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DIY Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Holder

It’s the month of love and all things red and pink.  If you’ve checked out my Instagram lately you’ll see lots of shots with those colors.  And a few sneak peaks of what’s to come on the blog.  But today I’ve got a great kid friendly, read the kids can help you, DIY Valentine’s Day valentine’s holder.

We are going to be out of town with family for Valentine’s day so my daughter is going to be missing her preschool Valentine’s Day party.  You know how much I love a party, and I think I passed it on to my kids, because she was very disappointed to miss it.  So I decided to throw her her own little Valentine’s Day party.

I went through what I already had at home and found some cute pink and turquoise plates which jumpstarted the color scheme of the party.  Plus I saw a cute valentine’s holder at the Target Dollar Spot and knew I could just make them myself. So after digging through my stash of paper I found perfectly matched paper to the plates I wanted to use.

Here’s everything you’ll need to make a valentine’s holder.  Plus all the simple steps to do it yourself.  I love the little hands in these photos that helped me make these.

kids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelope

  • Scrapbook paper, or any 12×12 paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue, Elmer’s and/or hot glue
  • Name cards
  • Trim, pom poms, glitter, markers, washi tape, anything to decorate with
  • Scotch tape (not pictured)

DIY Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Holder

Step 1

kids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelopeFold the bottom two corners into the center of the paper as shown in the photo above.

Step 2

kids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelope

Fold the paper in half, then draw a semi-circle towards the top of the paper so you can cut out a heart shape.  Just think back to third grade art class when you learned how to cut out a heart.

Step 3

kids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelopekids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelope

Cut the heart shape out.  Just follow the line you drew in Step 2.  We used fun wiggly scissors, but regular straight line scissors works just as well.  And can I just add that my three and a half year old daughter is all about cutting right now.  She loves to just cut anything.  So she gets all of our junk mail, haha!

Step 4

kids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelope

Add a name tag to your placemat.  We used some leftover food labels from a baby shower I hosted.  Just write the names on the labels then glue them over the “flaps” you folded to hold them together.  You may need a piece of tape on the back of the “flaps” to hold them together.  Just line the tape up over the seam on the inside.

Step 5

This is the most fun step.  All you have to do now is decorate your placemat. We added fun trim I picked up from the Dollar Spot at Target, pom poms, washi tape, and glitter.  Whatever craft supplies you have on had works great.

kids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelope

Here’s how they turned out.

kids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelopekids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelopekids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelopekids diy valentine's day craft, kids craft, valentine's day placemat, how to make a valentine's envelope

There’s a nice pocket that will hold all of your child’s Valentine’s.  I think this is a much nicer version than that aluminum foil covered shoe box I always used to make growing up.  Plus, sometimes you couldn’t find a shoe box.

I’m going to be using these as placemats on our fun Valentine’s play date party table.  You can see that later this week.  I also love the idea of punching a couple holes in the top and using yarn or pretty ribbon to hang them from a chair to collect Valentine’s.  Or if you want to spoil your kids, hang them from their bedroom door and fill it with fun surprises for them to wake up to on Valentine’s day.

This is an easy, do it with your kids craft that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day!  Did you ever make those aluminum foil covered shoe box Valentine’s holders as a kid?


February Party Round Up

It’s the first of the month, and time for another round up of celebrations to take you through the entire month.  February is chocked full of fun days, events, and holidays, but you can never have too many reasons to celebrate, right?

February party ideas, quick Superbowl party, Valentine's day, Mardi Gras, and National margarita day

First up is the Superbowl.  It’s February 4th, this Sunday!  If you haven’t put much thought into what you’re doing, don’t worry. To Have + To Host has one of the simplest, throw it together at the last minute party ideas for you.  Check out all the details here.

I love this season leading up to Lent, and this year it’s extra special because Valentine’s day falls on Ash Wednesday.  So much to celebrate in one week!

