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2017 Christmas Home Tour

Happy One Week from Christmas!!  I guess it’s about time I shared my home all decked out for the holiday.  It’s been a slow process to get decorated this year.  That whole having another baby thing really slows down how much I can get done on a daily basis.

Christmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorations

I’ve come to realize that my go to Christmas decor is all red and green.  I’m perfectly happy with that since I know it will never go out of style.  Most of the Christmas decor is centralized on our main level in the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

We decided to get a real Christmas tree this year, and I’m still a little on the fence about it.  It does smell nice, but not as much as I thought it would.  Plus, the whole remembering to water it thing and all the needles falling off, it’s kind of high maintenance.  I also don’t love how if there is a “bald” spot you can’t just move a branch to fill it.

Either way, it’s worked out because we put up our artificial Christmas tree in our newly finished basement!  So the fresh tree gets to take center stage in our living room.

Christmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorations

Christmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorations

I also added a live, fresh garland around the doors leading to our patio in the dining room.  I love how economical they are.  You get like 30 feet of garland for not very much.  It was so long that I was able to cut a portion of it off to use on the mantle.  I just wish they looked more fresh longer than a few days.

Christmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsChristmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsChristmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsI’m still loving the mantle we got last year, and hanging stockings on it again this year.

Christmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsChristmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsChristmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsChristmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsThere is also a bit of a cardinal theme throughout our Christmas decor.  It’s no surprise given how big of fans we are of the St. Louis Cardinals!

Christmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorationsI had to share this picture, because it includes my biggest, literally, Christmas tree decorating tip.  Every year, when decorating the tree I tend to get rid of smaller ornaments and add in bigger ones.  The best way to make your tree look grand and beautiful is using the biggest ornaments you can find.  These snowflake ones are huge and make the tree look great.

Now moving onto the dining room.  You’ve already seen most of it in this Christmas dinner tablescape post.

Christmas tablescape, Christmas table settings, Christmas table decor, rustic table decor, rustic Christmas centerpieceChristmas tablescape, Christmas table settings, Christmas table decor, rustic table decor, rustic Christmas centerpieceChristmas tablescape, Christmas table settings, Christmas table decor, rustic table decor, rustic Christmas centerpieceI also added a few touches of holiday red and green in other parts of my house.  The bathroom got a little update by changing out a vase and adding Christmas themed soap dispensers.

Christmas home decor, Christmas home tour, red and green Christmas, Christmas decorations

I truly hope you have a blessed Christmas season with friends and family.  I appreciate all of your support and readership over the last year.  I’m looking forward to what the new year brings.  First, I’m going to enjoy some down time with my family and praise that Jesus was born here on Earth to show us the way and the light.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!



Party Color Scheme-Summertime Lemonade Stand

It’s another round of Party Color Schemes on this Friday.  Today it’s more of a fun summertime tradition for kids than a party.  However, using some party accessories you can take this lemonade stand to a whole new level.

Did you ever set up a lemonade stand in the summer time when you were growing up?  I remember doing it when I was in second grade during my mom’s yard sale.  I made $46.00 from that lemonade stand and thought I was so rich!

Coming across this color scheme instantly screamed lemonade stand to me.  It may have helped that there were actual lemons in the picture, but I just love the combination of colors to jazz up a basic lemonade stand.

I also love the addition of the green color in this color scheme.  It gives you a great option to offer a limeade drink at your lemonade stand.

Now that you have a great color scheme to center your whole lemonade stand around, try one of these custom lemonade stand DIY’s.  They are super cute and not that difficult to make.  Plus, they are customizable to whatever your lemonade stand needs are.  You could also use this idea as a place for pretend play, costume parties or puppet shows with the kids.  I’d recommend busting it back out again in the winter and setting up a hot chocolate stand.


I love that these stands just use a few simple things like paint, crates, and few pieces of wood.

Here’s how I’d accessorize the lemonade stand.  Doing so will really take it over the top and tie in all of these great colors.  Who knows putting in a little party decorating effort might get you more sales and increase your income.

  • Add some garlands in the blue signature color like this, this, or this
  • It never hurts to accessorize with real lemons and limes to bring in the yellow and green colors
  • Add some fun cocktail napkins for your patrons, bonus if they have lemons on them
  • In addition to lemonade offer a sweet treat like lemon cookies, candies, or cupcakes
  • Serve lemon or limeade in these awesome lidded clear cups.  There’s even a size perfect for kids.
  • Use green straws to tie in the green from the color scheme.  These from Shop Sweet Lulu are on sale right now!

