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Tablescape Tuesday: A Twist on the Pink and Gold Trend

Welcome back to the first full work week of 2016 and the first post of the new year!  Today is another episode (is that the right word?  Probably not, but speaking of episodes, I’m so glad TV is back from the holiday break, my DVR has been woefully empty lately.) of Tablescape Tuesday.

In the Tablescape Tuesday series, I show you options to dress up your tables. It could be your dining room table, coffee table, gift table, or buffet table. I think putting a little extra effort into how a table looks and is designed can make your guests’ experience so much better.  Today’s post is putting a twist on the ever popular Kate Spade, preppy, pink and gold trend.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the trend, just look at the blog color scheme, but changing it up can be good too.

So, I’ll be showing you a pink and gray/silver tablescape today.  I think this is a great option for a not so girly Valentine’s Day tablescape or just a way to use some fresh new colors for the new year.

Pink and Gray table

Pink and Gray Table

To make the tablescape, I used some Target Dollar spot wrapping paper as a runner and then ran some gray ribbon down the center of the table.  It’s such an easy, cute, little touch, plus it’s a great way to use up those holiday ribbon scraps you have.

Ribbon tablescape

Pink and Gray table

For the centerpiece I used some mercury glass candle stick holders, a shiny silver faceted candle holder (a great hostess gift I received), and some thrifted bud vases.  To make the bud vases all I did was find some glass or other material bud vases at my local thrift store and then just spray painted them white.  So it really doesn’t matter what the vase is made of because you’re just going to cover it with paint anyway.

Pink and Gray table

I tied the silver ware together using some leftover gray grosgrain ribbon.  Don’t they look so cute!  And yes, if you can’t tell this table is set up right in the middle of my living room, haha.  Just searching for the best light on a rainy day!

Pink and Gray table

Do you think this pink and gray color combo is going to be as big a trend as the pink and gold trend?  What TV shows are you glad are back on your DVR?  Hopefully this first full week of the New Year will fly by for you because Saturday is another Simple Celebrations post!  Keep celebrating!



A $5 New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Are you ready to say good bye to 2015 and welcome in 2016 with open arms?  I typically don’t put a lot of effort into celebrating New Year’s ( I actually think it’s kind of a sad holiday), but this year I’m kind of excited about it.  I think the excitement is due to a lot of big changes happening in 2016 (more on that later), but also because I’m really excited to use my $5 photo booth!  #itsthelittlethings

I picked up this pack of photo booth props at Target for $5.00 the other day, and can’t wait to ring in the New Year with some fun, new, selfies in the photo booth!

$5 pack of photo booth props

$5 pack of photo booth props


Photo Booth props

It comes with 12 props and the backdrop, talk about value!  The props are pretty high quality also with shiny gold accents and long sturdy sticks.  To set up the photo booth I just taped the backdrop to the back of my front door and added some gold fringe garland to dress it up a bit.

New Year's Eve Photo Booth

New Year's Eve Photo Booth

I added the props to a little stool by the door and corralled them in a large glass, you could also use a vase for this.  Now they are easy to access during all of the mini photo sessions.

Photo Booth Props

New Years Eve Fringe Garland

If you can’t run out and find this awesome photo booth kit at your local Target, it’s super easy to make one yourself.  I had actually planned on doing just that until I stumbled upon this kit at Target.  Just use a plain colored sheet or blanket for the backdrop, and hang it in an area that’s lighted well and out of any high traffic areas.  Then use some skewer sticks and hot glue to make your props.  Use scrapbook paper or card stock to DIY some props.  It would be really easy to make the lips prop, celebration hat, or the bow tie.  The “2016” glasses might be a little difficult to whip up quickly unless you’re really talented.

NYE Photo Booth

A little preview of what some of the photos are going to look like as we celebrate tonight!  I can’t wait to be joined by friends and family for some fun in the photo booth!

What are your plans for NYE?  Do you typically celebrate or stay home on the couch in PJ’s?  I hope everyone has a safe and fun night celebrating!  Good luck in 2016, I’m really excited to see where this blog is going to go in the next year and want to say thanks for all of the support in 2015!




New Year’s Eve with Kids

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and spent too much time in your pajamas, ate too much, and celebrated with friends and family.  Now it’s on to biggest celebration of the year!  New Year’s!

You can definitely still celebrate New Year’s Eve after having kids, but your evening is probably going to look a little different that it did before kids.  You may not be going out and partying until the wee hours of the night, but you can party with your wee ones.  There are a lot of great ideas to include the kids in your festivities below.  Do one of them or any combination of them.

5 Fun Ideas For New Year’s Eve with Kids

1. Noon Day Party- Host a party for all of your play date friends and have a countdown at noon!  Have a balloon countdown by filling each balloon with confetti and marking each hour on the outside of the balloon with a marker or sharpie. Then pop the balloons  with a pin or needle every hour leading up to your countdown.  If you don’t feel like cleaning up confetti afterwards, try making a balloon drop.  There’s a great DIY on “Been There, Pinned That” showing you how to afix the balloons to your ceiling in order to pull a string at noon and watch the balloons drop.


Balloon Drop


Balloon Countdown

Balloon Countdown

2. Ring in the new year with fireworks!  Some areas offer places to go watch professional fireworks, but if there aren’t any in your area make your own with sparklers.  I’d recommend doing this for the older kids as it might be a little dangerous with young ones.  You can buy sparklers online here, even though they are typically used for weddings.  Be sure to not use them in dry areas in case of catching anything on fire and/or have a bucket of water to put the sparklers out in once they’ve stopped sparkling.  You can also use this plastic cup method to protect little hands from any hot sparks.