Before Lent starts is Mardi Gras!  I’m from St. Louis, and did you know that St. Louis has the biggest Mardi Gras celebration next to New Orleans?  There’s a big parade and everyone comes out in their purple, green and gold drinking green beer.  Since I’m not in the area to celebrate, and life looks a little different, I wanted to include this cute and simple kids craft to celebrate the occasion.

Happy Hooligans uses paper plates to make cute and easy Mardi Gras masks.  Paper plates are so versatile, and if you have kids, you probably have a bunch at your house already.

Take your Mardi Gras celebration a little further and make purple, green, and gold pancakes for breakfast too!  I love blending spinach up into the pancake batter to make them green, and add a few hidden vegetables!  You could use purple carrots or beets for the purple pancakes.

Right after Mardi Gras, not only does Lent start on Ash Wednesday, but it’s also Valentine’s day.  And a friend of mine at church said the best thing about them being on the same day.  “It’s the perfect time to fall more in love with the Lord.” How true!

Try sending out funny Valentine’s cards to keep the day light and not overly mushy.  These funny printable cards from Printable Crush have the cutest little sayings.  Pop one in your kids’ school lunch or your spouse’s work bag for a funny little surprise.

I’ll be showing you a fun Valentine’s kid’s craft and a Valentine’s themed playdate party in the next week or so too.  Be sure to come back to check those out.

Lastly this month, is a really special day.  February 22nd is National Margarita Day!  Now that’s a reason to celebrate a random Thursday.  If you’re trying to stick with your resolution and looking for a healthier margarita alternative, give this recipe from 40 Aprons a try.  It takes out all the sugar and replaces it with honey.

Whew, so many things to celebrate this month.  There are even more I didn’t mention like February being Black History Month, American Heart Month, or the Chinese New Year starting.

With all of these special days, there’s a reason for everyone to celebrate this month.  What do you plan on celebrating?



A Red and Pink Valentine’s Day Bar Cart

We’re only 5 days away from Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re prepared to show how much you love everyone.  If you need help with what to wear for the big day, check out this post.  Today I’m going to give you a little inspiration to dress up your bar cart for V-day.  It’ll be just what you need to make yourself a drink and celebrate at home!

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.Here’s your typical bar cart, but with a few small additions it’s just so festive for a day of love.  I added some red and pink items I had around my house.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.I also made sure to pull out all of our red and pink wine, champagne, and liquor.  Be sure to include any bar tools you may have in case you need a bottle opened or a drink stirred.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.I like to include the less used items on the lower shelf of my bar cart.  Things like mixers, the ice bucked, or any less frequently used liquors.  I love this super simple heart garland.  I made it by stringing some thin string through the holes in a few heart doilies.  Easy peasy!

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.I found these cute little milk glasses at the dollar store and just think they are adorable.  Probably more appropriate for a cookies and milk bar cart, but I wanted to include them since they are so cute.  Those red paper straws make them even more festive.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.Again, I pulled a pink vase out of the closet and that red pom pom wreath out of storage to make this bar cart full of pink and red.  I’m sure if you looked around the house you could find plenty of things that could match your color scheme.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.There you have it.  This festive bar cart definitely has me in the mood for a pink cocktail to celebrate Valentine’s with my husband.  Like I’ve said before, we’re not big Valentine’s day celebrators, but it would be fun to mix up a fun drink to enjoy together.  I’m pretty sure this little cart is going to be staying in my living room until Valentine’s because it’s just too cute.



February Party Inspiration Round Up

Good morning, I hope everyone is able to get up and at ’em this morning after the Super Bowl last night!  I was able to attend a neighbor’s party and had a great time eating too much!  But speaking of parties, today I’m going to give you a round up of even more parties to carry you through the whole month of February.

No matter what the event is this month, Valentine’s, Mardi Gras, the Oscars, I’ve got you covered with some great ideas!

The Oscars

First, February 26th is the night all of Hollywood dreams of, The Oscars.  If you want to throw an Oscars watch party, you’ll have to have popcorn.  Just like if you were at the movies.  Try one of these popcorn bars to get everyone excited about the winners.