Now you have the color scheme to get started, inspiration for making your own lemonade stand, and sources for all the decor you need.  Your over the top lemonade stand is going to make you some big bucks.  And look cute while doing so.  We have a community garage sale this weekend, and I’d love to set one of these guys up in front of our house.  Will you?



April Party Round Up

Welcome to April!  It’s the beginning of the month again, and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to set some goals!  Also, I love reminding you about all of the upcoming holidays or special events this month that are a great reason to celebrate.  Here’s April’s Party Round Up.

April 16th: Easter

The big holiday this month is obviously Easter.  There are so many great ways to celebrate.  I’ll be showing you lots of Easter inspiration over the next couple of weeks.  Including tablescapes, recipes, and crafts.  So stay tuned for that!

April 17th: Patriot’s Day

If you’re from the Northeast or live in New England, you know all about this day.  However, if you don’t, Patriot’s Day is celebrated in New England to commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  Both were fought near Boston.  To celebrate, and maybe educate your family, why not have a New England Clam chowder night and read all about the battles?  I think this recipe looks delicious.  Putting together a lantern centerpiece is a great way to remember Paul Revere’s ride to warn that the Redcoats were coming.  You know, “one if by land, two if by sea.”

April 22nd: Earth Day

I remember Earth Day being kind of a big deal growing up in school.  But as I’ve gotten older, it doesn’t seem like it’s celebrated as much.  I love these two Earth Day parties and how they really tried to incorporate the ideals of reduce, reuse, and recycle into the party.  It’s a great day to do some volunteering and then celebrate with a party!

I love the use of washi tape covered bamboo utensils at this party.  And those potted herbs make the perfect centerpiece or party favor.

After looking at this party, I want to go there and play around on the tree house that is the backdrop for this party.  So much fun!  The use of furniture outside is great, and I love the globes that were used.

April 27th: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Unfortunately, I never really got to do this when I was growing up because school seemed to be more important.  However, I love the idea of celebrating this day with your daughter or son!  A few ways I’d recommend celebrating the day:

  • A special picture to commemorate the occasion
  • Creating a personalized work space for your daughter/son to “work” at while in your office
  • Matching outfits, or a more professional outfit for your child
  • A special work lunch with coworkers and their children

April 28th: Arbor Day

This day is probably not on many people’s radar, but it’s a great day to help educate your family or teach your children something.  There are typically a lot of volunteer opportunities throughout different communities to help plant trees.  If that’s not an option for your area another great idea is to go on a nature walk to collect tree branches or sticks and then complete a craft using them.  I love the idea of making a hanging picture display like the one below.  Pictures could be switched out for your child’s art or inspirational quotes in your work space.

April parties, arbor day tree branch craft, tree branch picture hanger, arbor day crafts

via Etsy

That’s April in a nutshell, I hope you decide to celebrate some of these occasions.  If you do be sure to tell me in the comments, or on my Facebook page.  I’d love to see how you interpret each holiday.  Like I said before, stay tuned the next couple of weeks for a lot of Easter inspiration!


How to Clean Melted Wax from Candle Holders

When I started decorating for fall this year, I knew I wanted to use some gold candle holders and fill them with potpourri.  However, when I got them out, I forgot they were full of melted wax from a couple years ago.  I did the only logical thing and used this two step process to clean the melted wax out and make them pretty again.

Learn a simple way to remove melted wax from candleholders.

Do you have this problem? Need to know how to get the melted wax out?

Step 1: Use a butter knife to break apart the wax. 

Learn a simple way to remove melted wax from candleholders.Securely hold the candle holder and firmly press the tip of the knife straight down into the middle of the wax.  Applying this pressure will break the wax into enough smaller pieces and loosen it from the bottom. Then just dump out the melted wax. So easy!

Just be sure that you are holding the candle holder pretty firmly, you don’t want to drop it and risk breaking it when you’re applying the pressure.  It’s also probably a good idea to only use this method on candle holders that are a thicker glass.  I’d hate for you to try this with some thin glass and actually break the glass.

Learn a simple way to remove melted wax from candleholders.Step 2: Wipe the candle holder out with a damp paper towel to clean it.

Learn a simple way to remove melted wax from candleholders.Breaking the wax up in the candle holder will likely leave a few small pieces or candle “crumbs.” A quick wipe with a damp paper towel gets them all out and makes your candle holders like new again.

See the touches of Fall around the house by clicking here.Once I had fresh, clean candle holders, I filled them up with fall scented potpourri.  These candle holders are so versatile. I used them as a centerpiece on my table. However, candle holders could also be used as a faux fireplace in a fireplace alcove.  Even use them to hold toiletries (like cotton balls and Q-tips) in a bathroom.  I also like that there are varied heights so they have a little dimension.

