Launch Day! Virtual Party Plans Now Available

I’m so excited for today!  October 1st is full of launches!  I’m launching my line of virtual party plans on the blog today!  My other business is also launching a new product, and #last90days with Rachel Hollis starts today.  Such a great way to end the year!

So, what is a virtual party plan?  Well it’s basically me planning your party for you and delivering it right to your email.  What could relieve stress better than that?

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I’ve recently asked a few questions about what stresses you out about parties over on Instagram and was surprised at some of the answers. Some common party stresses were:

  • not being creative enough to come up with party decor
  • not wanting to spend a bunch of money on one time use party decor
  • party decor takes too long
  • not being able to envision the finished product

The great news is that with a virtual party plan I can solve all of those problems for you!!

What’s included in a Virtual Party Plan

Here is what you’ll get in a virtual party plan from me.

  1. First, you won’t be spending hours and hours feeling overwhelmed on Pinterest, because I’ll do all the research and get all the inspiration for you. No need to feel uncreative.  I’ll find the most creative, yet realistic ideas for your party.
  2. Printable invitations that are designed with your theme in mind.  Just print and send to your guests!Custom party plan for all your party planning needs, invitations, party plan with tons of resources for your party and directions with how to set it up
  3. A party checklist with all of the things needed to create a beautiful and memorable party.  It will be broken down to manageable tasks so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  4. A detailed timeline telling you exactly when to do everything so you’re not leaving a million things to do on party day.  Preparing early is key to a stress free party.  Preparing for your party over time will make you realize it doesn’t take too long to throw a great party.
  5. Don’t know where to get the things you need for a party?  You’ll receive a resource list with suggested places to purchase all of the decor you’ll need for the party!  Included will be tutorials on how to make things and recipes for the party menu.  Having this list will help you save money because it will keep you focused on the things you need instead of randomly buying things that you don’t end up using.
  6. My favorite part…’ll also receive a diagram of how to set up all of the decor that you’ve bought or made.  So there’s no stress in not knowing how to put it all together.  You’ll have a blueprint for a beautiful party!

    Custom party plan for all your party planning needs, invitations, party plan with tons of resources for your party and directions with how to set it up

    Party diagram

Don’t you feel less stressed already knowing that you’ll have me as your personal party planner?  I’m so excited to offer this to my readers and can’t wait to plan your next party!

Here are just a few ideas on the kinds of parties you can have too. A virtual party plan is a great way to plan any kind of party.  Birthday parties, retirement parties, dinner parties, housewarming parties, bridal showers, brunches, holiday parties, baby showers, the list goes on and on!

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How to Get a Virtual Party Plan

To discuss your next party, just email and we’ll get started planning!

Virtual party plans will start at $49.99 and it’s best to get your party plan at least a month in advance of your party.  So I recommend we start planning at least 5-6 weeks before your party.




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