Party Color Scheme Inspiration: Flamingo Party

“Let’s Flamingle!” It’s Friday!  I’m starting a new series today where I’ll be planning a hypothetical party around a color scheme.  Hopefully you’ll get some great ideas of how to incorporate food, decor, and activities, using a color scheme to tie them all together.

Here’s the fun and flirty color scheme that I think screams flamingos.

Flamingo Birthday Party Inspiration with a pink, purple, and blue color scheme.I love the mix of pink and purple with teal blues.  My daughter is obsessed with flamingos right now, so that’s the first thing I thought of when I first saw this color scheme.  Why not use it to plan a fun flamingo birthday party?  These are the perfect colors for a little girl or even a grown lady who has a love for those pink birds!

Flamingo Birthday Party Inspiration

Here are a few inspiration pictures to get your creative juices flowing.

I love this fun birthday dessert table and how the balloon arch perfectly incorporates the colors from the color scheme.  The balloon arch has so much more dimension because they aren’t all the same size.  The use of the palm leaves also gives quite the tropical flair.

This fun little girls party has a base of the blue from our color scheme with touches of pink throughout.  I love the quirky names of all the food at this party, so click through to read them.  They’re pretty funny!

Menu Ideas

To carry the flamingo theme throughout, I’d recommend offering at least one shrimp dish.  I mean that’s what gives flamingos their pink color, right?!  How about a grilled shrimp kabob, or a shrimp po’boy sandwich?  Both would be delicious.

I think this kind of party is perfect for the summertime so keeping the menu on the lighter side is a great idea.  Things like pasta salad, fruit salad, grilled corn, or grilled summer vegetables.

For dessert, a cute pink cake with a plastic flamingo cake topper would be perfect.  To round out a dessert table, I’d add pink and purple or blue cotton candy, or “flamingo fluff”.  You could also include candies in the coordinating colors, or custom flamingo cookies.  If you want to diy your dessert, make a quick batch of cupcakes from a box and top with pink frosting.  Or use some of these ideas to top store bought cupcakes.

I don’t think there is a more perfect drink to go with this flamingo birthday than pink lemonade.  I’m planning on making this recipe this weekend and will let you know how it turns out.  Any sort of pineapple based cocktail is also a great idea.  And flamingo drink stirrers are a must.

Flamingo Party Decor Ideas

Obviously, decor for this flamingo birthday party is going to be done using the colors from our color scheme inspiration.  Things like balloons and streamers are easy to find in these colors.

Other areas to include our color scheme would be on the dessert table, like in our first inspiration photo.  Make sure whatever vessel you use to hold cupcakes, candies, or cookies are pink, purple, or teal.

Don’t overlook making a great tablescape either.  How fun would a teal colored tablecloth or table runner be with some plastic pink yard flamingos as the centerpiece be?  Super fun, easy, and probably pretty cheap to do.  You also can’t go wrong with a great floral centerpiece.  I’d recommend using pink flowers in a teal blue ball mason jar and then for fun add in some purple or teal colored feathers.

Flamingo Birthday Party Inspiration with a pink, purple, and blue color scheme.

Kara’s Party Ideas

Flamingo Birthday Activities

Coming up with ideas of how to entertain kids and adults at parties can be quite daunting.  I generally follow the rule that people will spend most of their time conversing with each other, so games or activities aren’t necessary.

However, there are some great themed activities that would go perfectly with this flamingo birthday party.  I love the idea of using a pink yard flamingo as a game of ring toss.  Just try to get the ring around the flamingo’s neck.  Or another option would be to hold a “minute to win it” challenge of balancing on one leg, like a flamingo.

What do you think of this new series?  It’s really fun for me to plan a hypothetical party, and I love the color inspiration because it leaves so many options!  Do you want to have a flamingo birthday party now?  I’m pretty sure I do!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to come back next week to see all about the fun party I’m hosting this weekend!





How to DIY Coat Closet Shelves and Decrease Clutter

Happy Thursday friends!  We’re over halfway done with this week!  I’m super excited for a fun party I’m hosting this weekend.  You’ll get to see all about it in a few weeks!  Today, though we’re talking about the coat closet.  It may not sound that exciting, but it is, at least for my husband.

Recently he’s been getting super frustrated with all of the shoes that were piling up in our mudroom.  I’m grateful that we have a little place right off of the garage to take our coats and shoes off. However, with winter weather and the myriad of footwear, it was getting a little out of control.  Here’s the before of our coat closet.  Nothing special, just a rod of hanging coats and one shelf.  This left the bottom of the closet as fair game to throw anything and everything in there.

Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.I mean there were shoes, bags, vacuum cleaner parts at one point, hats, Christmas gifts received and to be given.  Crazy!

So with Pinterest to the rescue, and my annoyance of hearing my husband say repeatedly that he hated all the shoes in the mudroom, we came up with a pretty easy solution.  Here’s how we DIYed some easy shelves that solved all of our problems.  We had this super organized coat closet as our inspiration.

First, we cleared everything out and did some measuring.  Using our most used shoes we got measurements of how far apart the shelves needed to be and figured out how many shelves we could squeeze into the bottom of the closet.

We decided to add two shelves in the bottom of the closet and an extra shelf above the existing shelf at the top of the closet.  Our house has pretty high ceilings so I wanted to make use of the vertical space at the top of the closet.

Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.List of Materials for One Shelf

  • 2- 1″x8″ boards to create the horizontal shelf
  • 3- 1″x4″ boards to create the bracket under the shelf.  One longer bracket in the back of the closet and two shorter brackets on either side of the shelf.
  • A handful of screws to attach brackets to the walls
  • Leftover paint
  • Possibly caulking if there are any gaps that need to be filled

Instructions to Create Coat Closet Shelves

  • Clear everything out of your closet
  • Measure where you want your shelves to go
  • Create a board list using the materials above and what the measurement of each board will be
  • Begin by screwing in the long bracket of your first shelf on the back wall of your closet
  • Then add the side brackets by screwing into the side wall of the closet
  • Paint/caulk the brackets
  • While paint is drying, cut your shelves using the 1″x8″ boards listed above in the materials.  You’ll need two boards per shelf depending on how deep you want your shelves to be.  We needed two boards to accommodate the depth of our closet and shoes.
  • Paint shelves
  • When all paint is dry, lay your shelves on top of the brackets
  • If there are any gaps add a bit of caulking, or screw shelves into the brackets from the top of the shelf.  We didn’t do this, but you can for extra stability
  • Repeat the process for all the shelves you’re adding
Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.

Bottom Shelf Brackets

Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.

Progress shot of brackets

Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.

Brackets for the shelf at the top of the closet

Overall, I think we achieved a similar look to the inspiration photo.  The process was pretty easy too.  It can totally be completed in a weekend and we were able to add these shelves (plus three more to my daughter’s closet) for under $100.  Totally worth it to get more organized.

Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.Click here for an easy DIY to create coat closet shelves and get rid of the mountain of shoes.Now that there is so much more room in this coat closet, it’s going to be working triple duty for us.  Holding coats, bags, shoes, and even storing hats, gloves, scarves, we’ve eliminated the mountain of shoes in our mudroom.  I do plan to add hooks to the inside of the door for purses and bags to free up shelf space.

Having these shelves has also helped to teach my daughter where to go to get ready to leave, and to put her shoes back when we get home.  An unexpected bonus of a little more organization and having a spot for everything.

If you have a coat closet that is being under utilized or not serving you well, I highly encourage you to add a few shelves.  It will give you so many options to organize all of your things and probably end up creating more space.  Let me know if you were inspired or plan to give this method a try.



Instagram Follow Friday

Happy Friday!  It’s almost the weekend!  Too bad I have to work this weekend 🙁 If you need a little entertainment and inspiration for your weekend I’ve got a bunch of great Instagram accounts for you to check out.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Instagram.  I love the pictures, but I kind of hate how impersonal it can be.  Either way, there is a ton of inspiration, good ideas, and pretty pictures.

See some of my current favorites, and be sure to follow my Instagram account, The Daily Hostess here.

I recently discovered The Party Porch and love all of the party inspiration.  Her color schemes are awesome and the attention to detail at the parties she hosts.  I also love that she posts how her front porch is decorated for various seasons and ocassions.

Click here to see some great Instagram accounts perfect for celebrating life!

The Shirley Life

I am absolutely blown away by the snacks Shirley makes for her three adorable little girls.  And her girls couldn’t be any cuter helping her with various cooking projects.  If you want to celebrate life with your kids a little more, take some inspiration and ideas from this account.  It’s amazing!

If you want to look at amazingly over the top weddings and events, this is the account for you.  I can not get over the floral arrangements, wedding dresses, and opulent wedding venues.  These events probably can’t be recreated at home, but it sure is fun to look at and dream!

Definitely not a small account, Oh Happy Day has the best ideas of how to use party supplies. You can even buy their party supplies on their website.  I love their quirky quotes and large wall installations.  Most of their wall installations are totally do-able in your own home.  How amazing did they make crepe paper streamers look by streaming them across the ceiling?  So cool!

