Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Ours was spent fairly lazily around the house and that is A-ok with me!  Did you see last week’s bakery gift ideas?  Today is more gifts! This time for the hostess.

I have two gift guides for you today.  One for the person who likes to host. And one for your party host.  Hostess gifts for all!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Person Who Loves to Host

For this gift guide I basically thought about all the things that I love when I host and found the best ones to share with you.  Most of these things I use every single time I host a party or get together.

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1// Wine Markers– This is a great inexpensive gift to give someone who has dinner parties regularly or just likes wine.  Label the glasses with fun colors.  And it comes in a gift box!

2// Napkin Rings– Holiday themed napkin rings is a great idea for the person in your life that always has a table set and ready to gather people.

3// Dyson Vacuum– I am OBSESSED with my Dyson stick vacuum.  I literally use it multiple times a day.  It’s the perfect way to do a quick clean up before guests come over.

4// Door Mat– What better way to say welcome to my home than a fun door mat.  Such an unexpected but perfect gift for the host that’s always welcoming people into their home.

5// Marble Serving Tray– Such a versatile serving piece.  Use it as a cheese board, to serve drinks on, or as home decor.

6// Cheese Markers– I love cheese, and I love a charcuterie!  Cheese labels get regular use around here with the number of cheese boards I put together.

7// Dish Gloves– After every party there are bound to be dishes to do.  So, protect your hands with some fun dish gloves.  My winter hands are so thankful I started using these.

8// Wreath– A wreath, especially a live one, is a beautiful gift for your hostess loving friend to show that all are welcome.

9// Apron– Anyone who loves to host probably does a fair amount of cooking and an apron is such an easy way to keep their party attire spotless while preparing for the party.  I have several Anthropology aprons and love them all.

10// Food Labels– Confession: I never get around to labeling the food at my parties.  I always leave it to be the last thing and run out of time.  These ready made labels might make actually labeling my food a reality.

Holiday Hostess Gifts

Now, you are bound to go to several holiday parties this year and you’ll have to take a hostess gift.  I talked about great ideas here, but put together a list of some awesome ideas below too.

These are all pretty unique so you’ll be gifting something that’s not just another bottle of wine.  Although, wine is always a good idea 😉

I even know several of the business owners that make these, so I highly recommend you use some of these ideas for the next party you’re going to.

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1// Candle– Always a go to hostess gift.  A holiday theme is perfect this time of year!

2// Swizzle Sticks– A fun and festive way for your host to dress up the drinks they’re serving.

3// Hand Cream– You know how I said up above about the host inevitably having to do dishes after the party?  Well, get them this amazing hand cream to keep their hands soft after all of that party clean up.

4// Engraved Wooden Spoons– How adorable are these holiday themed wooden spoons?  Such a fun hostess gift that is also super functional.  These are super affordable too!

5// Vase– You can’t go wrong with bringing flowers to your party host. But putting them in a vase they can use after the party is a real keepsake.

6// Holiday Serving Plate– I love the idea of bringing your dish on a serving plate you can then gift to the host.  If you don’t want to spend as much on this Spode design, just buy a pack of themed paper plates and put all your cookies or fudge on the top plate and wrap them up that way.

7// Gingerbread Rolling Pin– Want to give a super unique gift?  Bring your host this gingerbread cut out rolling pin.  They’ll feel so fancy when they use it, and all they have to do is roll!

8// Ornament– It’s Christmas, so an ornament is a perfect hostess gift.

9// Custom Wine Labels– A bottle of wine is an easy go to hostess gift, but provide that bottle of wine with one of your custom labels to stand out amongst the wine crowd.

10// Oven Mitts– Holiday baking is everywhere right now.  How about giving your host a set of handmade oven mitts to help with all of their baking?  Super functional hostess gift.

Did you find something you’d love to gift to someone that loves to host?  Or find your next party hostess gift?

I would personally love to receive any of these, so I’m sure they’ll be a big hit the next time you need to gift one.

*Affiliate links used above.  Thank you for supporting the blog by purchasing through these links.  All opinions and gift ideas are my own and things I’d recommend to anyone!


How to Turn Bakery Items Into Holiday Gifts

Hey friends!  How is your holiday season going? I think I’m in denial because I’ve been working one of my other jobs and have had a nasty cold that took me out for a few days.  I’m hoping today’s chat about bakery holiday gifts gets me back in the spirit though!

I was so lucky to get to work with Safeway on this post and bring you so many different ways to use bakery items as holiday gifts.

how to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas gifts

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t want to buy something from the bakery because I really enjoy holiday baking.  Well, let me just get real with you for a minute.

Doing ALL of your own baking ALL season long is a big task.  Combine that with holiday parties, gift shopping, wrapping, Christmas programs at school and church, holiday traditions, etc.  you might just need a little help!

