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Going Away Party: A Hodge Podge Theme

As you all know, we’re moving, really soon, like next week soon!  Agghhhh!  Cue the freaking out!  Before we leave, we wanted to celebrate one last time with all the friends we’ve made over the past five years.  Moving is also a great excuse to clean out your refrigerator, liquor cabinet, and party supplies while partying with your friends.  Because we were trying to get rid of a lot of stuff, there wasn’t a particular theme to this party other than hodge podge, with a little Dr. Seuss thrown in, you’ll see what I mean shortly.

To plan for this party, I could have used this little tool, or this one, but it was pretty easy to know what we wanted to do.  After talking to my husband we decided to cater most of our food so we didn’t have to worry about cooking anything and could use the time to enjoy with our friends.

Going Away PartyIf you’re ever in San Diego, you must go to basically any Chinese restaurant and get salt and pepper wings, their also known as “crack wings” because you literally can’t stop eating them.  They aren’t healthy at all, but they are so delicious!  Our buffet was a mix of Asian food, fried rice and lumpia, and also toddler friendly food like chicken nuggets and animal crackers.  My how parties change after having kids.

Going Away Party
I did make an Asian Slaw using this recipe that turned out really good, and it added some much needed color to our table.  You can see that we were cleaning out party supplies because there is a slew of random napkins and plates being used.  Baseball, Christmas, and a multitude of other colors.

TDH Tips Graphic
When you’re using a large buffet table be sure to places napkins and plates at both ends of the table so people can get to everything and there isn’t a back up of people waiting to get a plate.

Candy Cookie CupsThese candy cookie cups were a huge hit!  There weren’t any left at the end of the party.  I used this recipe to make them, but didn’t add the frosting because I just didn’t feel like putting that much effort into them, but they were still really tasty.  Two rolls of cookie dough made a ton of them, around 60.  They are also the perfect size, about two bites, which was a great little treat after all of the salty wings we were eating.

Going Away Party BarWe are lucky enough to have a moving company do all of our packing for us, but they won’t pack opened liquids, which makes sense because who wants soy sauce spilled on everything and leaking through a box?  Anyway, in order to get rid of a bunch of opened liquids we cleaned out our bar and asked our friends to make as many drinks as possible.  We were able to clean out quite a few things that way! I also made a pitcher of margaritas to use up some tequila we had.

TDH Tips Graphic
It helps to have a couple easy cocktail recipes memorized or even displayed so your guests aren’t intimidated to mix up their own cocktail. I had this French Kiss cocktail at the ready, and was able to clean out a couple bottles of champagne with it!

Oh the Places You'll GoRemember how I said there was a little Dr. Seuss thrown in?  Well, I made this little backdrop for us to take pictures with all of our friends.  I thought it was an appropriate saying for a going away party.  It could also work for a retirement party, graduation, or even a baby shower.  I whipped it up using some white butcher paper, a few colored tissue paper poms, and free handed the letters.  It’s not fancy, but it allowed us to get people together in one spot and get some good photos.  Who knows when we’ll see our friends again, so I’m glad we have so many pictures with them.

partycollage2Thanks to all of our friends that came to say goodbye and send us off in style!  We are going to miss them dearly, and can’t wait for them to come visit us in Colorado!





Oscars Party Inspiration

This Sunday is the 88th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars.  A night for Hollywood to dress up and get together to honor each other.  Let’s not leave all the fun to them, throw an Oscars party for yourself and your friends!  Although watching the Oscars can sometimes be a bit of a pain due to the length of the show, bad jokes from the host, or ridiculous thank-you speeches, it’s still fun to see who wins, even if you haven’t watched any of the movies yourself.

I’ve put together a few great ideas for Oscars parties thanks to some others around blog-land, check them out below.

Pizzazzerie’s post on Oscar party decor and activities will definitely get your party started in the right direction with sources for decorations and printables for ballots and bingo!

Hostess with the Mostess featured this PJs and Pearls Oscars Party which is such a cute theme.  It’s great for all of you east coasters that have to stay up late just to see who wins.  Because you’re already in your pjs just head to bed once the show is over.  I really love the black and white color scheme, it’s very chic, and why not wear fancy jewelry, all the stars do.

Here’s another Oscars bingo game from Julie Blanner.  I like this one because it gets you looking for all those subtle things that usually happen throughout the night like photo bombs and possible wardrobe malfunctions.

If you don’t feel like putting an entire party together, but still want to celebrate, try making your own candy and popcorn bar on your coffee table similar to this set up from Kara’s Party Ideas.  I love the idea of movie theater candy at home, and the movies aren’t complete without popcorn.