I love the idea of using brown paper bags to hold your popcorn mixture.  It’s even more convenient for people to take their leftovers home with them.

This next popcorn bar party uses paper cones to hold their popcorn creations.  I never think to add any sort of shaken goodness to my popcorn, so I love the options with this party.  Shakers with lots of different seasonings can help you create an interesting and yummy combination.

A Day for Love

Next, there are so many options to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I am loving the idea of having a Galentine’s Day party for all of your girlfriends.  What a great way to show them how much they mean to you while sipping champagne and having much needed girl time!

Try using some ideas from this Galentine’s Day party that PopSugar hosted.  The row of pom poms as a centerpiece couldn’t be any easier or more genius!  Plus the DIY drink stirrers are super cute.

After your Galentine’s Day celebration, you’ll need to celebrate the love in your life.  The tablescape at this Valentine’s Day party by the Glitter Guide is super romantic.  The DIY tissue paper heart could be used year round for lots of different events too, just by changing out the colors to match your celebration.

If you want an even more intimate celebration with your love, give my sweetheart table dinner party idea a go.

Mardi Gras

Tuesday, February 28th is Mardi Gras.  Don’t let it just be a celebration if you’re in New Orleans, but have a great party at home too.  I love the inspiration for this Mardi Gras themed wedding by Ruffled.  It has a great sophisticated twist on everything purple, green, and gold.  Set up a similar dessert table and make a pasta salad with purple onion, green peppers, and pasta then you’re menu is set.

The florals and tablescape are pretty amazing at this celebration too.  Pull out anything gold you have and add in some purple flowers with greenery and you’ll be taking a page from this inspired wedding.

I hope these ideas help you celebrate everything going on this month.  If there is another special holiday you plan to celebrate this month, let me know in the comments!



What I’d Wear Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

According to the title of this post, this was supposed to go out yesterday.  It didn’t, so just pretend it’s still Wednesday when you’re reading this.

Every now and then, I like to put together a post about what I’d wear for various celebrations.  Valentine’s day is the perfect time to put on everything pink, red, and girly.  I’ve put together a little collage of a few things I found that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

More than likely, I’d just end up in the heart pajamas because my husband and I don’t typically do anything special for Valentine’s day.  I think that all started when we were dating in college and decided to make something for each other for Valentine’s.  I made him a photo book and he wrote me a poem.  It was perfect and not over the top.  Since then, no big plans for Valentine’s, and that’s just fine with me.

Take my suggestions and get a great look for whatever you plan to do on Valentine's Day.1-Heart Pajamas (Pants & Shirt)

I was just telling my husband that I don’t feel like a “real” grown up because I don’t have any “real” pajamas.  These would fill that gap in my wardrobe!

2-Striped Heart Shirt

How perfect would this long sleeved t-shirt be to wear to your kids school Valentine’s party?  I like that it’s obvious, but not over the top red and pink.

3-Pink Shift Dress

If you want to eat a big meal when you go out for Valentine’s Day, this dress is for you.  The ruffle details and the under $15 price make it extra cute.

4-Pink Ruched Dress

This dress would work better for a smaller meal, ha.  But the ruching will help to hide any food babies.

5-Red Booties

Pretty sure if I had these booties, I’d be wearing them year round.  How fun is that deep red color and the lower block heel makes me think they would be pretty comfortable.

6-Fringed Clutch

If you add fringe to anything, I’ll pretty much love it.  This pink clutch is adorable with the fringe, chevron detailing, and that tassel!  #hearteyes

7-Red Lace Up Heels

Hubba, hubba!  These heels are super sexy without having to balance on a sky high stiletto.  The lace up is great and the cut outs are super fun!

8-Lace Fit and Flare Dress

I’ve decided a while ago actually that fit and flare is my go to dress shape.  It just seems to work the best on my body.  I love this sweet pink dress and the lace detailing makes it special and a little sexy.

So what are your plans for Valentine’s day?  Do you normally go out and do something fun or keep it more low key?  Which item is your favorite to wear on Valentine’s?



Celebrating everyday!