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10 First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend. We finally spent a weekend at home and it was so nice.  I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished which is always a good feeling.  Plus, this week marks my ninth wedding anniversary, so it’s a happy week!

My husband and I decided before our first anniversary that we would try to stick with giving each other gifts that follow the list of the traditional wedding gifts.  The traditional first anniversary gift is paper.

I know paper doesn’t sound too exciting, but the list starts out with smaller, less expensive gifts and gradually gets larger and more expensive.

There are a ton of fun gift ideas for paper that follow the traditional list, but are more exciting than just a pad of paper.  Check out 10 gift ideas I’ve rounded up below.

And as far as our first anniversary, we spent it in Maui (we lived on Oahu at the time), and I got my husband a leather bound journal, and my husband got me a few books to help start my business.  It’s so easy to remember the gifts when you know what the theme was.  I can probably remember every year so far.

10 First Anniversary Gift Ideas

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1 // Paper Airplane Cufflinks
These cufflinks are so cute because they fit into the paper them without actually being paper!

2 // Paper Lyrics
Displaying your wedding song lyrics in a pretty way is a great way to remember your first dance.

3 // Paper Lanterns
I just love that you can buy these paper lanterns to have your own sky lantern celebration.  Try writing a wish or hope for your marriage on the lantern before sending them off in the night sky.  They look so pretty floating through the sky.

4 // Cocktail Recipe Cards:
If your spouse loves to mix up fun drinks, grab these cocktail recipe cards.  Made from paper, but cute and ready to help you remember how to make that Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

5 // Paper Map
Getting a map of a particular place is such a great way to remember how special that place was.  Maybe it’s where you met, or honeymooned, or where your first kiss was?

6 // Coffee Table Book
A book is a pretty classic way to give a paper gift.  But I love the idea of giving a coffee table book about a subject that your spouse loves.  It’s something that can be set out and displayed.  Every time you see it on display it will remind both of you of your first anniversary.

7 // Journal
Another classic gift, a journal.  But this one is different!  This is a journal of bucket list items.  It has space to write in everything you ever want to accomplish on your bucket list and space to document when and how it was accomplished.  So fun!

8 // Personalized Stationary
Although stationary is more of a classic paper gift, it is so fun as a woman to see your new married name.  Personalizing the stationary to reflect that is a great gift!

9 // Lunchbox Notes
Does your spouse take their lunch to work?  Try slipping a few of these notes in their lunchbox for a fun mid-day surprise!

10 // Fancy Playing Cards

Oh man, when I look back at our first year of marriage I think about how much we were still getting to know each other and the time we had to do it before kids came along.  Gifting some playing cards and learning how to play a game together is such a great bonding experience.

I hope some of these paper anniversary gifts gave you some inspiration for your own first anniversary.  Or if you’re already well past that point, maybe it made you reflect on your first year of marriage or your favorite anniversary gift.

We’ll be celebrating nine years this week and going to paint our own pottery since pottery is the traditional ninth wedding anniversary gift.  I love that it’s going to be an experience too!

How many years have you been married?  Do you celebrate with the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, or another fun way?



Wedding Trend 2018: Potted Plants

Well friends, we’ve made it to our last wedding trend of the week.  You can catch the other two trends here and here.  It has been fun reimagining how to use these trends in your own party.  Today’s potted plant trend is another that will be pretty easy to incorporate into any home party.

After researching several large wedding websites and figuring out the biggest wedding trends of 2018, I narrowed it down to lucite, saturated colors and today’s potted plant trend.  Now I’ll give you some inspiration and ways to incorporate it into whatever kind of party you’ll be having this year.

Potted Plant Wedding Trend Inspiration

Lining a walkway, like a wedding aisle, is a huge way the potted plant trend is being done at weddings.

Another way it’s being done at weddings is by putting potted plants on tables as centerpieces and table decor.

And lastly, living backdrops for ceremonies, photobooths, and wedding decor make a big statement at any wedding. This succulent backdrop is really impressive.  I’m mostly impressed that the bride grew almost all of the succulents herself!

How to Incorporate Potted Plants into Your Home Party

It’s pretty easy to use this trend throughout your home party if you already have potted plants around your house.  All you may have to do is move some things around.

If you want to recreate the potted plant trend as a centerpiece, this diy from Magnolia is super easy to follow.  I mean Joanna Gaines can basically do no wrong, right? I also love how the candle is in the middle to bring a little more ambiance to your tablescape.

Now if you want to recreate the look of having a living backdrop but can’t make a huge wall of plants, I totally understand.  Most houses don’t have space for something like that.  Give one of these options a try to do it on a smaller scale.