So will you be watching the Oscars this weekend?  Don’t you think eating candy would make watching them so much better?  This weekend we’re hosting a going away party so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and post about it soon.  Our move is quickly approaching and I’m dreading saying good bye to all of the great friends we’ve made over the last five years.  There may be tears, yikes!




What Caught My Eye Vol. II

What Caught My EyeWelcome back after the long Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend.  It has taken me a little bit to get back into the swing of things, but today I’m back with Vol. II of What Caught My Eye.  It’s a series where I share cool and interesting things I’ve seen lately.  Today involves a lot from Hobby Lobby because it’s one of my favorite stores where I could literally spend an entire day and buy everything if money were no issue.

Gift BasketFirst, is this really thoughtful welcome basket from our realtor after we closed on our house.  And bonus, you get a close up of our fun back splash and pretty counters in our new house!  Baskets like this are so versatile, they can be used to store clothes in your closet, kids toys in the living room, or extra kitchen gadgets above your cabinets in the kitchen.

Gift BasketInside there were so many great things, delicious bread and jam, a couple home decor items, and I’m most excited to uncork that bottle of wine!  It’s put together so well, with pretty tissue paper and really quality fabric ribbons.

Hobby Lobby Pink Gingham paper

Hobby Lobby Confetti paperNext, is some really on trend scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.  The first picture of the hot pink gingham reminds me so much of these button down shirts from JCrew.  The metallic confetti dot paper reminds me of champagne bubbles rising, but that’s probably because I love champagne.  Scrapbook paper has so many uses other than for scrapbooking.  Try using it as a matte for a picture frame, cut it up to make a banner, make Valentine’s, or print inspirational quotes on it and hang it around your house.

watercolor fabricAnother thing that caught my eye at Hobby Lobby was this fantastic watercolor fabric.  I could totally see this as a throw pillow in my future office or on a teenage girls bed.

Football DecorRecently for the Super Bowl, we went to a friend’s house to watch the big game and the decor was so cute.  My friend made a faux football field on the table, and made it all from the dollar store!

Football-3The faux football field was made from dollar store green door mats and some masking tape lines.  So smart and so inexpensive to dress up your table for a theme.

Football DecorEven the utensil holders were dressed up too using some recycled aluminum cans wrapped in brown construction paper with white football laces. You could use chalk, a white marker, or even white out for the laces if you’re in a pinch.

That’s it for this round of What Caught My Eye, like I said Hobby Lobby was a main focus.  I’m glad to be getting back into the normal routine after a little break for the weekend, just in time to start winding this week down for the upcoming weekend!



Hosting a Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you see the surprise that I posted on Friday?  I’m still so excited about our new house!  Today is also pretty exciting because I’m hosting my very first giveaway!

All you have to do to win is enter below by visiting my facebook page, subscribing to the blog or visiting me on Pinterest or Instagram.  Be sure to tell all your friends too, because you could win $25 to a trio of stores with great celebratory party and home gear; Marshall’s, HomeGoods, and TJMaxx.

I love these stores because you can usually find quirky little items, name brand products for less, and a plethora of goodies for any party.  I went to my nearby Marshall’s and snapped some pictures of fun things I found.  And yes, I got a few weird looks while I was taking pictures of everything in the store and rearranging shelves to get a decent picture.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayWrapping paper is one of my favorite things to buy at any of these stores.  I always find really cute patterns and on trend color options.  Right now there were a ton of seasonal wrapping paper for Valentine’s Day and even a green glitter polka dot pattern that would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayThere were also a lot of seasonal cocktail napkins, along with some Easter decor.  These napkins are so versatile you could definitely load up on these and use them for a girls night in, an anniversary dinner party, or heart themed birthday party.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayAgain, there is a lot of great seasonal and general gift bags and tissue paper.  Obviously you can use these for gifts, but there are so many other things you can do with them too.  You can make a tassel garland or tissue poms with the tissue paper and if you really like the design of a gift bag you can cut it out and frame it for inexpensive decor.  It would look really cool to frame a bunch of gift bags that go with your party them.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway If you need to stock up on basic serving ware, you can easily put this gift card to use.  If you need suggestions on what kind of basic serving pieces I recommend, check out this post.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayThis trio of stores is also a great place to stock up on champagne and wine glasses.  You can typically find packs of four or six glasses fairly cheaply.  I love having a stockpile of plain wine and champagne glasses for parties, it’s just so much nicer to drink out of a glass that’s designed for a specific beverage rather than a regular cup.  There’s no better way to celebrate than with a nice glass of champagne!

Marshall's Giveaway I also found these super fun stemless wine glasses with inspiring gold sayings. They say, “creativity takes courage,” “be yourself,” “create your own happiness,” and “get your happy on.”

