Real Life Party: Alternative Bridal Shower

If you’re not a “ladies who brunch” kind of girl, I hope this post inspires you to think outside of the box when it comes to different kinds of bridal showers.

I recently did a post all about switching up the typical bridal shower, but today you get to see it in action.  One of my good friend’s recently hosted a bridal shower for her sister-in-law, and it was anything but typical.

bridalshowerballoonsIt was an alternative evening bridal shower cocktail party.  A great way to take advantage of guests who may have jobs or engagements throughout the day is to host a party in the evening.

Adding pictures of the bride or engaged couple is a great way to embellish balloons.  If you’re using helium balloons, adorning the strings with pictures or some other decoration, like festooning, will help to give them some weight and hold them in place.

bridalshowerflowersLove these simple but perfect centerpieces.  You really can never go wrong with hydrangeas.  They are a big impact for the money.  You get a really large bloom, so you’ll need less flowers.

Coordinating the ribbon around the vase to the cocktail napkins ties the whole them together beautifully.


Again, the balloons make a great back drop to the cake area.  Adding the letters to the balloons reminds us what marriage is all about, love.

How great is this cake?  I am in love with the color scheme.  The black and white stripes and gold is such a classic combination.  I also love a good cake banner.

bridalshowerfavorsSuch a great way to display favors.  And the sign, with it’s cute saying, let’s everyone know that they get a little gift on their way out.

bridalshowerguestbookEven the “guest book” at this bridal shower was anything but typical.  Instead of a traditional book, the guests signed a large platter.  I’m sure the couple will use it for years to come during family holidays.

Such great ideas for an alternative bridal shower.  I love that my friends and family contribute such great content for this blog.  Keep it up!  I love it!

If you have a great party you want me to share, click the contact tab and let me know.  I’m always willing to take submissions!




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  1. Kerrie July 15, 2016 at 8:31 am #

    Cute! I also like the color scheme… Less saccharine than the typical Pinterest-style brunch.

  2. Tiffany July 16, 2016 at 8:34 am #

    AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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