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The Anatomy of a Dessert Table

Once again, I feel like a “real” blogger today with my good friend and photographer snapping all of these dessert table photos for me. Check out her contact info at the end of this post.

I recently put together a dessert table for a party and thought, there is definitely a bit of a science behind this so I wanted to share some great tips with you.  I think there are four main things you need when designing or setting up a dessert table.  Keep reading to see all four of them and a ton more ideas too.

How to Set Up a Dessert Table

How to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdrop

1. Height

Be sure to vary the height of your desserts.  A good rule of thumb is to put the things in the back higher so they can be reached.  A variety of heights also adds a ton of interest to your table. I used some wood slices, different height cake stands, and a variety of candy jars to differ the heights of my table.

How to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdropHow to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdropHow to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdrop2. A Backdrop

To tie the whole table and party together use a backdrop.  Having a backdrop at your dessert table makes it a focal point of the party.  It also allows you one big area to go overboard with the theme.  And it makes all of your desserts pop.

For this dessert table I simply used some kraft wrapping paper as a backdrop and added some paper flowers and a super quick banner.  I’ll be doing a tutorial post on that banner soon.  I love that I could just write whatever I needed on the wrapping paper backdrop.

Other great ideas to make an easy backdrop are to use tablecloths, shower curtains, balloons, or streamers.  I love the use of decorated pallets at this rustic wedding as a backdrop.  Flowers, banners, and lights are also really great options.

How to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdropHow to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdropHow to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdrop3. A Table and Tablecloth

So this may be a no brainer, but to make a dessert table, you will need a table or something similar to set all of your desserts on.

Instead of just using a table think outside the box and use what you have around your home.  Try using a dresser, a collection of side tables, a bar cart, wine barrels, or a vanity as a dessert table.  Using something unexpected really adds dimension to your dessert table.

Obviously a tablecloth is a great way to tie into the party color scheme.  I highly recommend investing in a plain white linen tablecloth.  You’ll be able to pull it out for so many occasions and it looks so much better than a plastic, themed, throw away tablecloth.  I promise you’ll get your money’s worth out of it.

How to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdrop4. A Variety of Dessert

You can’t have a dessert table without the dessert!  I love all desserts, but having a variety ensures your guests will find something they like.  Mix it up with cookies, cakes, pies, cobblers, candy, cupcakes, or macaroons.  Not a baker?  No worries, your local grocery store has plenty of options for you.

I didn’t bake a thing for this dessert table, but picked everything up at the grocery store and didn’t break the bank.  I was excited to see so many options too.

How to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdropHow to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdropHow to set up a dessert table, dessert table how to, dessert table styling, dessert table backdropNow that you have the four critical parts of a dessert table, I’d love to see what you put together for your next party.  Be sure to tag @thedailyhostess on Facebook and Instagram so I can see all of your creations.

Do you have any other ideas that you feel need to be part of a dessert table?

Photos courtesy of the talented Tricia at Tricia June Photography.  Email for info at or visit her Facebook page here.



5 Must Have Party Decor Items

There are a few things that are always in stock in my craft cabinet and party supply bin.  I’m going over my top five must have party decor items today.  The best part is you probably already have these at home.  If you don’t already have them they are very inexpensive to purchase.

1. Tissue Paper

The easiest supply to make a variety of party decor from is tissue paper.  It is very inexpensive, but can be made into so many things you really get your money’s worth.  Or if you’re like me, you save tissue paper from every gift you get and then you have a free supply of tissue paper.

My favorite way to use tissue paper for party decor is to make tissue paper tassel garlands.  There are about a million tutorials on Pinterest, but this one is really easy to follow.  I’ve used these kinds of garlands for everything from birthdays to baby showers.  I even reused them as home decor in our playroom.

how to reuse party supplies, reuseable party decor, party decor as home decorIt’s nice that the garlands pack up and store well too.  Just bundle them up with all of the tassels in the same direction and you can use them again and again.

Another easy way to use tissue paper as party decor is to make tissue paper poms.  Or you can use tissue paper to make large paper flowers as decor.  Again, with either of these decor items scrunching them up to store away is simple and it doesn’t matter if it gets wrinkled.

2. Crepe Paper

Another really inexpensive party decor item that can be used in so many different ways is crepe paper.  Until recently I strayed away from using it, but there are so many ways to dress it up.

If you’re using standard sized crepe paper try using this tutorial from Made Everyday with Dana to make ruffled streamers.  I recently took a little sewing class from my neighbor and think I’m minimally skilled enough to try these myself.  How hard could it be to sew a straight line?  The colors and ruffles are so cute.  I love the idea of packaging it up and sending it for a birthday gift!

If you don’t want to bust out a sewing machine to dress up crepe paper, using it as a large installation or backdrop is much easier and makes a big impact.

Click here to see some great Instagram accounts perfect for celebrating life!

Oh Happy Day

I also like using this wider and thicker crepe paper to make fringed garland as a back drop like I did for our gender reveal party.

