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Four Tips for a Stress Free Party

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the little details of planning, styling, and setting up a party?

I mean if you’ve thrown any party ever you’ve probably felt that way.

Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peak at how today’s blog post can help make your next party a stress free one!

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The Four Things to Focus On For a Stress Free Party

It all boils down to doing just four things.  That’s right, only focusing on these four things you’ll be able to still have a great party and enjoy it because you won’t be stressing over a bunch of little details.

Are you ready to find out what those four things are?

One Focal Area

Don’t stress out over decorating your entire home for the party.  That’s focusing on way too many things.

Designate one area to be the focal point.  And then only decorate that area.

So how do you pick the focal area for your party?

First, determine where your party will congregate.

For an outside party, focus your decor on your patio or backyard.

If it’s inside, I can almost guarantee most people will congregate around the food, so decorate your kitchen or where the food is going to be staged.

For kids parties, focus the decor in an area where the kids will be playing.

A second way to focus on one area is to make a backdrop.  You can use the backdrop for a photo booth or the background of your dessert table.

Thirdly, and one of my favorite places to focus the party decor is on the party entrance.  That could be your front door, front porch, your driveway or sidewalk leading up to your house.

It’s also fun to decorate the foyer or entrance to your home and really hit your guests over the head with the theme of the party.  Then they can enjoy the party in the rest of your house.

The best thing about only decorating one area for your party?  There’s only one area to clean up!

Bigger Is Better

I think one of the things that’s the most stressful during party planning is all the small details.

Typically you get overwhelmed with everything that has to be done you forget about the little things.

You may have had good intentions with all those little water bottle or straw labels, but they become last minute things that usually don’t happen because you’re focused on the bigger things that have to be done or else the party won’t happen at all.  You know like food.

So my second piece of advice for a stress free party is to not even plan all those little things.  Focus on the big stuff.

Bigger decor is a great way to make things bigger.  Instead of a bunch of small decor items around your entire house, put them all together for a bigger impact.

Want to decorate with a certain item for the them of your party?  Why not make that item bigger than life.  Have a giant sized crown cut out for a princess party, or bigger balloons.

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Editing the Menu

Feeding everyone at your party can always be stressful especially if cooking isn’t your forte.

Edit your menu to provide one complete meal that’s stress free.

What do you need for a complete meal?  Just focus on a protein, some greens or a vegetable, and a starch.

If you stick to those three things you’ll have a meal that is satisfying to everyone without having to plan or cook an elaborate menu.

Try asking your guests to bring a dish in one of the categories we already talked about (protein, vegetable, starch).  Giving them that guidance will help them narrow down what they’re bringing and it helps to make sure you have something in each category.

If you don’t want to deal with the food at all, just cater it in.  You don’t have to get fancy or expensive either.

There are tons of fast casual restaurants that do catering.  Chick-fil-a (a favorite of ours), Zoe’s Kitchen, Chipotle, Qdoba, Noodles & Company just to name a few.

One Game or Activity

It’s always nice to have some sort of game or activity for your guests to do at your party.  This is almost necessary at any kid party.

If you don’t do something structured, the kids will destroy your house playing with toys.

Want to know my stress free way to do an activity?  Pick only one that doesn’t require much instruction or help.

Think of activities that require a couple minutes of instruction in the beginning, then the guests go and do the activity on their own.

For kids parties a scavenger hunt is my favorite way to let the kids do an activity that is virtually unsupervised. Win! Win!

Are You Feeling Less Stressed?

Does thinking of your party in only those four ways make it seem less stressful to host?

There are still multiple things to plan in each of these categories, but keeping them in mind when planning your next party will help you to realize what’s most important.

The most important thing is to enjoy the celebration and people in your home, not if each individual piece of candy has a Paw Patrol sticker on it.

Happy party planning!


Launch Day! Virtual Party Plans Now Available

I’m so excited for today!  October 1st is full of launches!  I’m launching my line of virtual party plans on the blog today!  My other business is also launching a new product, and #last90days with Rachel Hollis starts today.  Such a great way to end the year!

So, what is a virtual party plan?  Well it’s basically me planning your party for you and delivering it right to your email.  What could relieve stress better than that?

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I’ve recently asked a few questions about what stresses you out about parties over on Instagram and was surprised at some of the answers. Some common party stresses were:

  • not being creative enough to come up with party decor
  • not wanting to spend a bunch of money on one time use party decor
  • party decor takes too long
  • not being able to envision the finished product

The great news is that with a virtual party plan I can solve all of those problems for you!!

What’s included in a Virtual Party Plan

Here is what you’ll get in a virtual party plan from me.