The bakery at Safeway has definitely got you covered. From cakes and pies to cookies and holiday fudge, it’s all there!

Let’s dive into how to use Safeway bakery items as a gift or part of a gift.

Bakery Gift Ideas from Safeway

Hostess Gifts and Neighbor Gifts

There are so many parties this time of year it’s almost a requirement to have a hostess gift ready at any moment.

The good news is if you don’t, just stop by your local Safeway on the way to the party and you can put a hostess gift together all in the store.

For this example, I used a wine bag, a rolling pin, and some thumbprint cookies from the bakery.

how to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas gifts

Stacking the cookies gives an illusion of a bottle of wine, but the host will be happy to see a delicious treat instead.  Adding the rolling pin is a great way for your host to remember you and your gift for years to come.

It’s the time of year when everyone enjoys receiving a baked good as a gift. But, I think you can really add a little something extra to the gift and make it even more special.

The next holiday season when they are using the rolling pin to make their own holiday baked goods, they’ll fondly remember your gift.  Plus it’s nice to add that little something extra, instead of just more cookies.

how to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas giftshow to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas gifts

This is a great idea for neighbor gifts as well.  Buy a bunch of pre-made bakery cookies and tie them up with a spatula, mixing spoons, or cookie cutters and your gift will take no time to put together.

If you are asked to bring something to a holiday party, Safeway has the cutest custom cakes all ready for you.  They are so on theme with snow men, reindeer and Santa cakes.  Add a cake server tied to the cake and you’ve brought your dish and a hostess gift all in one!

Adding Bakery Items to Holiday Gifts

Another easy way to turn up the volume on a normal wrapped gift is to tie a little something extra to the front.  In this case, fill a bag with some bakery made fudge and tie it to the front of any gift.

It’s a yummy little treat the recipient can eat while unwrapping or checking out the gift you give them.

how to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas gifts

I remember growing up that my mom always used to make fudge during Christmas.  It was never something that I liked all that much, so I haven’t really ever tried making it myself.

This is where getting something from the bakery that you know others will like, but maybe you aren’t great at making is a huge win.

how to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas gifts

Kid’s Christmas Eve Box

How many people have a tradition of opening a gift on Christmas Eve?  Growing up, I remember most years being able to open one gift on Christmas Eve. My mom always got to choose it, so it was usually something like a small toy or pajamas.

We’ve started letting our kids open their box of new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.  And I love the idea of making it a whole box of goodies.

how to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas gifts

Throw in some big, specialty cookies from the bakery with pajamas, a Christmas movie, and hot cocoa for a memory that will last a lifetime.

Make the whole thing a big production and enjoy the evening snuggled up with your family enjoying the movie!

how to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas giftshow to turn baked goods into gifts, gifts from the bakery, christmas cookies, homemade christmas gifts

Which one of these ideas would you want to use your bakery to help with?  I know it seems like a great ideas to do all the baking yourself, but it’s just nearly impossible anymore.

Ease the burden just a little this holiday season by using Safeway’s bakery for all of your gifting treats.  I always use their cupcakes for birthday parties because they have the best value.  But now I’ll be turning to them for other celebrations as well!

**This post was sponsored by Safeway.  I received product in exchange for my opinions and ideas.  But I totally think it’s a great idea to use Safeway for quick holiday treats this season.  Thanks for supporting The Daily Hostess sponsors!


The 5 Things you Need to Wrap Any Gift

Hey friends!  I’ve been busy this week working on fun holiday posts for you that are coming up in the next few weeks. Think gift guides, bakery fun, and all the things you need to prep for holiday parties.

Today, though, I’m being real honest.  I’ve only bought one Christmas gift so far.  I’m usually much further ahead than this.

But I’ve finally filled out my list, so now I’m organized and have a plan ahead of me.

I tried to look at a few things for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but I kind of just ran out of time and didn’t get anything purchased.

Where are you?  All done or still have a ton of things left to get?

how to wrap Christmas gifts, Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas wrapping paper, what you need to wrap gifts

Now that you’ve either got all of your gifts or have a plan on what you are purchasing, you’re going to have to wrap them.

So today’s 5 Things post is all about the five things you need to wrap any gift.

5 Things posts are a list of 5 things in a certain category that can help with different aspects of hosting.  I’ve done a couple others here and here.

5 Categories of Things You Need to Wrap Any Gift

I’ve divided up these five things into categories.  You’ll need one category for pretty much every gift, but only one or two categories for other gifts.

how to wrap Christmas gifts, Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas wrapping paper, what you need to wrap gifts

Which ones are must haves for you to wrap gifts?