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via Amazon

I love how rustic these options are and that you would only have to grow a few plants instead of an entire wall of them.  Put them near your kitchen and grow herbs for easy access to any recipe you might be creating.  These pieces would also make great decor for your patio or house after the party is over too.

And lastly, instead of lining an aisle at a wedding ceremony, use potted plants to line a walkway up to your party.  This could be along your sidewalk, or through the backyard to get to the main party space.

I love how coastal and inviting this front porch looks.  Who wouldn’t want to go to a party at this house?

That wraps up this week’s wedding trend series.  Did you get any inspiration from the trends to use at your next party?  I’d love to see how you incorporate these trends, so be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your party photos!

I hope you all have a great weekend and have something fun to celebrate!




Wedding Trend 2018: Saturated Color

Happy Wednesday folks, this week is all about wedding trends because it’s the time of year where people start thinking about all of those upcoming summer weddings.  Do you have any to attend this summer?  Today’s trend is all about saturated color.

I researched several large wedding sites including Martha Stewart Weddings and found some common trends.  All this week I’m sharing those wedding trends with you, did you see the lucite and transparency trend on Monday? Well today I’m talking about saturated colors.  Some wedding coordinators are saying that the classic wedding colors of blush, ivory, and white are overdone and on their way out.

Saturated, deep, and bold colors are going to be all the rage this year and I’ll show you how to incorporate them into your home parties.  This is an easy task to do for a lot of different kinds of parties and there is a ton of inspiration.

Saturated color trend for weddings, wedding color ideas, wedding colors at home, wedding accessories, saturated party colors

Saturated Color Wedding Trend Inspiration.

These deep orange dresses from an Australian wedding are the perfect example of the saturated color wedding trend.  I think they would look great for a fall wedding, but pretty great for a summer wedding too.  Just mix up the florals to something more tropical and they’d be the perfect summer bridesmaid’s look.

Florals are a great way to use saturated colors at a wedding.  Love the deep burgandy, orange, and blacks of this bouquet.</span>

via Etsy

Working saturated colors into the accessories on your big day is another way to carry this trend throughout your wedding.  The accessories pictured above can be purchased from Etsy.  I love that you can use them again or keep them as a keepsake from your wedding.

Aren’t these weddings inspirational?  Kind of makes me want to plan mine again!

How to Incorporate Saturated Colors into Your Home Party

There are a ton of ways to incorporate this saturated color wedding trend into any party you have at home. From birthdays to dinner parties, try adding any of these touches below.

Add colored candles to your party decor.  Find some party scheme coordinating saturated color candles and add them to your tablescape, dessert table, or around the room of your party.

I especially like this easy diy candle holder from Sugar and Cloth.  Just click the link below the photo to see how to make one yourself.

Next, who says you can’t wear fun floral crowns anytime of year, they aren’t just for weddings.  Try wearing one with some deep colors to match your next birthday party or promotion celebration.  Buy some at the link below.

Saturated colors for weddings, wedding color ideas, wedding colors at home, wedding accessories, saturated party colors

via Etsy

And lastly, I’m taking the floral bouquet inspiration from the wedding above and adding it to the thing that almost every party should have, cake!

Don’t you just love the colors of those flowers?  Even if your party doesn’t call for a three tier wedding cake, just adding a few deeply colored flowers to the top or side of your cake is a great way to include this trend.

Adding flowers to a cake is also a cheap way to make it look more expensive.  Just purchase a plain white cake from the bakery which will save you money, and add the flowers yourself.  Just be sure to thoroughly wash the flowers before adding them to your cake.

That wraps up our second wedding trend this week.  I think today’s trend is so easy to use throughout any party, do you?  One more trend later this week and it’s going to be perfect to use for parties this spring and summer!


Wedding Trend 2018: Lucite

Welcome back from the weekend folks! I hope you had a chance to rest and recharge.  I know now is the time of year where people start thinking about upcoming summer weddings.  Do you have any to attend this summer?  I wanted to give you my take on a few of this year’s wedding trends you may be seeing.

I researched several large wedding sites including Martha Stewart Weddings and found a common trend.  All this week I’m going to be sharing those wedding trends with you, but even better I’ll be showing you how to incorporate them into your home parties.  I mean, I do most of my entertaining at home these days since I got married almost 9 years ago.  Crazy how fast time flies!

First up this week is wedding trend number one, lucite or transparency.  Clear and see through wedding elements are going to be all the rage this year.  Just check out how some of these weddings incorporated them into their ceremonies and receptions.

Lucite Wedding Trend Inspiration

How to Incorporate Lucite into your Home Party

Although it is hard to incorporate the big over the top party decorations from the inspiration above, it is easy to use lucite throughout your party in smaller ways.