  1. First, you won’t be spending hours and hours feeling overwhelmed on Pinterest, because I’ll do all the research and get all the inspiration for you. No need to feel uncreative.  I’ll find the most creative, yet realistic ideas for your party.
  2. Printable invitations that are designed with your theme in mind.  Just print and send to your guests!Custom party plan for all your party planning needs, invitations, party plan with tons of resources for your party and directions with how to set it up
  3. A party checklist with all of the things needed to create a beautiful and memorable party.  It will be broken down to manageable tasks so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  4. A detailed timeline telling you exactly when to do everything so you’re not leaving a million things to do on party day.  Preparing early is key to a stress free party.  Preparing for your party over time will make you realize it doesn’t take too long to throw a great party.
  5. Don’t know where to get the things you need for a party?  You’ll receive a resource list with suggested places to purchase all of the decor you’ll need for the party!  Included will be tutorials on how to make things and recipes for the party menu.  Having this list will help you save money because it will keep you focused on the things you need instead of randomly buying things that you don’t end up using.
  6. My favorite part…’ll also receive a diagram of how to set up all of the decor that you’ve bought or made.  So there’s no stress in not knowing how to put it all together.  You’ll have a blueprint for a beautiful party!

    Custom party plan for all your party planning needs, invitations, party plan with tons of resources for your party and directions with how to set it up

    Party diagram

Don’t you feel less stressed already knowing that you’ll have me as your personal party planner?  I’m so excited to offer this to my readers and can’t wait to plan your next party!

Here are just a few ideas on the kinds of parties you can have too. A virtual party plan is a great way to plan any kind of party.  Birthday parties, retirement parties, dinner parties, housewarming parties, bridal showers, brunches, holiday parties, baby showers, the list goes on and on!

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How to Get a Virtual Party Plan

To discuss your next party, just email and we’ll get started planning!

Virtual party plans will start at $49.99 and it’s best to get your party plan at least a month in advance of your party.  So I recommend we start planning at least 5-6 weeks before your party.




Party Color Scheme: Ultra Violet

Hi friends!  How was your Easter?  Ours was pretty amazing between guests, becoming Catholic, and an epic brunch we had a great weekend that’s taken awhile to recover from.  So I’m back today to talk colors.  I can’t believe that it’s taken me practically three months to do a party color scheme post with this year’s Pantone color of the year, ultra violet.

If you haven’t heard of Pantone, it’s the world’s leading authority on color and every year they pick a color that they see as culturally significant.  The color this year is ultra violet.  Growing up purple was always my favorite color so I’m loving this year’s color.

Pantone describes ultra violet as complex and contemplative, suggesting the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.

All I know is that it’s a great color to pair up with lots of other colors and build a party around. I’ve put together some great color combinations for you today that would make any party festive.

Ultra Violet Party Color Schemes

party color ultra violet, ultra violet party ideas, ultra violet party decorations, party color scheme ultra violetUltra Violet + Gold

The first color scheme is pairing ultra violet with gold.  I mean gold and copper are having quite the moment right now and I don’t see it fading anytime soon.  Gold just goes with everything!

This is a fun inspiration birthday party.  Love the idea of using the colors to make large paper flowers for party decor.

Ultra Violet + Navy

This is probably my favorite color combo.  I just think it’s such a chic way to use the ultra violet color.  This tablescape totally embodies the “mysteries of the cosmos” that Pantone describes ultra violet as.  Do you notice how the plates are arranged to mimic a moon?  I thought that was pretty clever.

I love how ultra violet is used in the floral arrangement.  Not typical flowers, but by using succulents and cabbage plants.

Ultra Violet + Turquoise + Green

When I was thinking of other color combinations that already had ultra violet in them, I thought of a peacock’s feathers.  So these colors together would make a great peacock themed party.

party color ultra violet, ultra violet party ideas, ultra violet party decorations, party color scheme ultra violet

via Etsy

This ribbon banner is a very approachable way to add some party decor in these great colors to your party.  A peacock theme would be great for a birthday or baby shower.  Think “A Pea and a Pod” themed baby shower.  Super cute right?

Tie this ribbon garland on the backs of chairs or behind a dessert table for a backdrop.

There are a ton of ways to incorporate this year’s Pantone color of the year.  Sometimes all you need is a color scheme for a jumping off point to throw a party.

Do you see yourself incorporating this year’s ultra violet color into a party?




How to Host an Easy Clean Up Play Date

I’m back again today with another parenting focused party post.  Play dates are pretty much the regular party around here.  If you’re in the same boat but feel that hosting a play date can be intimidating I can help.  Play dates may seem difficult to host because you have people in your house, there are lots of kids, and the clean up can be daunting sometimes.

I wanted to give a little advice on ways to make cleaning up from them a lot easier.  As for the other reasons, those have fairly easy solutions too.  Don’t invite too many kids, and don’t worry about having people over.  The adults will just be thankful to be around other adults and the kids don’t care what your house looks like at all.

So back to cleaning up from your play date.

how to host a play date, easy clean up play date ideas, tips for hosting a play date

Easy Clean Up Play Date Ideas

1. Use a Baby Gate to Section of a Play Area

Containing the play date is key to a quick clean up.  Block off certain areas of your house with a baby gate, closing doors, or just telling the kids to stay in one area.  This is also great if there are actual babies at your house to keep them safe.