Enjoy this Baseballs or Bows Gender Reveal Party complete with a confetti popper gender reveal!3. Wrapping Paper

Another multi-purpose party decor item is wrapping paper.  Obviously it’s used to wrap party gifts.  But I love to use it in so many other ways.  It’s the perfect table runner or backdrop. See how I use wrapping paper in all of these past parties.  I also think it’s a great idea to wrap boxes in coordinating paper to use throughout your party as height variations on a buffet table or sitting out as decor.

Turn your bar cart into a spooky drink station this Halloween with a few of these tips. Click through to see!

Black and white wrapping paper as a Halloween backdrop

Girl Power themed baby shower, kate spade themed baby shower, black and white, pink baby shower, baby shower brunch

Black and white wrapping paper as a dessert table backdrop

Cupcakes and cocktails party, with a simple DIY photo backdrop, photo booth how to

Wrapping paper as a table runner

4.  Vases and Vessels

This category is so broad because so many different kinds of vessels can be used as party decor.  I love using little buckets to hold flatware and napkins on a buffet table.  Obviously vases are great for floral arrangements.  But thinking outside the box is great too.

Try using a crate as a centerpiece or to hold party favors.  This old whiskey crate was a big part of the Bourbon and BBQ themed birthday party I hosted for my husband.

Bourbon and BBQ themed guy's birthday, plaid and rustic birthday for guy's, bourbon bar5. Twine

Now, you need something to hold up all of these simple party decor items.  Twine of all sizes is my go to when I need to string a garland or tie a bow around a package.  I use a variety of twine.  Rustic burlap twine for heavier projects, red and white baker’s twine for things in the kitchen, and a thinner white twine for all kinds of decor.

There you have it five must have party decor items that you probably already have at home.  Do you have any of these lying around you could whip into a fun garland or banner to celebrate it being the weekend? I hope you have a great weekend, see you back here next week!




4 Ways to Reuse Party Decor and Supplies

I’ve recently seen several posts on Instagram about party planners and stylists that are party decor hoarders.  I would slightly consider myself a part of this group as there are currently four totes of party supplies in my basement waiting to be organized.  So today I thought I’d give any other party supply hoarders out there a few ways to reuse their party decor.   It’s good for the planet and for your party decor stash!

Gift it to Another Party

One of the best feelings is getting multiple uses out of something that you worked so hard to make.  Last year I hosted a Daniel Tiger themed birthday party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  I crafted a toddler sized photo booth, garlands and a dessert table backdrop.  It was quite a lot of work.

A few months after the party I posted the party decor on a free community page on Facebook and low and behold there was someone else throwing the same themed party.  I loved that the decor I made was going to be used again and it saved that mom the headache of having to make everything herself.

Turn Streamers into Confetti

Crepe paper streamers are some of the most cost effective ways to decorate a party.  However, what does everyone do with them once the party is over?  Wad them up in a ball and throw them away.  There is a much better use for those leftover streamers, and it involves your home office shredder.  All you have to do is run the streamers through your shredder and you’ll instantly have homemade confetti!

Just be sure to empty your shredder before hand so when you’re done shredding all you’re left with is your confetti and not old bills.  This is also a great way to customize confetti to whatever color scheme you need.

Sell it on Buy/Sell/Trade Sites

Similar to gifting your party decor, you can use community buy/sell/trade sites to offload your stash of party decor while making a few dollars in return.  You’ll get the most return on your reusable party decor if it’s in good condition.  It also helps to have good, clear pictures of what you’re selling along with pictures of how the decor was used at your party.

This is a great option if you don’t think there will ever be a use for the party decor again.  If you host a very specific party and you don’t foresee reusing the decor in your home or for another party in the future, don’t bother storing it, just sell it, or trade it for something you’ll actually use.

Reuse Party Decor as Home Decor

how to reuse party supplies, reuseable party decor, party decor as home decorOne of my favorite ways to reuse party decor is as home decor.  I wrote a whole blog post about it here!  One way to reuse party decor as home decor is through a color scheme.  Find places in your home to work the party color scheme into your home decor.  For example, the above picture is from my daughter’s playroom where there is a pink, teal, purple, and gold color scheme and the tissue tassel garland uses the same colors.  It was from her first birthday and is now reused in the playroom.

If your party decor color scheme doesn’t fit into your home’s color scheme, try reusing it seasonally.  Maybe birthday party decor can be used during the fall or around the holidays.

how to reuse party supplies, reuseable party decor, party decor as home decorDo you think you can use one of the above four ways to reuse your party decor and supplies?  It’s great to reuse it again, not have to throw it away or store a bunch of party decor.  Now onto those bins of party decor that need to be organized……..

I hope you all have a great weekend and get to celebrate something exciting!



Pinterest Trial: Glitter Ice Cubes

Welcome back from the weekend!  I hope you were able to celebrate something!  My husband had a big birthday and it was a lot of fun setting up his party!  You’ll get to see it soon.  Today though I’m trying out something I saw on Pinterest.  You can tell me if you think it was a success or fail.

