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What I’d Wear Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

According to the title of this post, this was supposed to go out yesterday.  It didn’t, so just pretend it’s still Wednesday when you’re reading this.

Every now and then, I like to put together a post about what I’d wear for various celebrations.  Valentine’s day is the perfect time to put on everything pink, red, and girly.  I’ve put together a little collage of a few things I found that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

More than likely, I’d just end up in the heart pajamas because my husband and I don’t typically do anything special for Valentine’s day.  I think that all started when we were dating in college and decided to make something for each other for Valentine’s.  I made him a photo book and he wrote me a poem.  It was perfect and not over the top.  Since then, no big plans for Valentine’s, and that’s just fine with me.

Take my suggestions and get a great look for whatever you plan to do on Valentine's Day.1-Heart Pajamas (Pants & Shirt)

I was just telling my husband that I don’t feel like a “real” grown up because I don’t have any “real” pajamas.  These would fill that gap in my wardrobe!

2-Striped Heart Shirt

How perfect would this long sleeved t-shirt be to wear to your kids school Valentine’s party?  I like that it’s obvious, but not over the top red and pink.

3-Pink Shift Dress

If you want to eat a big meal when you go out for Valentine’s Day, this dress is for you.  The ruffle details and the under $15 price make it extra cute.

4-Pink Ruched Dress

This dress would work better for a smaller meal, ha.  But the ruching will help to hide any food babies.

5-Red Booties

Pretty sure if I had these booties, I’d be wearing them year round.  How fun is that deep red color and the lower block heel makes me think they would be pretty comfortable.

6-Fringed Clutch

If you add fringe to anything, I’ll pretty much love it.  This pink clutch is adorable with the fringe, chevron detailing, and that tassel!  #hearteyes

7-Red Lace Up Heels

Hubba, hubba!  These heels are super sexy without having to balance on a sky high stiletto.  The lace up is great and the cut outs are super fun!

8-Lace Fit and Flare Dress

I’ve decided a while ago actually that fit and flare is my go to dress shape.  It just seems to work the best on my body.  I love this sweet pink dress and the lace detailing makes it special and a little sexy.

So what are your plans for Valentine’s day?  Do you normally go out and do something fun or keep it more low key?  Which item is your favorite to wear on Valentine’s?



How to Create an Organized Jewelry Display

First and foremost, I’m going to apologize for how badly lit these photos are.  When you’re taking pictures in a closet with no natural light, it’s hard.  So this is the best I could do, thanks for understanding.

When we moved into this house, I knew right away that our master bedroom closet was going to be so much more functional than what we had in the past.  It’s big enough for all of our clothes, shoes, and accessories, with a little room to spare.  I was so excited to build a kind of boutique/dressing room in our closet.  It started with using bookshelves for shoe display, and now I’ve finally organized my jewelry too.

Jewlery OrganizationI have two sets of billy bookcases as shoe display, and I dedicated one shelf entirely to jewelry.  Up until recently I had been using a flat jewelry organizer that was too big to fit on the shelf.  It worked great in a drawer before, but it just wasn’t working in the new closet.  Plus, it became a place where I would just toss my things and there wasn’t really much organizing happening.

I decided to ditch the flat organizer and get my jewelry up and out so it could breath and I could see it all.  I love how using the vertical space of the cubby opened up the shelf to display bracelets, earrings, and rings.

To hang the necklaces I used a combination of 3M Command hooks.  Some are clear plastic, while others have larger hooks.  I wanted a variety of hook sizes to accommodate the variety of necklace sizes.

Jewlery OrganizationI also purchased this bracelet holder to make sure I had easy access, and a pretty display of most of my bracelets.

Jewlery Organization

Jewlery OrganizationI put my less used bracelets in the little paint can container that my watches are sitting on.  I’m hoping after a few months, maybe a few seasons, I’ll be able to figure out what pieces I don’t wear and be able to purge a lot.