This last account is the home decor mash up of my dreams, coastal and farmhouse.  The account is all about documenting building the home of their dreams, and dreamy it is.  If you need some coastal farmhouse inspiration, look no further.  I love all of the progress shots of the building process.  This account is not just all pretty pictures with completely done rooms.  Unfortunately, they haven’t posted in awhile, but what’s there is really good!

Have a great weekend friends, and if you get bored at any point take a peek at any of these accounts for some entertainment.  While you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to follow me too!  See you next week where we’ll be celebrating decluttered closets, yippee!


A Red and Pink Valentine’s Day Bar Cart

We’re only 5 days away from Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re prepared to show how much you love everyone.  If you need help with what to wear for the big day, check out this post.  Today I’m going to give you a little inspiration to dress up your bar cart for V-day.  It’ll be just what you need to make yourself a drink and celebrate at home!

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.Here’s your typical bar cart, but with a few small additions it’s just so festive for a day of love.  I added some red and pink items I had around my house.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.I also made sure to pull out all of our red and pink wine, champagne, and liquor.  Be sure to include any bar tools you may have in case you need a bottle opened or a drink stirred.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.I like to include the less used items on the lower shelf of my bar cart.  Things like mixers, the ice bucked, or any less frequently used liquors.  I love this super simple heart garland.  I made it by stringing some thin string through the holes in a few heart doilies.  Easy peasy!

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.I found these cute little milk glasses at the dollar store and just think they are adorable.  Probably more appropriate for a cookies and milk bar cart, but I wanted to include them since they are so cute.  Those red paper straws make them even more festive.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.Again, I pulled a pink vase out of the closet and that red pom pom wreath out of storage to make this bar cart full of pink and red.  I’m sure if you looked around the house you could find plenty of things that could match your color scheme.

Click here for a festive Valentine's Day Bar Cart.There you have it.  This festive bar cart definitely has me in the mood for a pink cocktail to celebrate Valentine’s with my husband.  Like I’ve said before, we’re not big Valentine’s day celebrators, but it would be fun to mix up a fun drink to enjoy together.  I’m pretty sure this little cart is going to be staying in my living room until Valentine’s because it’s just too cute.



February Party Inspiration Round Up

Good morning, I hope everyone is able to get up and at ’em this morning after the Super Bowl last night!  I was able to attend a neighbor’s party and had a great time eating too much!  But speaking of parties, today I’m going to give you a round up of even more parties to carry you through the whole month of February.

No matter what the event is this month, Valentine’s, Mardi Gras, the Oscars, I’ve got you covered with some great ideas!

The Oscars

First, February 26th is the night all of Hollywood dreams of, The Oscars.  If you want to throw an Oscars watch party, you’ll have to have popcorn.  Just like if you were at the movies.  Try one of these popcorn bars to get everyone excited about the winners.

I love the idea of using brown paper bags to hold your popcorn mixture.  It’s even more convenient for people to take their leftovers home with them.

This next popcorn bar party uses paper cones to hold their popcorn creations.  I never think to add any sort of shaken goodness to my popcorn, so I love the options with this party.  Shakers with lots of different seasonings can help you create an interesting and yummy combination.

A Day for Love

Next, there are so many options to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I am loving the idea of having a Galentine’s Day party for all of your girlfriends.  What a great way to show them how much they mean to you while sipping champagne and having much needed girl time!

Try using some ideas from this Galentine’s Day party that PopSugar hosted.  The row of pom poms as a centerpiece couldn’t be any easier or more genius!  Plus the DIY drink stirrers are super cute.

After your Galentine’s Day celebration, you’ll need to celebrate the love in your life.  The tablescape at this Valentine’s Day party by the Glitter Guide is super romantic.  The DIY tissue paper heart could be used year round for lots of different events too, just by changing out the colors to match your celebration.

If you want an even more intimate celebration with your love, give my sweetheart table dinner party idea a go.

Mardi Gras

Tuesday, February 28th is Mardi Gras.  Don’t let it just be a celebration if you’re in New Orleans, but have a great party at home too.  I love the inspiration for this Mardi Gras themed wedding by Ruffled.  It has a great sophisticated twist on everything purple, green, and gold.  Set up a similar dessert table and make a pasta salad with purple onion, green peppers, and pasta then you’re menu is set.

The florals and tablescape are pretty amazing at this celebration too.  Pull out anything gold you have and add in some purple flowers with greenery and you’ll be taking a page from this inspired wedding.

I hope these ideas help you celebrate everything going on this month.  If there is another special holiday you plan to celebrate this month, let me know in the comments!



Celebrating everyday!