5 Things I Learned From My Second Whole 30

whole-30-meal-plan-1I bet you thought you wouldn’t have to hear any more about my silly Whole 30 that I recently did, did you?  Well, I wanted to do a kind of wrap up post on things that I learned during the Whole 30 and ways to help you be much more successful than I was.

As I stated in my previous Whole 30 posts, I really do this as a reset for my body and eating habits.  The side effects are great, losing weight, less bloating, and clearer skin, but it’s more of a mindset reset than anything else.  We sometimes get into a rut of what we’re eating and all too often it’s things that just aren’t good for us or our bodies.  Whole 30 cuts all of that out and puts you down a much better path.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do very well this round.  I cheated a lot, but overall think my main meals were much healthier than they had been up until I started.  After I finished the thirty days, I haven’t kept up with it as well as I’d like.  I should probably read the tips below to help me get back on the wagon again before the holidays start.  Here’s what I learned, hopefully they will help you stay on the wagon if you’re attempting a Whole 30.

Lesson Learned #1-Whole 30 While Working is Easier

My first Whole 30 was done when I was still working out of the house.  It was so much easier!  There are just too many temptations while at home.  Food is always accessible at home, that wasn’t the case at the workplace.  I only ate what I took to work with me, but when my refrigerator and pantry are just around the corner I ended up eating much more than I should.  I also snacked so much more while at home.

Lesson Learned #2- Whole 30 With Kids is Hard

The first Whole 30 I did was before I had kids, and it was so much easier.  While my daughter typically eats everything we eat, even Whole 30 foods, she did eat things that aren’t approved.  Therefore, I ended up eating things that weren’t Whole 30 approved because I hated seeing food go to waste from her plate.

My biggest recommendation is to give your kids less food than you think they’ll eat and give them more only if they want more so as not to be tempted to eat off of their plate. Also, it’s not the end of the world to save the leftover food or just throw it out, especially if it’s something that’s really tempting.

Lesson Learned #3- You HAVE to Plan Meals and Snacks

Not having meals and snacks planned out ahead of time will kill your success on Whole 30.  Finding compliant snacks is pretty difficult, but you’ll quickly get used to eating bell pepper strips, pickles, or an apple as a snack.  The best part is after a few days you won’t need or want much else as a snack.  But if you find yourself snacking too much, you’re probably not eating enough protein and healthy fats.  So up your meat and avocado game to fill up.

Planning meals is another way to be very successful with Whole 30.  Whether it be writing all of your meals out for each day, meal prepping, or cooking in batches, you have to have food readily available that’s compliant.  I like to do a combination of meal planning, prepping, and batch cooking.  Some nights for dinner, I just double how much I make so I can have lunch for the next couple of days.

I also find that batch cooking and planning ahead makes going out to eat, or eating with friends much easier.  Just eat before you go and you’ll be so much less likely to indulge in something not compliant.

Lesson Learned #4- Experimentation is Great

While some may think Whole 30 limits the things you can eat, I tend to think it just makes experimenting and trying new recipes your new normal.  It’s easy to stick to just a few of the things that you can eat, but that gets boring.  For you and your taste buds.  It’s easy to find new recipes and new ways to cook things on Pinterest or Whole 30/Paleo blogs.

Lesson Learned #5- Accountability and Support is Key

Whole 30 is hard, not as hard as other things in life, but it’s still quite a challenge.  If you have an accountability partner that is encouraging you or even doing it with you, it’s so much easier.  A support system is key. If you’re family isn’t planning on doing it with you, they at least need to support you and try not to tempt you.  A fun gift to yourself at the end of the thirty days is also a great motivator. Think a new pair of expensive jeans, bonus, they’ll fit better!

For all the naysayers in your friend and family circles, I find Whole 30 gives me a whole new confidence in dealing with them.  It’s simple, you’re doing it and you know what you can and can’t have.  Whole 30 makes it so easy to say no and that’s it.  How many times and situations in life do we feel like we can’t say no? Or feel the need to explain our “No’s”?  Not with Whole 30, the rules are simple, just say no and move on.  I promise you can do it.

So, are you ready to start Whole 30?  If so, my first recommendation is to wait until after the holidays, haha!  Post in the comments below if you’ve ever attempted one.  If so, what is your biggest piece of advice?  Have a great weekend!  Stay tuned next week for a really sweet post!


2 Responses to 5 Things I Learned From My Second Whole 30

  1. Kerrie November 4, 2016 at 11:30 am #

    Planning is so crucial. When I don’t have a plan, all good intentions go out the window as soon as I start to get hungry. Whole30 is great, but there aren’t a lot of quick options for meals.

    One of the long term benefits I have gotten from Whole30 is a decrease in interest in processed foods and sweets. I will have cravings sometimes, but it was much easier to say no to Halloween candy this year!

    • dailyhostess November 4, 2016 at 2:25 pm #

      You’ve had amazing success! I wasn’t so good with the Halloween candy, oops!

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