balloon Weights

It’s day two of Balloon Week!  Today I’m going to show you how to make your own balloon weights.  Have you ever bought helium balloons and then had to buy weights to keep them where you wanted them?  Well, those balloon stores are getting so much more money out of you when you buy the balloon weights to go with your helium balloons.  There’s no need to do that anymore!


With just a few supplies that I’m sure you already have at home you can make your own, for FREE!  That’s the best part!

Supplies Needed

  • Tissue paper
  • Canned goods
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors

With just these four supplies you can make your own balloon weights.  It’s super easy too!

What to Do

First you will need to tie the balloon string around the canned good.  I love that you can adjust the height of the balloon by tying it at different levels.

Then place your tissue paper down and put the canned good in the middle of the tissue paper.  Wrap the canned good with the tissue paper and gather together at the top.  Secure the paper with some party coordinated washi tape.  That’s it!  Done!

Here’s what it will look like when you’re done.

You may have to adjust the paper a bit to keep it in place or covering the canned good.

Isn’t that a genius way of creating your own balloon weight and not shelling out more money when you are already picking up helium balloons?  I love creating and finding ways to make party decor with things that you already have at home.  There’s nothing better than using what you have, saving money, and still having a party look pretty and festive.

These are also so versatile because you can change out your balloon colors, tissue paper colors, or washi tape to match whatever theme your party is.  You can use them in a group for a backdrop, line the walkway to a party, or even spell something out using different colored balloons.

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you how I put these DIY balloon weights to use for a fun party I had.  They definitely made an entrance statement!




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