Saturday Simple Celebrations: Inspiration at the Library

Library InspirationDo you have a local library?  I hope so.  I didn’t grow up with one in my hometown.  Talking with my Grandma recently I learned that my hometown has tried several times to raise the money to build one, but it hasn’t been successful.  What a pity.

Ever since having a child, I’ve utilized our local library a lot.  Luckily the libraries in San Diego, and here in Denver have great children’s programs.  Things like story time, songs, play time, dancing story time, and yoga story time.

It just recently occurred to me however, that I could use the library for inspiration.  I started checking out party planning books and cook books along with fun books to read.  Why should my daughter have all the fun at the library?

Checking books out from the library is a great idea if you’re feeling stuck with something.  Sometimes a little inspiration can come from flipping through a book.  The party planning books I’ve checked out have great ideas and tips.  However, the books I checked out were printed in 2010 and 2014, so some things can be a little outdated.  Although many ideas, themes, color schemes, and recipes stand the test of time, so they are still a great resource.

It never hurts to see how other people do things and incorporate what they’re doing into your own routine.  It’s a great way to keep learning and fine tuning how you do things.

It’s so easy to get a library card too.  Typically all you need to apply is something showing your address, like a driver’s license or bill.  Once you get that card, inspiration is right at your fingertips!

Have a great weekend, and think about getting a library card.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate your library more than you ever thought you would.

Library Inspiration



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