2016 Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, the gift giving time.  Why don’t we feel the need to give gifts all year long?  Either way, it’s a great idea to give a hostess gift to the person hosting you for Thanksgiving, even if it’s your mom.  Your Thanksgiving hostess goes through a lot of work and preparation to feed you.  Showing your appreciation is easy with this Thanksgiving hostess gift guide.

There is something for every kind of host here, and they all will make Thanksgiving so much easier for your hostess.

  1. Help with the Clean Up

Gifting your hostess with this very practical dish soap set on Thanksgiving will make clean up a breeze.  Bonus that the soap and cleaner smells divine.  An even better gift is doing the dishes for your hostess.  It’s the least you can do since they cooked everything!

2. Help Set Their Table

Bring your hostess this cute vintage turkey table runner and they will be set for this Thanksgiving and all Thanksgiving’s from now on.  Who knows they may even want to clear the table and lay Mr. Turkey down before you eat.

3. Help with Entertaining the Guests

Bringing a football to the Thanksgiving celebration will help your hostess more than you think.  You will help get all the guests outside for a quick game while leaving the kitchen available for the cook to finish up without people right under foot.  That’s kind of priceless with all of the cooking that goes on for Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Help with the Planning

Help your hostess plan for Thanksgiving, and weekly groceries by gifting this simple categorized shopping list.  Add a nice pen and tie it up with ribbon for an easy gift presentation.  I can’t talk enough about how amazing categorized grocery lists are.  #lifechanger

5. Help with the Drinks

Give these really practical wine glass markers to your host to help keep everyone’s glass from getting mixed up.  There’s nothing worse than pouring a drink, taking a sip, setting it down, then not remembering where it is or whose it is.  These would also be fun for kids to draw on their cups!

6. Help Display the Pie

This is a top notch hostess gift.  Although a little more expensive, this is great for the host that goes above and beyond, you know, like your mom.  This makes a great display for whatever pie you have on Thanksgiving.  Plus it will be used throughout the year with the simple, classic design.

7. Help Decorate for Fall

I’ve seen these velvet pumpkins on other blogs for several years and have never bought them, but love the texture they add to any Fall decor.  They aren’t super cheap, but they are just so cute.  Give your host these pumpkins and they’ll be able to decorate for fall for years to come and will always think of you when displaying them.

8. Help Decorate the Christmas Tree

Help jump start your hostess’ Christmas decorating with these letter ornaments for their Christmas tree. I always recommend buying ornaments in pairs.  It’s just something I always do, I think my mom told me this a long time ago.  Buy a bunch of different letters for people you know always host a holiday party and you’re set for every occasion.

There you go!  Eight great ideas for any hostess, especially whoever is cooking your Thanksgiving meal.  Which gift do you think works the best for your hostess?  Tell me in the comments.




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