Only having a mess in one area makes clean up a lot faster.

2. Use Paper Table Runners

Plan to do a craft or activity at your play date?  Be sure to get a roll of kraft paper beforehand to cover your table or work space.  Once the craft is done all you have to do is roll up the paper and toss the mess in the trash.  This is also a great way to protect your table for any major spills or messes.

3. Only Use One Play Space

Over the holidays we had several parties where kids played with toys in the living room, the play room, my daughter’s room, and the basement.  So, there were toys everywhere, mismatched with where they were supposed to go.  Keeping the play date in one area or room really cuts down on how many places need to be picked up.  Just see number 1 for how to keep kids in one space.

4. Only Use Big Toys

You know what’s not fun?  Cleaning up a million tiny little toy pieces.  So that’s why I suggest when you host a play date to break out some of the bigger toys.  Things like big blocks, play tables, climbers, and all in one toys are great for play dates.  They may seem cumbersome, but at the end of the play date you won’t have to find a bunch of little things everywhere and clean up will be super quick.

5. Corral the  Snack Zone

Providing a snack for the friends at your play date is a very hospitable.  But cleaning up that snack may not be very fun.  The best way to cut down on the mess is to choose a less messy snack.  Things like fresh fruit and veggies are great.  You can also make everyone eat their snack in one spot.  Doing so will keep crumbs and the mess in one area to clean up.

I hope some of these tips encourage you to ask your friends to come over and play.  Well at least your kids’ friends.  With a little preparation it will be really easy to clean up after the play date.

If you’re still not convinced then just plan to host a play date at a local park.  Super easy clean up and the best part is that it’s not in your house 😉

Happy Friday, I hope you have a great weekend!!

*Affiliate links are used in this post, but it doesn’t cost you a thing to just click and then do your normal shopping.  Any proceeds are put towards keeping the blog going.  Thanks 🙂


Party Plan: At Home Date Night

It’s Valentines week!  Are you excited or dread this day?  I’m grateful to have my husband in my life and his love, but we don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day.  So I thought it would be fun to just do a little at home date night.  Thanks to some much earlier bed times for our kiddos we have more time to spend together in the evenings.  While most of those evenings are spent falling asleep next to each other on the couch, maybe for Valentine’s Day we can manage to stay awake and enjoy a nice meal together?

If you’d like to celebrate with a special someone, it doesn’t take much.  Share a delicious meal together, add in some quality time just the two of you and it we be the perfect evening.  I hope this party plan gives you the inspiration you need.

Date night at home, date night tablescape, valentine's day tablescape, valentine's day place setting, date night menu, valentine's day menu

At Home Date Night Tablescape

I set up this pretty tablescape that is all things red, pink, and love.  Thanks to a kind neighbor I was able to just borrow the red chargers and not have to buy them for myself.  To complete the place setting I used my new gold flatware.  I’m in love with this set, it’s really heavy duty and so pretty.  I love it more because I waited (with fingers crossed it wouldn’t be sold out) until it was 66% off after Christmas at Hobby Lobby.  Such a steal!

Date night at home, date night tablescape, valentine's day tablescape, valentine's day place setting, date night menu, valentine's day menu

I used some champagne glasses we already had on hand and some pretty purple water goblets.  A quick bunch of flowers from the grocery store in some pink vases and the table was set for a pretty date night.

Date night at home, date night tablescape, valentine's day tablescape, valentine's day place setting, date night menu, valentine's day menuDate night at home, date night tablescape, valentine's day tablescape, valentine's day place setting, date night menu, valentine's day menuDate night at home, date night tablescape, valentine's day tablescape, valentine's day place setting, date night menu, valentine's day menu

At Home Date Night Menu

Now moving on to what to make for dinner.  Several years ago after almost a year apart from each other (thanks dual deployments), this entree was one of the first meals I made for my husband once we were reunited, and it was so good.

Plus, the man loves him some baked brie, so I found a really yummy looking recipe.  It only has three ingredients so it’s easy too.

For our date night dessert, something simple.  Some brownies and strawberries with a little whipped cream.

Date night at home, date night tablescape, valentine's day tablescape, valentine's day place setting, date night menu, valentine's day menuI printed the menu out and placed it on the table.  Just an extra little something to make our date night feel fancier.

You can find all of the recipes below.  Just click on the links and get the full recipe.

Date night at home, date night tablescape, valentine's day tablescape, valentine's day place setting, date night menu, valentine's day menuThere are those simple flowers from the grocery store.  Just pick them up when you go shopping for groceries to make this menu.  Place them in the center of your table for a quick lovely smelling centerpiece.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  Are you going to celebrate with your special someone or do you normally just consider it another regular day?  I at least hope you take a minute and show some love to those that are special to you.  And if you have the time, make a special meal to share with your spouse and have an at home date night.



Celebrating everyday!