Jewlery OrganizationA  cute little dish holds my earrings.  I hung the dangling earrings on the rim of the dish and placed all of my stud earrings inside.  I love that I can see so many more earrings this way rather than them all laying in a flat container.  The inside of the dish is kind of a mess of earrings. It takes me awhile to find what I’m looking for.  So, I’ll have to keep looking for a way to display those as I wear stud earrings almost daily.

Jewlery OrganizationI had some jewelry boxes that I used to corral bracelets that couldn’t fit on my bracelet holder, and all of my rings.

Jewlery OrganizationOverall, I’m loving this set up.  Mostly because I can see all of my jewelry now.  After having a child that likes to pull and grab at jewelry, I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing more than a pair a stud earrings.  Now that I can see everything out in the open, I’ve been trying to step up my jewelry game and incorporate more pieces into my every day looks.

What do you think?  Do you like looking at all of your jewelry, or do you like it tucked away in a drawer or cabinet.  Oh, and I’d love advice and ideas on easy ways to display stud earrings.  I want to just reach in and grab them, and not have to take the backs off them to get to them.  Is that super picky?

I hope you have a great weekend.  We’re attending two weddings this weekend and I’m excited to see how the couples are celebrating.  One wedding is at the top of a mountain and the other is at a mansion!  Don’t worry, I’ll take lots of photos and be sure to show you all of the fun details.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for a Saturday Simple Celebrations post.  It’s been a lifetime since I’ve done one of those.



What Caught My Eye Vol. I

What Caught My Eye

There have been several things lately that I’ve seen and thought, “Well, that’s really cool/interesting/smart, etc.” and I thought I’d share them with you today.  A new series I’m calling What Caught My Eye.  There are several party centric things today and a couple others that I just really liked.

First, is something I posted on Instagram a while ago from Ikea.  Did you know they have an entire party decor section in their stores?  I didn’t, but I was certainly glad I found it and of course picked a couple things up while I was there.  They had some really great ribbon packs and garlands, but I was most impressed with their honeycomb hanging decorations.

Ikea pic

Next, is a first birthday party that I attended recently.  It was Sesame Street themed and my friend put so much thought into the food and decorations.  It was all super cute.  I loved the signage on the door, it really let you know what the theme was and was personalized for her adorable son.

Sesame Street

And then she went above and beyond and made all of the food platters look like characters from Sesame Street.  How clever!  I never would have thought to use ranch and fruit dip as eyes for Elmo and Oscar the Grouch.

Sesame Street Food

During Christmas and New Year’s another friend of mine wore several pins which I loved and hadn’t really seen anyone wear something like that in a long time.  I asked her to share some of them with me and how cute is that turtle?  I love that you could have so many seasonal pins.  They would really dress up your everyday wardrobe.  This picture takes me back to a drawer in my mom’s dresser where she used to keep all of her pins in a little box.

pin pic

One final thing I stumbled upon the other day thanks to Pinterest is a site called Save on Crafts.  There are a ton of categories if you’re looking for party decorations, wedding reception table centerpieces, gift wrap, or home decor.  The prices are pretty reasonable too which is great.  Has anyone ordered anything from here?  I may be getting some of the following things for the future.

Save on Crafts Collage

So those are just some random things I’ve come across recently and thought I’d share with you.  Do you find any of them interesting?  I could totally eat some of those Elmo strawberries and raspberries right now!  I hope this Monday is a great start to your week!



What To Wear When You Need Room for Turkey and Pie

Does anyone else think about what you can wear on Thanksgiving that will give you the most room to load up on seconds, or thirds, or fourths?  I know we’ve all seen that Friends episode with Joey and his turkey pants, but sometimes you want to wear something a little cuter than plaid maternity pants to dinner.  Unless that’s your thing, then go for it!

Today I’ve rounded up some great Thanksgiving sweater options, all of which will hide that food baby bump you’ll get after eating turkey and all those delicious side dishes.  All of these would look great with your comfy jeans or some leggings.

