One Room Challenge- A Shared Office and Playroom

Today is the first week of the One Room Challenge, a six week series hosted by Linda at Calling It Home, where she selects 20 talented designers and bloggers and challenges them to transform a room in just six weeks.  It’s crazy to see what happens over the course of six weeks, and the before and afters are nothing short of amazing.  I will be participating for the first time (I’m not one of the selected designers, I’m just playing along) and featuring my shared office/craft room and playroom.  I’m hoping the six week deadline will help me accomplish some of my goals for the room.

Here are some pretty rough before pictures.  At this point we’ve put furniture and toys in the space and that’s about it.  This room has to pull double and sometimes triple duty so there are a lot of things that have to be squeezed into the room.  Keep reading below to see some of my inspiration for the space and what I’m hoping to get completed in six weeks.

One Room Challenge-Office/PlayroomHere is a view where you can see the playroom side of the room and my desk creeping into that side.  My daughter’s toy storage is pretty much the way I want it to be but I want to add some fun things to her side of the room.


  • Mount the TV over her storage book shelf, for Elmo and Mickey watching of course
  • Add an art display area
  • Add some learning, educational, and inspirational art around the TV


  • Maybe add a craft table if space allows

One Room Challenge-Office/PlayroomOne this wall, we have her kitchen set and my desk.  I still need to play around with the furniture a little bit.  Although, I like my desk to face the area that she is playing, I think I may move it to make room for a craft storage armoire.


  • Hang art and art display above kitchen set
  • Move desk
  • Find a craft storage piece, I’d love to do something like the piece below

One Room Challenge-Office/PlayroomIn this corner, I’m thinking of moving my desk to the back wall and putting my work table next to the door. Space is tricky in this room because of the double door entry and corner windows, so there has already been a lot of trial and error with furniture placement.


  • Move desk and work table
  • Create pegboard storage and display above work table, inspiration below from Pretty Providence.

  • Add shelves, art, and storage above my desk

Overall, I want the room to function for both my daughter and I, have little feminine touches and a big dose of color.  I’m fairly neutral color wise in my decorating, but I think this room would be a great area to incorporate some deep saturated colors.  My color inspiration comes from the pillow below.  I just love the pinks and teals with gold.

Be sure to follow along with all of the selected designers and bloggers throughout the One Room Challenge and don’t forget to come back here each Thursday for the next six weeks to see how this shared space progresses.  Oh, and wish me luck that I can get all of this done over the next six weeks!


8 Responses to One Room Challenge- A Shared Office and Playroom

  1. Megan April 7, 2016 at 1:21 pm #

    The colors of the pillow are beautiful and your plan sounds great! Good luck!

    • dailyhostess April 8, 2016 at 6:43 am #

      Thanks Megan! That pillow is beautiful, but too bad it’s sold out.

  2. Kerrie April 12, 2016 at 12:33 pm #

    I am very curious to see the results! The good thing is you can keep moving furniture around until you find out what works.

    I love the combined playroom/office. Hopefully Mickey isn’t too distracting during blog-writing!

    • dailyhostess April 14, 2016 at 4:59 am #

      So much furniture moving! Pretty sure I’ve figured out the layout finally, and I’ve learned to tune Mickey out!


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