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Happy Friday!  It’s almost the weekend!  Too bad I have to work this weekend 🙁 If you need a little entertainment and inspiration for your weekend I’ve got a bunch of great Instagram accounts for you to check out.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Instagram.  I love the pictures, but I kind of hate how impersonal it can be.  Either way, there is a ton of inspiration, good ideas, and pretty pictures.

See some of my current favorites, and be sure to follow my Instagram account, The Daily Hostess here.

I recently discovered The Party Porch and love all of the party inspiration.  Her color schemes are awesome and the attention to detail at the parties she hosts.  I also love that she posts how her front porch is decorated for various seasons and ocassions.

Click here to see some great Instagram accounts perfect for celebrating life!

The Shirley Life

I am absolutely blown away by the snacks Shirley makes for her three adorable little girls.  And her girls couldn’t be any cuter helping her with various cooking projects.  If you want to celebrate life with your kids a little more, take some inspiration and ideas from this account.  It’s amazing!

If you want to look at amazingly over the top weddings and events, this is the account for you.  I can not get over the floral arrangements, wedding dresses, and opulent wedding venues.  These events probably can’t be recreated at home, but it sure is fun to look at and dream!

Definitely not a small account, Oh Happy Day has the best ideas of how to use party supplies. You can even buy their party supplies on their website.  I love their quirky quotes and large wall installations.  Most of their wall installations are totally do-able in your own home.  How amazing did they make crepe paper streamers look by streaming them across the ceiling?  So cool!

This last account is the home decor mash up of my dreams, coastal and farmhouse.  The account is all about documenting building the home of their dreams, and dreamy it is.  If you need some coastal farmhouse inspiration, look no further.  I love all of the progress shots of the building process.  This account is not just all pretty pictures with completely done rooms.  Unfortunately, they haven’t posted in awhile, but what’s there is really good!

Have a great weekend friends, and if you get bored at any point take a peek at any of these accounts for some entertainment.  While you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to follow me too!  See you next week where we’ll be celebrating decluttered closets, yippee!


2 Responses to Instagram Follow Friday

  1. Kerrie February 10, 2017 at 1:19 pm #

    Love the cat snack… obviously. Haha. Those weddings are incredible!

    • dailyhostess February 10, 2017 at 3:02 pm #

      Aren’t they?! I figured you’d like that one 😉

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