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway If you need to stock up on note cards, thank you cards, or note pads, you will definitely find some cute ones at any of these stores.  I love grabbing a pack of thank you cards pretty much any time I’m here.  I love that note pad to do list because it’s detachable, how clever.  And those “S” note cards are tags that come with twine, perfect for hanging on a gift.

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway I literally fell in love with these patterned file folders.  The colors and patterns are just so cute, I mean look at those flamingos!  I’m surprised I passed them up because I know it would be a celebration every time you’d open your drawer with these!

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's Giveaway

Marshall's GiveawayThere are also a lot of great home decor items at my local Marshall’s and HomeGoods does home decor so well you practically want everything in the store.  I spotted a really nice variety of rugs with current patterns and colors, plus that white fluffy rug felt like a cloud, so soft.  This Kate Spade comforter was fairly priced and I love that Kate even makes sure her packaging is on brand.  The clear bag was trimmed in gold, of course.  I also thought this little bamboo side table could be really fun between two armchairs with some cocktail accessories displayed on it for a little Asian/beachy flair.

Marshall's Giveaway

And literally on my way out the door I spotted this awesome bench.  I love the linen fabric, nail head trim, and those lucite legs!  So pretty!

Ok, now’s your chance to enter the giveaway and hopefully find some great items your self at Marshall’s, HomeGoods, or TJMaxx!  Be sure to enter using the drop down menu on the Rafflecopter below, the giveaway will run for a week so be sure to come back and keep entering each day.  If you win what do you hope to find and use your gift card on?

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Valentine’s Sweetheart Party

Happy One Month Before Valentine’s Day day!  I know it’s super early, but I wanted to get a head start on all of the fun things happening for Valentine’s Day.  To start, I put together this super pretty little pink and red Valentine’s Sweetheart table.  It’s such a great way to show someone you love that you don’t mind sitting reeeeallly close to them!

Sweetheart Table
My thought in doing a sweetheart table was that it would be kind of romantic to dine with whoever you love in an intimate little setting and the size and closeness of the table help.  I plan on putting this table back out on the patio to celebrate Valentine’s day with my husband in about a month (sorry to my husband that won’t be surprised at all since he reads the blog!), and making a delicious dinner with no kiddo so we can just enjoy each other.

Sweetheart Table

To dress up the table I used a red tablecloth (typically seen around here at Christmas, everything has to work double duty) and made place settings with everything we already had, gold chargers, and our everyday plates layered onto red plastic outdoor plates.  For the place cards, I cut hearts out of card stock then added a border by gluing a layer of pink sprinkles.  It surprisingly didn’t take many sprinkles, but they do kind of get everywhere, so be forwarned.

For the centerpiece I finally did something that you can see on Pinterest all the time and put a smaller vase inside a bigger vase and then filled the area between them with candy sweethearts.  It turned out so cute, but I did have to go back to the store to buy more sweethearts.  I severely underestimated how many it would take to fill the space, so my tip to you is to buy waaaaaay more than you think you’ll need.  The centerpiece would be nothing without those beautiful pink roses.  I got two dozen at Costco for only $16.99!  They are just gorgeous!

Pink Flowers and Sweetheart Vase

Here’s a closer look at the vase.  You can kind of see that blue mason jar holding the flowers and the sweethearts surrounding it in the clear vase.  It really adds a fun factor and a lot of color.

Pink Roses

These flowers!  I just can’t with how pretty they are!

Sweetheart Table Place Setting

I quickly took a page from Yolanda Foster’s book and added a “My Love” label to the place cards.  #namethatreference  You could easily add your names, the menu you’d be serving, or a sweet Valentine’s message.  Remember all of those Valentine cards growing up and their corny little sayings?  Try and replicate that on your place cards for some fun!

Sweetheart TableAny party table of mine would not be complete without some champagne. Luckily a friend brought me a bottle of pink champagne which fits perfectly in this setting.  Paired with some floral champagne flutes, it’s a perfect way to pop the bubbly and enjoy a cozy night together.  Because we will be dining on the patio in February, and even in Southern California it will be chilly, I plan to add some cozy throw blankets to this sweetheart table along with some candles to light our meal.

I think this sweetheart table is just so pretty, from the flowers to the idea of dining so close to my husband!  I’m looking forward to putting this one to use.  You also don’t have to save this just for Valentine’s Day, put something like this together for an anniversary or birthday or even a random Tuesday.  I promise it will make your dining experience so much more special.

And here’s my little photo bomber “helping” me with this shoot.  Take it in now girl, because you’ll be in bed when it’s really being put to use!  It’s always interesting doing these things with a toddler running around.  It definitely requires strategic picture taking!

Sweetheart Table



Celebrating everyday!