I recently saw some super cute glitter ice cubes on Pinterest and wanted to give them a try myself.  See the inspiration photo here. I’ll be showing you how I made mine, tips, tricks, and ways to make it better.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubes

Supplies Needed for Glitter Ice Cubes

  • Distilled water
  • Chunky glitter
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Small cup with a spout (not pictured)

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesYou only need a few things to make these glitter ice cubes which is nice.  The distilled water is supposed to give you clearer ice cubes.  That helps the glitter stand out, but I didn’t notice much of a difference in my ice cubes versus regular water.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesI would recommend getting the chunkiest glitter you can find.  Fine, small glitter won’t show up as well in the ice cubes.  My glitter was on the smaller size, but all I could find in a pinch.

Glitter Ice Cube Instructions

This DIY can’t really get any easier.  Just fill your ice cube trays with glitter.  I enlisted my three year old assistant and surprisingly didn’t have a huge mess to clean up afterwards.

Another tip I have is to make sure you put quite a bit of glitter in each ice cube.  The more you use, the more it will show up, especially if you are using smaller glitter.  Also, use glitter that is fairly pigmented.  Lighter colors won’t show up as well.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesOnce you’ve filled your cubes with glitter, carefully fill with distilled water.  This is where a measuring cup or something similar with a spout comes in very handy.

I’d also recommend stirring your glitter around in the ice cube trays.  Otherwise the glitter just kind of sits in the bottom of the tray.  Or you could try filling with water first, then adding the glitter.

Next, pop them in the freezer until they’re frozen.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesDisregard my messy freezer!  Once they’re frozen pop the cubes out of the trays and using them to decorate an ice bucket.  Be sure not to use them in drinks because it’s not safe to drink distilled water or glitter.

How to make glitter ice cubes, ice cube bucket, pink and blue glitter ice cubesI used my glitter ice cubes in a clear vase to dress up a bottle of champagne.  There are so many ways to use these though.  I love the pink and blue glitter we used because it would be perfect for a gender reveal party.  Surprise a new mom with a bucket of glitter ice cubes and a celebratory bottle of champagne after the birth of a baby.  I know I’d love some champagne after 9+ months of no drinking, haha!

Mix up the colors of glitter to coordinate with whatever kind of party you’re hosting.  It would be so cool to make a ton of them to fill a cooler or trough where beverages are located.  Your party guests will think it’s so fun!

Glitter Ice Cube Tips

  • The more glitter the better!
  • The bigger glitter the better!
  • Make more ice cubes than you think you’ll need
  • Stir glitter into the water
  • Don’t use them in drinks!

So do you think this was a fail or a success?  Overall I was happy with how they turned out given it was so easy to make them.  Do you see yourself making glitter ice cubes for one of your parties?  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see a ton of party related pins and inspiration.



Party Color Scheme: Copper and Green Themed Desert Party

Congrats!  It’s Friday and you made it to the weekend!  Today is another Party Color Scheme post.  I have been so hot being pregnant in the middle of summer, so thinking about the desert was natural for me.  This copper and green themed desert party color scheme is so great for this time of year.

Party color scheme with copper and green, cactus party, desert party, party colorsI’ve included an inspiration party and some ideas of how to incorporate the colors into whatever kind of party you’re planning to throw.  This color scheme would work for so many things.  A dinner party, a birthday party, a baby shower, an end of summer party, or a business luncheon are all great ideas to incorporate these colors.

Copper and Green Party Inspiration

This desert cactus bridal shower is the image of perfection when incorporating the copper and green color scheme.  Be sure to click the link above and check out the entire party.  It’s pretty amazing.  Those copper chairs are seriously swoonworthy.  I also love the floral arrangements and how even with using cacti they seem soft and pretty.
The key when using metal as the primary color in a color scheme is to mix various shades of the color.  The chairs, glassware, vases, and napkins are all in the copper family, but not exactly the same.

Here’s another great way to incorporate this color scheme.  Do it in cake form!  This cake is so pretty dripping in copper frosting.

Party color scheme with copper and green, cactus party, desert party, party colors

via Brides

Just be sure to remove the cactus before biting into this beauty.

Copper and Green Party Decor and DIYs

If you’re looking to incorporate these colors in a super simple decor DIY, try using this copper vase.  The tutorial is super easy, but it’s so chic.  I’d venture to say you’d want to leave the vase out long after your party.

Make several of these in different sizes and group them together in the center of your table or run them the length of your table.   It will look awesome.  To bring in the green all you really need is some leafy branches, a great way to forgo getting flowers for your party.
This is the perfect idea to incorporate copper and green into your party favors.  Terra cotta pots work so well as the copper, add in some green ribbon or even a small cactus, and you’re set.

You could even use terra cotta pots as your centerpiece and decor.
Now here are some resources to round out your party color scheme.  Simple ways to bring in the copper and green without being too over the top.  Try using these utensils, these straws, or these napkins.

If you want to recreate the look of copper chairs, but don’t want to splurge on renting actual copper chairs, try a diy.  Use this ribbon and tie it to the back of your chairs.  Use the below picture for some inspiration.

Is this a color scheme you can see planning your next party around?  If so be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook with #thedailyhostess

I hope you have a great weekend and do something to beat the heat.  I’ll be pulling together my husband’s birthday party with a fun guy’s only theme that you’ll get to see next week so stay tuned for that.



Celebrating everyday!