Sparkler Hand Protector

Sparkler Hand Protector


3. Have a bubble machine dance party, much like those night club foam parties for adults, the kids will love the bubbles.  Be sure to use the machine where the floor won’t get too slippery and crank the music for a little dance party.  Find a bubble machine here plus it has pretty decent reviews and over 1,500 reviews.

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

4. Host a family/friend sleep over.  Maybe even make it a PJ party?  Ensure you have adult and kid friendly food and drinks, play a few games including the kids, and have a countdown before bed.  Set up air mattresses, pack n plays, or sleeping bags to accommodate everyone.  Once the kiddos are all tucked in, then you can enjoy adult only time with your friends and family until midnight.  This is a great option if you can’t find a baby sitter, or don’t want to chop off your arm or a leg to pay for one.

5. Another option is to look into church or community center family parties. Some include food, games, movies, dance parties, and of course a countdown.

What are your plans for New Year’s?  If you have kids how do you plan to incorporate them into your celebration?  More than likely, we’ll all be asleep by 9:00 p.m. in The Daily Hostess house!



How to Make a DIY Fringe Garland


Who doesn’t love fringe?  It’s all the rage right now and this easy DIY fringe garland is right on trend.  It makes excellent party decor for all kinds of events.  Put it on a table, hang it for a photo booth backdrop, or decorate for New Year’s Eve with it.  It’s very versatile and really easy to make.

The supplies you’ll need are:

  • tissue paper, wrapping paper, or foil paper
  • fringe cutting scissors (I have these and love them)

That’s it, just two things and a little time and you’ll have an awesome fringe garland to use so many ways.


The first step to making the garland is to lay whatever paper you’re using out flat.


Then, fold it over so you have the longest length.


Fold it over again.


Now, start using your handy fringe scissors and cut about 1/3 across the paper the entire length of the paper.  This is kind of a two hand task at this point because one hand may be needed to hold the tissue paper layers together in order to cut it.


Once you’ve got one side of the paper cut lengthwise, flip it over and cut the other side.  Holding the paper as you go is crucial at this point so you can get clean cuts down the entire length of the paper and semi-regular sized fringe. Be sure not to cut all the way across the paper.  You’ll want to cut approximately 1/3 across from this second side, leaving about an inch of uncut paper in between each side of fringe.


Once each side of the paper is cut lengthwise, all you have to do is twist the middle uncut portion of the garland to create a twisty, spiral look.  This step is much easier with tissue paper than it is with foil paper.  The foil doesn’t tend to want to stay twisted, so I had to man handle it a little bit to get the look I was going for.



The bonus of using fringe scissors, besides making numerous fringe(s?) with one cut, is the potential for little glitter remnants once you’re done cutting.  This may not be a bonus for you though because cleaning all those little pieces up is kind of hard.


Once you’re done making your garland, just hang it or lay it anywhere.  I made two garlands, stapled them together, and then hung it over the mirror.  Like I said before though, there are so many uses for something like this.  I can’t wait to make a bunch more and hang them vertically for a photo backdrop.  This gold foil would look so cool with a silver foil garland for a New Year’s Eve party, don’t you think?


Do you think this is a DIY you’d like to try?  What would you use it for?  I’m off to go make a million more of these little guys!



A Beautiful Real Life Party

Here at The Daily Hostess I’m all about “celebrating every day!”  When it was time to officially launch the blog and put it out there to the masses, I thought there was no better way than to celebrate with a launch party.  We recently hosted the launch party in our home with some of our closest friends and family.  I’m really proud of how beautiful the party turned out.  I think the color scheme was perfect and reflected the blog so well.  We had yummy appetizers and a signature cocktail, and of course we had a champagne toast because no party in my opinion is complete without champagne.

Pinterest Graphic-Blog Launch PartyHere are a bunch of gorgeous photos from that night.  You can see how I planned the party by following my 5 easy steps here.  Stay tuned for tutorials on some of the decor that I diyed and a crowd pleasing, delicious, appetizer recipe in the near future.  Without further ado, take a look at The Daily Hostesses Blog Launch Party.

The entrance to the party.

The entrance to the party.



There were several varieties of appetizers, dips, and a couple different charcuterie boards.  For something a little sweet we had mini-cupcakes from my local grocery store.



I purchased flowers at wholesale prices at Costco and cut and arranged them myself.  It’s a cheaper alternative to buying arrangements from a florist, but it does take a little extra time.


I placed my business cards with all of the blog information throughout the party so the guests could have an easy way to reach the blog and share the info with others.



The tablescape was made using a wrapping paper runner, some gold candle holders, pink vases, and a few tissue paper garlands.  Tutorial on how to make those garlands will be posted in the next week or so, be sure to come back and learn how to make them yourself.



For the “launch” part of the launch party, I did a quick tutorial on everything you could find on the blog.  I wanted to make the TV area where we were showing the tutorial a focal point of the party.  I loved the way those pinwheels and tissue poms looked so much that they stayed up for several days after the party was over.  I also made a quick banner with the blog initials.


I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at one of my real life parties as much as I enjoyed planning and decorating for it.  Hopefully you’ve seen something here to inspire you for your next gathering.





Celebrating everyday!