This sweater has gotten rave reviews on the Pinterest Told Me To blog.  Plus it looks very loose around the mid section, perfect for Thanksgiving!

How fun is the sleeve on this sweater?  And I love this emerald jewel tone color, not everything has to be brown and orange for Thanksgiving.

This sweater looks a little more structured, but I couldn’t not show you this fun polka dot print.  Maybe order a size up to give you the room you need for mashed potatoes and gravy?

This black sweater from Banana Republic looks to be the perfect length to wear with some leggings to be extra comfortable but still chic.  Adding a fun long necklace would take this simple sweater up a notch.

Again, the perfect length sweater to wear with leggings for added comfort.  If I owned a faux fur vest, I’d totally wear it with this sweater to spice up the outfit a bit.

Old Navy is running a huge sale today, 50% off all sweaters, in store and on-line, but hurry because it’s only for today.  That means today this sweater is only $12.50!! There are a lot of great options and you won’t feel bad buying them because of all the money you’ll be saving.  I really like the color blocking on this sweater, especially the sleeves.

Who said you could only wear a sweater on Thanksgiving?  How about a sweater dress for a little twist?  This one has a great little leather detail on the shoulders that make it special.  If it’s super cold where you live, be sure to add tights or leggings underneath to stay warm.

Are you ready to go shopping now?  I hope these ideas inspire you to go from sweatpants to chic sweaters on Thanksgiving.  I’ll be sure to throw one of these on after I’m done cooking so I can fit all of those delicious desserts without looking like a beached whale.  Have a great weekend!




Holiday Dress Guide 2015

First and foremost, I would like to say Happy Veterans Day!  It’s a very special day to celebrate, because without our veterans this country wouldn’t be what it is today, and without those currently serving we could be living in a much more dangerous world.

As a veteran, I just want to say that those that serve in all branches of the military are some of the most professional, intelligent, caring, and selfless people out there.  Many of them have become my very best friends and family.  They sacrifice so much for the protection of others; missing weddings, birthdays, holidays, and even births.  They deserve to be celebrated every day, but if you ask them it feels awkward even just getting thanked when they are wearing the uniform.

To all those that have ever served or are currently serving, Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, and may you realize that what you do is truly amazing.

In honor of Veterans Day, I’ve put together a red, white/silver, and blue themed Holiday Dress Guide with cocktail dresses perfect for all of those upcoming holiday parties.  The best part is that all of them are under $100, some are even a lot less!

With the right shoes and accessories these would be perfect for work holiday parties, or a festive gathering hosted by friends.  All of them are short and most are sleeveless so if you live in a colder climate, topping off your outfit with a chic warm coat is probably necessary.  Here in Southern California, warm coats aren’t necessary even in December.

I love the back of this dress, and the fit and flare silhouette is super flattering.

If it’s appropriate to wear something a little sexier, this body con dress looks perfect.  It has 4.5 stars from 110 reviews, so lots of people seem to like it, and I like the $56 price tag!

This lace wrap dress is great if you need or want to be a little more conservative.  Even though the sleeves are lace, they may add a little warmth to your body in the middle of December.

Again, a fit and flare silhouette looks great and wearing white in winter isn’t a faux pas with the right accessories.  I love the silver shoes that are paired with the dress on the model.

If you feel like sparkling during the holiday season, this lace and sequined dress is really pretty.  No need for many jewels because the dress is so adorned.

This asymmetrical hemmed dress is a little sexier with the fit, but still has a conservative neckline.

I must have a thing with lace right now, because I’m loving all of these lace overlay dresses.  This navy one is so sweet with the eyelash trimmed lace.

Hopefully, these red, white, and blue dresses get you excited for holiday cocktail parties.  I love the idea of doing a color other than red for these events, blue is a bit unexpected, but just as festive with silver or gold accessories.

What do you think of these dresses?  Do you have a lot of holiday parties to attend?  Oh, and Happy Veteran’s Day again!



Celebrating everyday!