This is such an easy way to get more use out of candle holders.  Plus, it’s so easy anyone could do it.  Are you thinking of which candle holders you have that you need to do this with?



Bachelorette Weekend

Happy Friday, it’s almost the weekend!  I’m looking forward to it, because we’re supposed to have awesome temperatures in the mid 70’s this weekend.  Perfect to get outside and do something fun!  Today I’m starting a short series about bachelorette parties.  I’m hosting my best friend’s bachelorette weekend away in a few weeks and thought I’d share some hosting tips.  I haven’t seen her in about nine months so it’s going to be a really fun filled weekend.  Today I’ll just be discussing general plans when it comes to a bachelorette weekend away, things like what to do and where to eat.  Over the next month or so we’ll specifically talk about flirty cocktails, welcome bags, brunches, and getting to know everyone attending.  I’ll plan to do a recap of our weekend afterwards as well.

Bachelorette parties and weekends away are a great time to get together to celebrate the bride, but also to enjoy some girl time.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s nice to step away from that stressful job, your toddler, or life requirements and surround yourself with fun, encouraging, women.  You want the bride to feel special, so doing a few things just for her really make the weekend about her.

WhereToGo Graphic

There are so many fun areas to spend a weekend away with your closest gal pals.  For my friend’s upcoming bachelorette weekend, I’ll be making the trek to a popular bachelorette destination, Nashville, TN.  I’m really excited to visit the city as I’ve never been before and it looks like there are a ton of fun little neighborhoods, great food, lots of honky tonk bars, and of course tons of music.

There are so many fun destinations for a bachelorette weekend.  Keeping in mind what your bride likes, price, and amenities you could literally go anywhere.  How about Savannah, GA, I hear it’s gorgeous.  If you’re looking for a beach get away with a party atmosphere try Miami, FL.  If your bride loves a good bottle of wine, you could go to Napa Valley, CA or find a local winery to spend a day.  If you want to get away from everything, try a resort in Big Sky, Montana.

WhatToEatDrink Graphic

There is nothing better than gathering people around a table and breaking bread.  This is especially true if you’re with a group of girls that don’t all know each other very well.  It’s so easy to bond when you’re sharing food around a table.  Plus, everyone has to eat, right?!  To really enjoy the destination of your bachelorette weekend try to find local restaurants with dishes the area is known for.  Things like fried chicken and grits if you’re in the south, tacos in Southern California, bagels in New York, or crab cakes in Maryland.

TDH Tips Graphic

My biggest hosting tip when it comes to a weekend away, is to ensure there are enough snacks to keep everyone happy.  There’s nothing worse than someone getting too hungry in between planned meals.  Arrange to have granola bars, fruit, or chips and dip available if anyone needs to fuel up throughout the day.

As far as drinks go, you can’t celebrate a bachelorette weekend without champagne, so be sure to stock up on plenty.  It’s also nice to try regional drinks, IPA beers on the west coast, Yuengling on the East Coast, Sweet Tea in the south, or a Manhattan in New York City.  Maybe purchase a few bottles of local wine to sample together.  Be sure everyone in your group is drinking plenty of water to avoid any hangovers!

WhatToDo Graphic

For girls’ trips I think activities are a little more important than what guys do on their trips.  I’m pretty sure guys don’t care if they do anything as long as they have beer and can watch sports, right.  For a girls’ weekend though, it’s fun to actually do things.  If you want to explore the city you’re in for the weekend find a local tour group company to learn about the city’s history, cool spots, and hang outs.  In case you are trying to relax, book a spa day for facials and massages, or even just go get a manicure and pedicure with your group.  If anyone in your group likes crafts or is artistic join a painting class which are becoming super popular.  Say your group is into fitness, take a group fitness class or see if there is a 5K in the area you could all run together.  To fulfill your ideas of a “typical” bachelorette party your group could take a pole dancing class, they are becoming fairly popular and seem to be a good workout disguised as fun!

These are just some general ideas to help get a jump start on planning a bachelorette weekend away.  I’m really looking forward to the one I’m hosting soon because we will be doing a lot of the things listed above and I’m so excited to meet some amazing women!  Don’t forget to come back over the next few weeks to see all of the bachelorette series.  If you’re already married, what did you do for your bachelorette party?  Is it even appropriate to share?  Have a great weekend everyone!

Also, I will be announcing the winner of the Marshall’s, HomeGoods, and TJMaxx gift card on Monday, so be sure to enter before it’s too late.  You can enter once a day here.




Celebrating everyday!