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Wedding Trend 2018: Lucite

Welcome back from the weekend folks! I hope you had a chance to rest and recharge.  I know now is the time of year where people start thinking about upcoming summer weddings.  Do you have any to attend this summer?  I wanted to give you my take on a few of this year’s wedding trends you may be seeing.

I researched several large wedding sites including Martha Stewart Weddings and found a common trend.  All this week I’m going to be sharing those wedding trends with you, but even better I’ll be showing you how to incorporate them into your home parties.  I mean, I do most of my entertaining at home these days since I got married almost 9 years ago.  Crazy how fast time flies!

First up this week is wedding trend number one, lucite or transparency.  Clear and see through wedding elements are going to be all the rage this year.  Just check out how some of these weddings incorporated them into their ceremonies and receptions.

Lucite Wedding Trend Inspiration

How to Incorporate Lucite into your Home Party

Although it is hard to incorporate the big over the top party decorations from the inspiration above, it is easy to use lucite throughout your party in smaller ways.

Incorporating clear or acryllic into your tablescape is an easy way to use this trend.  I love the idea of using clear chairs at your table.  Most party rental companies have clear chairs available to rent.  For around $5.00 you can get the perfect clear ghost chair.

If you don’t want to use chairs around your table, incorporate clear chargers, plates, or flatware.  I love the options below that you can get on Amazon.  Those dinner plates have great reviews too and are reasonably priced.  These are all things you could have everyday and use for a lot of different parties too.  Dual purpose for the win!

*Affiliate links used, at no cost to you, I may receive compensation from your purchases or clicks.

If you don’t want your table to be the feature at your party but instead want to use clear party decor, there are a ton of ways to do that too.  Just check out the cool inspiration pictures below.

  • Use clear balloons
  • Glass containers to hold party favors, snacks, or treats
  • Clear place cards (link below), these would be great party favors too!
  • Hanging crystals or clear beads as a backdrop
  • Use lots of bubbles for a kids birthday, a bubble machine makes this really easy
clear wedding trend, clear party decor, wedding trends to use at home, translucent party decor

via Etsy

What do you think of this first wedding trend?  Do you like the clear and translucent look of a party?  Would you like to see more of these do it in real life kind of posts where I try to recreate a party look at home?  If so, be sure to tell me in the comments!  And also be ready for two more wedding trends later this week!



5 Ways to make Serving Water Pretty

Howdy, did you enjoy the fun color combos I talked about earlier this week?  Today’s post however was brought on by something that happened at our Easter brunch.  Keep reading for the full story below.

5 Ways to Make Serving Water Pretty

how to serve water at a party, water serving ideas, party ideas for serving water, how to make water look pretty, infused water ideasAt brunch on Easter we were running a bit behind getting all the food ready and set up, thanks to a late night at church the night before.  I didn’t have time to add any tasty or pretty things to our water dispenser and it just looked so bland.  I quickly cut up a lemon and threw it in because that’s all I had on hand.  Mostly though I couldn’t handle having an empty looking water container.

So today I wanted to share a few ideas on how to dress up serving water at a party.  It’s a basic necessity to have at any party, but making it pretty might encourage guests to stay even more hydrated.

1. Use Dispensers

This is the main way I serve water at any of my own parties.  I have a great glass dispenser and stand that I got several years ago that still works wonderfully.  However, I don’t just fill it with water and call it good.  I like to add things to the dispenser to flavor the water or make it look prettier.

There are a ton of water additions that taste great and look pretty.  Any of these work great:

  • lemon and cucumber
  • strawberries, blackberries, raspberries
  • cucumber and mint
  • orange and lemon
  • lemon and lime
  • mint and lime

It’s also really easy to dress up your water dispenser with fun signs, ribbon, or party decor.  Love the bandana on the dispenser below at a cowgirl party.

2. Pre-mixed Mason Jars

Serving individual glasses of water is great, but pre-mixing them in individual mason jars is even better.  They look so cute with the lids, plus they’re spill proof.  That makes them great for kids parties, especially these plastic mason jars.

3. Pitchers or Carafes

I recently used my collection of carafes to serve water and thought “why hadn’t I done this before?”  I mean I use them for mimosa bars all the time, just not to serve water.  It was such an easy way to keep a reserve of water on the table to refill glasses when needed.

I have open top carafes, but getting some of these would be a great way to serve water at the table.

4. Dressed Up Water Bottles

Water bottles are an easy way to keep party guests hydrated, but they aren’t that pretty to look at.  There are a ton of places to make custom labels for your water bottles, but that seems like a waste of time in my opinion.

I’d rather set up or display the bottles in a prettier way.  Grouping a large amount of like items together is always an impressive way to display something and that’s no different for water bottles.

I love the idea of grouping water bottles together in interesting containers like buckets, crates, suitcases, or troughs.