The tools category is all the things you need to make the wrapping work.  So this includes scissors, tape, ribbon shredders, tags, and bows.

I pretty much only use tape and scissors so that’s all you’ll see in my pictures.  I don’t know if I even own any bows.  I just make my own with ribbon.

Wrapping Paper

I love wrapping paper.  It’s so versatile.  You can do so many things with it.

I use it for WAY more than just wrapping gifts.  I use it for dessert backdrops and table runners just to name a few.

how to wrap Christmas gifts, Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas wrapping paper, what you need to wrap gifts

I like buying seasonal wrapping paper, like Christmas wrapping paper, after the holidays when it’s like 50-80% off.  I typically buy specifically seasonal wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby has a great selection of classic, modern, and fun prints.  But what I like most is that all of the wrapping paper is very quality.  It’s thick and there is a ton of it on each roll.

For other occasions, I love getting very on trend patterns at places like Marshall’s, Homegoods, and TJ Maxx.

Obviously, wrapping paper is great for boxes and square gifts.  I also use it to make gift tags and bows too.  Did you know you can make a bow out of wrapping paper?

One tip for purchasing wrapping paper is to get multiple papers that are in the same color family, or that are coordinated.  I stuck to a red and green theme this year.  There’s also a theme of polka dots.

To make things a little more coordinated I’d recommend staying away from lots of patterns.  The simpler the paper is, the easier it is to mix a few different ones.


My name is Amy, and I have a ribbon addiction.  I love ribbon.  It’s one of  the easiest ways to take that more simple paper and dress it up. Think fun patterns, sparkles, and themes.

I use ribbon on basically every gift.  There’s just something about untying a ribbon to make it feel like you’re “opening” a present.

I highly recommend getting ribbon that’s wider and with wire in it.  The wider ribbon makes a bigger statement. The wire helps to make perfectly shaped bows.

how to wrap Christmas gifts, Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas wrapping paper, what you need to wrap gifts

Gift Bags

So, if wrapping is not your thing.  Either you aren’t very good at it.  Or probably the more likely case is that you have an odd ball shaped item to wrap.

The easiest way to wrap an oddball shaped gift is to pop it in a gift bag.

So easy and so fast!

But, I always like to make those gifts look extra special too.  So in addition to adding the gift into the bag, I also add in tissue paper to keep the surprise alive, and I tie the handles of the bag with ribbon and make a fun bow.

how to wrap Christmas gifts, Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas wrapping paper, what you need to wrap gifts

I also love that you can get gift bags with all different patterns, sayings, designs, and colors.  This is another way to stay within your color scheme of gifts.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a category that could be used for every gift.  Add tissue paper to gift bags.  Add it inside a gift box to cover up the gift. Or if you have another oddball shaped gift, wrap it up in tissue paper because it’s so malleable.

But, again, add that ribbon to make it extra pretty and give the recipient the chance to untie or open the gift.

Wrap Up and a Tutorial You Should Watch!

There are the five things I think you need to wrap any gift.  What are your must haves?  Do you have any tips or tricks when wrapping gifts?

If you want to see me do a live gift wrap tutorial, be sure to tune into The Daily Hostess Facebook page today to watch.  I’m really excited to do it, so I hope you watch live or on the replay!

And you may just learn a couple things on how to wrap a gift.



Gift List Tracker to Help Organize Holiday Shopping

Happy Black Friday eve!  This is a strange time for me to popping in here.  But I couldn’t let you go into Black Friday shopping without planning for it! Here’s a gift list printable just for you!

Tomorrow marks the official start of holiday shopping.  And although I’m happily still eating Thanksgiving dinner and not thinking anything about what gifts to buy.  I know some of you crazies get out to get those deals.

I wanted to give you a little something to help stay organized and on track when buying.

holiday gift tracker, plan out Christmas gifts with this printable list, printable gift list

Holiday Gift List Printable

I’ve gone Black Friday shopping like twice in my life.  I’m pretty sure both of those times I ended up just getting stuff for myself because I didn’t have a clear plan on what to buy for others.

This free gift list printable is the perfect way to track everyone you need to buy for and what you plan on buying.

holiday gift tracker, plan out Christmas gifts with this printable list, printable gift list

The gift list tracker can even help you save money.  If you know what you’re buying then you can find the best sales for that item.

There’s a space to track how much you want to spend or how much you actually paid for it.  Add it all up to help you stick to your holiday budget.

holiday gift tracker, plan out Christmas gifts with this printable list, printable gift list

This gift list can even help you remember to wrap and deliver your gift to the recipient.

I feel forgetting what you bought and for who is an issue when you buy so much all at once.  Maybe you even hide gifts or put them away so nosy little kids can’t find them.

Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase is stuck in the attic hiding gifts and finds gifts from previous years?