Incorporating clear or acryllic into your tablescape is an easy way to use this trend.  I love the idea of using clear chairs at your table.  Most party rental companies have clear chairs available to rent.  For around $5.00 you can get the perfect clear ghost chair.

If you don’t want to use chairs around your table, incorporate clear chargers, plates, or flatware.  I love the options below that you can get on Amazon.  Those dinner plates have great reviews too and are reasonably priced.  These are all things you could have everyday and use for a lot of different parties too.  Dual purpose for the win!

*Affiliate links used, at no cost to you, I may receive compensation from your purchases or clicks.

If you don’t want your table to be the feature at your party but instead want to use clear party decor, there are a ton of ways to do that too.  Just check out the cool inspiration pictures below.

  • Use clear balloons
  • Glass containers to hold party favors, snacks, or treats
  • Clear place cards (link below), these would be great party favors too!
  • Hanging crystals or clear beads as a backdrop
  • Use lots of bubbles for a kids birthday, a bubble machine makes this really easy
clear wedding trend, clear party decor, wedding trends to use at home, translucent party decor

via Etsy

What do you think of this first wedding trend?  Do you like the clear and translucent look of a party?  Would you like to see more of these do it in real life kind of posts where I try to recreate a party look at home?  If so, be sure to tell me in the comments!  And also be ready for two more wedding trends later this week!



Real Life Party: Backyard Wedding Reception

Recently I got to attend my sister’s super casual backyard wedding.  It was a great day filled with close friends and family celebrating a couple that was just so happy to be together.  I keep telling everyone that asks how the wedding was, that I was so amazed at how laid back the couple was.  It just goes to show that when all you care about is getting married at the end of the day, the little stuff just doesn’t matter.

I was honored when my sister asked me to help her decorate and set up for the backyard reception.  It was so fun getting emails and texts in the months leading up to the wedding discussing decorating details.  She had a great general theme and color scheme to work with.  She also diyed a lot of decor so there was a lot to work with.  I mostly did some space planning, set up, and decorating.  All things that I love to do.  I also had a lot of help from my sister-in-law that has an amazing eye for pulling parties together.  See her backyard BBQ here.

Today you get to see a bunch of reception decor and how her theme was carried out throughout the space. Are you ready for picture overload?

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.The general theme was rustic with a sense of adventure in a navy blue, mint and gray color scheme.  Using mason jars, baby’s breath, wood slices, and a few magnolia leaves we created a simple, but rustic centerpiece.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.The abundant charcuterie board.  My sister-in-law is a genius when putting these together. I didn’t think to take any pictures of the food and dessert tables, but it was all delicious.  Because it was such a small wedding it was almost pot luck style.  My brother-in-law roasted pork loin, my mother-in-law made a side dish as well as the groom’s mom, and the dessert was all made by the grooms sister.  It was quite a family affair, but everything was tasty and homemade.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.The drink station.  I love the idea of using an old crate to lift the beverage canisters up.  It really brings in the rustic feel.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.Probably my favorite area of the entire reception was the head table area.  My sister initially wanted a photo booth area, but because of possible rain, we opted to put the photo booth backdrop behind the head table and it really made a great backdrop to the newly married couple.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.The backdrop was built by the groom using pallets and decorated with burlap style curtains and color coordinated pennants made by the bride.  The part I love the most is the vintage window hanging on the backdrop.  The window was found on the family farm, and my sister-in-law refinished it.  Then the bride’s talented friend hand lettered a wonderful quote on it.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.“Actually, the best gift you could have given me was a lifetime of adventure.” -Lewis Carroll

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.The bride’s bouquet was found on Etsy here.  I love that it’s something she’s going to have forever because it’s made of fabric and wood flowers.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.Another super on theme area was the gift table and guest sign-in area.  This couple has some amazingly talented friends who made these awesome signs.  Something they’ll have forever. The backdrop was made using pallets, pennants, and meaningful pictures of the couple throughout their life.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.

Inspiration for a rustic adventure themed backyard wedding and reception.Another great idea was having guests leave notes for the couple with suggestions of adventures they should go on.  There were some pretty challenging adventures suggested, like finding Wonderland, but this adventuresome couple is up for the challenge I’m sure.

I didn’t think to get any pictures of the lawn area, but after a short storm passed, we busted out lawn games.  Games included cornhole, washers, and a giant tic-tac-toe game made from a pallet and large X’s and O’s.  The wedding was such a nice, intimate, family filled gathering.  Proof that it’s not necessary to spend a lot or have a large production just to get married.

Here’s to a lifetime of adventures and happiness for the bride and groom!  What was your favorite part of this adventure themed wedding?


Celebrating everyday!