5. Water Glasses

Serving water in traditional glasses isn’t totally out of style, but there are fun ways to do it.  I love using a collection of party coordinated colored water glasses instead of clear glass.  They can make a big impact and help bring in the color scheme of your party.

Try renting glasses from a party rental company instead of having to buy and store a bunch of glasses you may not use regularly.  But if you want to buy some, I love these, these, and these.

With any of these pretty water alternatives it’s a great idea to dress up the ice too.  You can never go wrong with adding fruit or flowers to ice cubes, or even glitter.  Just be sure to not put ice cubes in drinks with things that aren’t edible.  Love this ice mold I made for the holidays with a bundt pan, fruit and herbs.  It looked beautiful in our punch bowl.

how to make hosting easier in 2018, easy hosting tips, easy party tips, signature drink ice mold, party punch ice mold, bundt cake ice mold

I hope some of these ideas give you inspiration to use at your next party.  Like I said before serving water is necessary, but making it look pretty is almost as important.  Here’s to no more bland water containers!



Party Color Scheme: Ultra Violet

Hi friends!  How was your Easter?  Ours was pretty amazing between guests, becoming Catholic, and an epic brunch we had a great weekend that’s taken awhile to recover from.  So I’m back today to talk colors.  I can’t believe that it’s taken me practically three months to do a party color scheme post with this year’s Pantone color of the year, ultra violet.

If you haven’t heard of Pantone, it’s the world’s leading authority on color and every year they pick a color that they see as culturally significant.  The color this year is ultra violet.  Growing up purple was always my favorite color so I’m loving this year’s color.

Pantone describes ultra violet as complex and contemplative, suggesting the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.

All I know is that it’s a great color to pair up with lots of other colors and build a party around. I’ve put together some great color combinations for you today that would make any party festive.

Ultra Violet Party Color Schemes

party color ultra violet, ultra violet party ideas, ultra violet party decorations, party color scheme ultra violetUltra Violet + Gold

The first color scheme is pairing ultra violet with gold.  I mean gold and copper are having quite the moment right now and I don’t see it fading anytime soon.  Gold just goes with everything!

This is a fun inspiration birthday party.  Love the idea of using the colors to make large paper flowers for party decor.

Ultra Violet + Navy

This is probably my favorite color combo.  I just think it’s such a chic way to use the ultra violet color.  This tablescape totally embodies the “mysteries of the cosmos” that Pantone describes ultra violet as.  Do you notice how the plates are arranged to mimic a moon?  I thought that was pretty clever.

I love how ultra violet is used in the floral arrangement.  Not typical flowers, but by using succulents and cabbage plants.

Ultra Violet + Turquoise + Green

When I was thinking of other color combinations that already had ultra violet in them, I thought of a peacock’s feathers.  So these colors together would make a great peacock themed party.

party color ultra violet, ultra violet party ideas, ultra violet party decorations, party color scheme ultra violet

via Etsy

This ribbon banner is a very approachable way to add some party decor in these great colors to your party.  A peacock theme would be great for a birthday or baby shower.  Think “A Pea and a Pod” themed baby shower.  Super cute right?

Tie this ribbon garland on the backs of chairs or behind a dessert table for a backdrop.

There are a ton of ways to incorporate this year’s Pantone color of the year.  Sometimes all you need is a color scheme for a jumping off point to throw a party.

Do you see yourself incorporating this year’s ultra violet color into a party?




An Easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day Garland

Is it starting to feel like spring where you live yet?  It’s definitely starting to where I live in Colorado.  It’s getting me so excited for warmer weather and all the celebrating and entertaining that comes along with it.

Today I have such an easy DIY, that I kind of feel silly even posting about it.  But, I just want to show you that party decor, or seasonal decor for that matter, don’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

DIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decor

I wanted to do  a little something for St. Patrick’s day, but green decor is not something I have on hand.  So I decided to make my own.  Thanks to some after Christmas sales, I found this great solid green wrapping paper.  Knowing I had that, I figured I could make my own St. Patrick’s Day Garland.

I took a tip from the wrapping paper itself and decided to do something with circles, since the paper has polka dots.  Once I had my idea, I knew I only needed a few items to make the garland.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Garland Supplies

DIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decorBesides the wrapping paper I only needed a few things.

  • Green Wrapping Paper
  • Glue (I used a glue stick, and so far is holding up great)
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Not pictured: pencil and something circular to trace around

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Garland Tutorial

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this is a really easy DIY.  I knew I wanted to make a bunch of circles and fold them in half over string to make my garland.  It’s really simple.

Step 1: Make Circles

I used the bottom of a vase to trace circles on the wrapping paper.  There are so many things around your house that could be used to trace.  Plates, pot lids, vases, a kid’s toy, bowls, really anything that’s circular and the size you’re looking for.

Next, you’ll want to cut the circles out.  I just freehanded cutting them.  And I didn’t take any pictures of this part, but you get the idea right.

Step 2: String up the Circles

After I had cut out my circles, I started adding them onto the string.  I did this by folding them in half, then gluing them onto the string.

DIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decorDIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decorI recommend just adding glue to one side them folding the top over the string onto the glued side. Be sure to get glue into the crevice where the string is going in order to hold the paper onto the string.

That’s pretty much it.  I did these same couple of steps for all of the circles and just eye-balled the distance between the circles on the garland.

Once all the circles were on the string I hung them up on my mantle.

DIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decorI would recommend that once they are hung up to do a little trimming.  Because I just cut the circles out myself, they weren’t perfect.  Some of the white inside of the wrapping paper was showing through, you can see it below.  I just trimmed it off after I had hung it up.

DIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decorOnce that was done, I feel like it’s a pretty cute little garland!  The best part was that it took me practically no time at all to make.  Which is why I think it’s so easy to make parties a little extra fancy and pretty.

It doesn’t take much time to make your own party decor.  Your party will look so much more cohesive it you make themed decor and try to make everything looked tied in together through the decor.

DIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decorDIY St. Patrick's Day garland, easy diy wrapping paper garland, green garland, St. Patrick's day decorI hope this quick garland inspires you to make your own party decor for your next party.  Or even just inspired to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Be sure to come back tomorrow for some free printables that will help you celebrate this weekend!




10 Easy Party Backdrop Ideas

Howdy folks!  Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend.  I wanted to pop in today and give you some really great, easy ideas on how to make a party backdrop.

I feel like there’s nothing that ties a party together than a centralized focal area that has a great backdrop.  I’m sure you can feel intimidated when you search for something like that on Pinterest.  But I’m here to tell you there are a ton of ways to make a really amazing party backdrop that’s really easy.  Let’s get started!

10 backdrop ideas, balloons, easy party backdrops, tassels, garlands, paper

10 Easy DIY Party Backdrop Ideas

1. Wall of Balloons

If you were around during my series on balloons, then you know how versatile they can be.  I love the idea of using balloons as a backdrop and making them into a wall.  You can do that by tying their strings at different lengths or just taping them to the wall.  These glue dots work best if you plan on taping them to the wall or each other.

2. Shower Curtains

After the most recent baby shower I planned, I fell in love with using shower curtains as a quick and easy backdrop.  I used some command hooks to hold mine up.  Here are a few shower curtains that would be so cute as party backdrops.

Three of them are from the same company, they have the cutest designs. *Affiliate Links used above

3. Flowers

I love a good large paper flower and use them for a lot of different parties.  They add so much dimension and interest to a party.  The tutorial above uses foam as a backing which I think it pretty clever.  The best way to make a statement with a flower backdrop is by using a large number of them.

4. Crepe Paper Garlands

I’ve made these large fringed garlands several times for different parties.  You can see them here and here.  They are pretty quick to make and cover a large area.  I love the color combination of the ones in the picture above.

5. Tassel Garland

Tassel garlands have been all the rage for awhile now and you can find a bazillion tutorials on how to make them on Pinterest.  For a backdrop though, I love the idea of layering each garland over another to make a bigger statement.

6. Pinwheels

Paper pinwheels are another easy, inexpensive, way to make a large party backdrop.  Layering them over one another in a range of colors that match your party theme looks awesome.  You can typically buy packs of pinwheels at party stores for not very much, so just a few different packs and you’ll be in business.

7. Wrapping Paper

This one is so easy, just find a wrapping paper that ties into your party theme and tape it to the wall behind a dessert table, gift table, or food buffet.  One thing to use and your done!  You could always add other things to it, but it’s great by itself too.

Girl Power themed baby shower, kate spade themed baby shower, black and white, pink baby shower, baby shower brunch

Black and white wrapping paper as a dessert table backdrop

8. Paper Plates

Probably one of the easiest backdrops you could ever do is to use paper plates.  I’m over here, like why didn’t i think of that?  So easy to just tape them up, and so cheap to make a big statement with them.  Love all of these bright colors!

9. Cups on a String

Another way to make your party backdrop tie into your party is to make a wall hanging out of paper cups.  The picture below is just for inspiration.  It’s a similar concept but using a string of lights.

To make a cup backdrop without the lights, just poke a hole in the bottom of your themed cups, run a string through the hole and then tie a knot in the string on the inside of the cup.  Tie the cups at different lengths to add dimension and interest.

10. Letters

I’m loving the new trend of letter balloons, but they are kind of expensive.  So if you want a cheaper alternative, try inexpensive block letters from a craft store to spell out a fun phrase that ties into your party.  Or you could even just make your own out of cardboard or fun scrapbook paper.  The key with a letter backdrop is the bigger the better!

I hope you feel inspired to add a large focal point to your next party with one of these easy DIY party backdrops.  Using a little creativity and supplies you already have on hand for your party is all you need to amp up your party backdrop.

Have a great weekend friends, come back next week as we start to gear up for St. Patrick’s day, Easter, and all things Spring!



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