Yeah that won’t happen with this because you’ll be able to know whether or not you’ve wrapped and delivered each gift.  And hopefully you won’t get stuck in the attic either.

Be sure to click here or on the picture below to download and print your free gift gift tracker, plan out Christmas gifts with this printable list, printable gift list

I hope this helps Black Friday shopping or any shopping you do this weekend and throughout the season to be a little more planned and on track.

Use Your Gift List to Shop Small on Black Friday

If you want to stay home to avoid the crowds and craziness of Black Friday (raises hand), try shopping online with a bunch of my fellow small business owners.  If you click here, join the group to see some amazing vendors with sales and giveaways of their products and services.

I’ll even be having a sale on my virtual party plans and mobile gift wrapping service.

New Resource Library on the Blog

Did you see that I created a central space for all of these fun, easy, and helpful printables?


See here, right at the top of the blog there’s a new Resource Library tab.

holiday gift tracker, plan out Christmas gifts with this printable list, printable gift list

You may even notice that the blog has a bit of a different look these days.  I think it’s a fun new direction.

So about the resource library.  I’ve been adding lots of downloadable printables to that area.  It’s a great place to go if you need help planning a party, a cupcake topper, or even party decor.

The Resource Library is password protected, so be sure to go here to get the password.  It will add you to my list and once you do that, you’ll never have to put the password in again!

I hope you’re liking the changes you see here as I’m always trying to give you the best of what I have.  Offer you the best, most helpful services, and grow the blog and reach more people that like to party.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And finally, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  I love this day because we can reflect on what we’re grateful for with our family and friends around the table with us.

It’s such a great time to gather together, love one another, and remember to be thankful for those that are with us and those that can’t be.

I hope you have a wonderful day full of gratitude and turkey/pie/potatoes/stuffing/cranberries!  Enjoy the day celebrating!

And be sure to start planning your holiday gifts now!


5 Comfortable Thanksgiving Outfits

It’s Friday Friday Friday!  Did you sing that too?  Friday’s around here usually mean 5 Things!  A random list of 5 Things to help you celebrate better.

Today it’s 5 Things to wear on Thanksgiving to stay comfortable while eating the biggest meal of the year.

I did a post like this a few years ago and it’s still a highly visited article.  It’s all about making sure you have room for turkey.  Read it here.

5 Things To Wear On Thanksgiving To Be Comfortable

5 Thanksgiving outfits to be comfortable, how to dress comfortably but still cute on Thanksgiving, what to wear on Thanksgiving

I broke up these five things into categories because there are too many good options out there.

Thanks to a few bloggers like Cassie at Hi SugarPlum, Mallory at Style Your Senses, and Sheaffer at Sheaffer Told Me To, I have insight into some of the best clothing options out there.  They all do a great job sharing super cute, affordable, and comfortable fashion choices.

If you like any of the options below just click on the picture to purchase it.

Sweaters with Room for Turkey and Pie

You can never go wrong with a roomy, fall hued sweater on Thanksgiving.  It’s likely to be cold so a sweater will certainly keep you warm.

Just watch out, if you’re the one doing all the cooking, opt for another option because that oven heat combined with a sweater will make you so hot.

I remember most Thanksgiving’s having to change into something lighter because I was getting so hot.

Dresses with Room for Sweet Potatoes

Sometimes you spend Thanksgiving with people other than family and want to feel a little dressier. These are some great options because they are nicer but still have a very generous cut.

I love that you could add a scarf, cardigan, and boots for a full fall look.

Shirts with Room for That Second Roll

Why do I always feel like I need to get another roll at the end of my Thanksgiving meal?  If you do the same any of these shirts have lots of room to hide that food baby!

Tunics with Room for Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Tunics are another great option because they are usually fairly flowy and they’re longer to cover your tummy and behind.

This one from Amazon is very highly rated, so I’m sure you’ll love it too. Pair it over leggings or with your most comfortable jeans.

 I personally own this next tunic and it is perfect for covering your bum in leggings.  I’m fairly short so it’s long on me.  But it’s a great shirt with lots of room.

Leggings with Room for Your Second Round

And with most Thanksgiving dinners, you’ll probably eat an entire second round of food.  This is especially true if you do more of a Thanksgiving lunch.  Then you obviously have more for dinner.

The most comfortable way to eat so much in one day is to wear leggings!  Here are a couple of great options that will keep you totally comfortable.

I own the second pair and love them.  They are completely opaque and don’t show any skin through them. I also love the high waist band.


What do you typically wear on Thanksgiving?  I hope these options give you a comfortable choice so that you can enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

Eat lots and not worry about your pants cutting into you or your shirt being too tight!


Celebrating everyday!